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It was a horror it was a nightmare I lost the privilege to see outside it was something that I wasn't allowed to do I was not allowed to step foot out of the dungeon

I was a slave girl that belonged to locked in lace I was wearing a metal bra and chastity belt
I had on my nipples tiny bells that made noises when I dare tried to move escaping wasn’t a option
I had tried “before” and it had backfired it was because the chastity belt gave me a sharp piercing shock
Which was a way of saying no way it was a pain that was unbearable I fell down on my knees and. Whimpered

The bells were making noises as I crawled in the dungeon.

The dungeon had many horrid sounds I was hearing girls getting hit by whips and riding crop there was screaming crying and begging heard

I tried to imagine I was in somewhere other than the dungeons

It was lunch time as a slave girl all we were fed was cum it was all we could eat and drink

It wasn't given to us nicely

I was told to step in the tub it was a disgusting tub with dirty bar of soap and disgusting vile water not that it mattered

As we slave girls I was altered that if I try food or drinks other then cum that I will get very ill

A slave girl said I can eat what I like she stole a superior sand which and got sick after enough suffering she was given the antidote

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slave girl story

Oh you poor girl having to go through the fun of eating cum every day. Is that why you look so thin in your red dress. Kisses to you. Can't wait for your next story to come on.

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Loved it

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