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Chapter 3

I fell asleep, naked, between satin sheets with Masami’s arm around me.
I startled awake the next morning and looked at the clock. It was almost 8 o’clock! Masami was in the shower and humming a song.
She came back into the room and saw I was awake. “Well Atsuko would you like a massage?”
“Kaoru asked me to give you a special massage this morning.” My mind wondering, and thinking what a “special” massage would be.
But I thought about it for a minute and said “sure I’d love a massage”. Masami set up a padded table in the shower room.
She was still naked as was I, and she asked me to lie down on the table face down.
I did and she proceeded to pour heated oil down my back and legs and arms. It was incredible!
Her hands and elbows and arms were unbelievable as they prodded the back of my body for over an hour.
She asked me to turn over. I was a little bit embarrassed as I turned over. She smiled and again poured the hot oil over my body.
I looked over at her naked body and my body finally gave way and became excited!
She let out a little giggle and reached over and put a blindfold over my eyes. She whispered in my ear, “less distractions this way”.
She put headphones over my ears that had very soothing sounds repeating over and over.
Suddenly someone poked my side and I woke up from a very refreshing sleep.
I really wanted to go back and sleep for a few more hours. The headphones off and the blindfold off Kaoru was standing before me.
“I see Masami did a good job! Very good Masami. May I have the key” she asked? Masami handed her a key on a chain.
Kaoru put it around her neck. I was just coming to and beginning to realize everything around me.
I was all oiled from the massage but felt something between my legs.
I looked down and there was a metal ring around my testicles and something over my penis and a lock connecting the two!
“You see Atsuko”, Kaoru said, “when sexy women came up to the bar last night, you had a very unladylike appearance.
As a geisha you must have a very smooth appearance in front. This device will ensure that!” “Atsuko take a shower.
There’s a bag on the chair with your clothing and shoes for tonight. Your dress is on a hanger.
Don’t put it on, until after your makeup. Please be upstairs in one hour for Shika to put on your makeup.”
I was a little scared now. I took my shower and looked at the device between my legs.
It looked fairly simple but I couldn’t get out of it. After my shower I checked out the bag with my clothes in it for the evening.
This time it was spanks. Very tight panties as well as very shiny black tights. This forced me between my legs.
If I should get excited, nothing would show. A tight bra to accentuate my man boobs and heels higher than last night.
But I did as she said and at 2 o’clock went upstairs. Shika smiled at me and said “please sit in the chair again”.
She was straddling my legs and putting on my makeup when a woman walked in the door and went over to Kaoru.
The woman smiled as she walked past seeing me in my spanks with a woman straddling my knees putting makeup on me.
Kaoru smiled and said “hi Mandy, you did a great job last night! What nights during the week can you work”?
They were chatting when I asked Shika, who is that? She glanced over and said “that’s one of the waiters from last night”.
I was a little confused now because I didn’t see any women waitstaff last night.
So I asked, “There were no women servers last night”. Shika replied, “No there weren’t”. I was very confused now!
I asked “if there were no women who was she”? Shika replied “I think his name was Dan”.
I asked, really mixed up now, “is Dan, the person I saw last night as a waiter, Mandy the person over there with Kaoru”?
Shika smiled and said, “Yes I think she is”. As she was putting on my makeup and looking straight in my eyes I finally asked,
“okay is Dan over there talking to Kaoru a cross-dresser pretending to be Mandy, (this is all floating around in my brain)
or is Mandy over there coming to work as Dan the waiter?” Shika looked me straight in the eyes and bent over me whispering in my ear”,----I don’t know!”
“Maybe tonight” she suggested “you could ask Dan, or you could just stand up now with your makeup half undone, in your underwear, and heels, and ask Mandy!”
I couldn’t get it out of my head, they both looked so real!
Mandy finished her conversation with Kaoru and walked out of the restaurant in her skirt and heels.
Shika finished my makeup and put my dress on me and zipped me up.
She put my wig on and I was a geisha again. I was having more fun by the minute.
But no unsightly bulges in my dress tonight! That bothered me. I was in some kind of cage.
And Kaoru had the key. As opening time approached I had everything ready to go.
I checked the wine in the wine cellar and we had added a very interesting wines that I had not tasted yet.
I must set a time to do that. People started to come in slowly but eventually it got very busy.
People started to get interested in the definition of geisha.
I told them it means, a Japanese girl or woman who is trained to entertain professional
or social gatherings of men with conversation, dancing, and singing.
One man who was getting very rude, said “he is not a geisha because he is not Japanese or a girl and is not going to entertain me”!
His guest however wore a very short skirt and a very low cut pink silk blouse.
Her nipples made me very uncomfortable!
Thigh highs and very high heal sandals made me remember the cage I was in and the key around Kaoru’s neck.
Shika came up to me and broke my train of thought and asked, have you talked to Dan tonight?
I shook my head no. “What are you waiting for? You want to know”!
She smiled sexually! Shika reached over and pinched my nipple.
Shika seemed to know me very well. Something dawned on me,
Shika and Kaoru always seemed to be together. I wondered – – –?
Just then Dan came up to the bar and smiled at me and said “I need four satins!” I laughed and asked “are you pushing those”?
He looked at me (with very feminine eyes) and said “yes and not only that I get bigger tips from all the tables that had them”!
I made him the drinks and put them on a tray and said “here you go”.
I started to say “listen Dan I’d like to – – –“but he was off to his table.
I tried to guess from his figure and his walk and talk whether he was female or not.
Was he Dan or Mandy, I really couldn’t tell! It was very frustrating and exciting at the same time.
Suddenly my nipple was being pinched again by Shika! “Well” she asked “did you find out?”
I smiled at her while I prepared another drink. “No” I said “and it’s very frustrating”!
I smiled and asked “why are you so interested in me finding out”? She laughed and said “you were the one that came to me, remember”.
I was making drinks, nodded and asked “do you know”?
She said “since your interest” she said
“I asked Kaoru! She told me so I know” (she grabbed my other nipple and pulled me down) and she whispered in my ear “but I will not tell you”!
She smiled, took her wine, and went out to the tables to greet and smozze all the guests.
Dan came up to the bar several times during the evening.
I really tried to find out if Mandy was Dan or was Dan, Mandy.
I tried to corner him several times during the evening but it never seemed to work out. So, Dan left that evening with his or her secret intact.
I still didn’t know!
Kaoru walked over to me and said “you will spend the evening with Masami again.”
She smiled and said “she will give you another massage in the morning”. I smiled and said “I would like that”.
I began to ask, do you know who Mandy – – – Kaoru turned and began walking out of the room. She turned,
I bowed to her and she and the other girls left. Masami came over to me and unzipped my dress and it fell to the floor.
She asked me to unzip her and remove all her undergarments! We went into the shower and again removed all of our makeup.
Naked she took my hand and led me to the candle room.
Masami and I slipped naked, between satin sheets for the second night!

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Asian story chapter 3

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