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We haven’t been dating long but I have never felt happier I have opened up to her more than I ever have to anyone it feels great she loves to just wander around the house just in her lingerie and she wears lovely sexy lingerie my favourite is a blue long line bra with matching panties partly as blue is my favourite colour
And I have told her this I also told her that I didn’t like being hairy so she convinced me to get rid and so It’s a Saturday lunch time I have just got home from work and she asks me to get undressed and she takes me into the bathroom she directs me into the shower and gives me a tube of cream and tellls me to smother my self and she will help
A few minutes in I can feel a tingling/bordering burning feeling she passes me a spong and turns on the shower a few minutes later I can see all my body hair being washed away down the plug hole, she spins me round to inspect me I feel strange she turns off the shower and has grabbed a big bottle of moisturiser and starts to pour it all over me and rub it in, it feels cold and sends a chill through me
She takes me into the bedroom and gets me to just stand in the middle of the room and the I notice my favourite set of hers on the bed the lovely blue long line bra and panties laid out
I’m cold I feel more naked than ever before she moves in and kisses me as she then tells me how lovely I look she slips off her dressing gown to reveal that she is wearing the same as what is laid out on the bed, she says in her sexy sultry voice you love this set so much I purchased another the same try on the panties for me I’m sure you will like how the feel on you
I’m stunned I can’t speak I stammer I don’t want to I’m a man
She begs please! Please! Please!
Not wanting to disappoint I reluctantly agree
She passes the panties to me and as I slide her panties up my legs the feeling of the fabric on my smooth legs feels amazing I feel tingles my heart starts to race I feel very warm then I notice my legs changing shape once the panties are in place I notice my hips have changed shape and so has my bum I feel numb I can’t seem to move like I’m stuck in the same spot I can move my arms but all I seem to want to do is feel my thighs and as I do I notice my waist shrinking and my cock and balls have disappeared I can’t really think I feel the panties wear my cock and balls were and all I feel is a lovely pussy I shriek like a girl when I touch it I feel a tingle of extacy I just want to feel my body as I am now stood on tip toe and feeling more girly nice smooth legs rounded hips and little cute bum you can hear a whisper from my girlfriend saying now the bra You want to feel it wrapped round you cupping your lovely breasts
You say to yourself I don’t have breasts but it just seems natural to reach out for the bra as I put my arms through the straps and place them over my shoulders and fasten it behind me that warm feeling comes back as I look down i see my breasts growing to fill the lacy longline 34c bra
I look at her she is smiling at me and she spins me round to face the mirror i feel my hair is longer
I look at the reflection in the mirror I’m confused all I see is my girlfriend but the I realise that I am now the spitting image of my girlfriend i see her behind me smiling we look like twins i turn to face her and I want to be angry but I just look at her smiling and all I say is that I feel fab she says she always wanted a twin sister I smile and we hug

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Tricked by my girlfriend

Cute story I wish I could find lingerie like that.

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Loved it

pink bimbo Sissy to Goddess Darque

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nice lingerie

Would like to wear such lingerie very much!

Where to buy it???

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Loved it
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The girlfriend and the

The girlfriend and the lingerie would be a dream.

Story Rating: 
Loved it


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