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Genies can twist your wishes

My name was Andy I was walking down the beach I will tell you what happened and why I'm jeannie now,

Walking down the beach when I saw something and it caught my eye it was a beautiful pink lamp you look pretty valuable so I pick it up and started dusting it wouldn't you believe what happened next a big smoke pink smoke came out of the lamp an apparition came out she says

_im the genie of the lamp I will grant you three wishes you have wet freed me or entitled to three wishes but I need to warn you be careful what you wish for you Can Have Anything your heart desires for freeing me. So what was your first wish be I also have to state that if that certain point you hate your wish you may be free to cancel it but you will not be able to make a new wish used to have two if you made one wish

Three wishes I wonder what I would wish for

Okay I got it first wish is I wish people would see me as a star

she says are you sure you want to wish that
I wish the people would see me as a star

the power vested in me you your first wish you will be a star

The room gets dark and_see_a_group of men ambush me they say hi Andy we can't believe you volunteer to be a star so anyways the work will get started I can sign the paperwork then they grabbed me and tied me up to a rocket they said it to launch making it crash until I blow up and become a star

People begin on the beautiful star in the sky in commenting on the beautiful star of the sky

The genie pops up in the sky admiring me looking like a star

Saying I granted you your wish

But since I was a star couldn't see a word until she did a magic spell and I could use my words it's not what I wanted in mind she says you weren't specific

She says I want you to tell me what went wrong with the switch that you made

p well when you said been in my wish that I was going to be a star expected like a star in Hollywood but not a star in the sky you twisted my wish

I didn't twist your wish when they made a mistake immortal see you wish to be a start but you didn't say what kind of a star so how was I supposed to know what you wanted you didn't say pop star you didn't say movie star so mystikal Vine I thought you met a star in the sky

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If that's not what I wanted to wish for I wanted to be a movie star or maybe a music star china Sky I probably should have thought carefully when I made my wish
She says I'm going to reverse this one 2 wishes

You don't get a redo over you get two more wishes and that's it be careful what you wish for

Look I'm just a genie and I grant wishes you would mess up on your wish

. The funny thing is with you being a star cuz I could just leave you here and leave you a star forever my boss is would tarnish me vanish me forever so I have to grant you your other two wishes

She says and I will remind time

Serbian closing my eyes and then time goes back to the way it was I'm no longer to star in the sky

I am the genie of the lamp I grant you two wishes

Made a big mistake with your other wish this time be very careful Gandy

She says you need to think over your wish

I wish I could have sex with all the women I want

She says sure this is what you wish for

This is my wish

As you wish you will have sex with all the women you want close your eyes and your wish will be granted

I close my eyes and when I wake up I'm in a full female body

Before I have a chance to make another wish she grabs and start scrubbing me kissing me all over
Making me moan she begins taking advantage of me until I'm putting her hands morning alcohol begging for her to have her way with me and then she says I will but give me your final wish

As I'm owning an incomplete ecstasy begin sing yes yes yes you can have my final wish

She gets evil smile in her face I wish that you be trapped forever in to slim until people make wishes and she says_ as I wish the you be trapped forever in lamp until people make wishes from you

As she makes the wish a big tornado Spyros and sucking me into the in the lamp she says as I'm trapped in the lamp I'm going to put you away in this drawer when I want to make wishes I will get you out she says you should have never trusted a genie you are a genie but you can't grant wishes for yourself like me because I'm still stronger than you

she says_when_i,want_to_make_wishes_ill_get you_

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"I can't believe the guys are making me do a panty raid. Oh, big deal, the new girl turned you down, why am I the one who has to do something to her? Make the pledge get panties, oh yeah, it's gonna be great. You guys are morons. I just want to get in the frat, and graduate from this crappy college. "

"What the hell is this?!? An old lamp? How stupid, and its filthy. I wonder if I could see my reflection...", I say, giving it a rub.

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As she rubs my lamp the windows open and plum of purple smoke coming out of the lamb

A genie merges I'm that genie I say [color=blue]I'm the mystical genie of the lamp you who have rubbed my lamp I shall grant you four wishes
that's right four wish but I must heed you be careful what you wish for [/colorIMAGE(https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/474x/87/55/cb/8755cb0f038efa873974518999f39751.jpg)
[color=blue]I grant wishes ..so may I ask what would be your first wish *[/color

[color=blue]before you ask this is not a Hallucination I'm a real genie ..four free wishes are here for you ..but just four *wishes .. [/color

Andrea Tiffany is the property of Sasha, the Goddess of Destiny.

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"A genie.... do you really expect me to believe this?! Alright guys, very funny, now come on out! Nice touch with the smoke and the bimbo here.
How much did they pay you to do this, huh? $20?"

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The guys come out and say [color=red]]we aren't doing this we do expect you to believe this because we didn't plan this .this is a good one but we didn't plan this the only logical explanation is that its a real genie either that or we all are seeing things,. .[/color

I'm a genie this is no trick I assure you what do I have to do to prove that I'm a genie
How about you wish for something extragant I'll grant it something silly you wouldn't think it would come true you are not believing my power *

Purple lighting hits the room *

sorry about that are you ready to make a wish


Andrea Tiffany is the property of Sasha, the Goddess of Destiny.

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"O....k. Uhm, something extravagant...."
My begin to scratch my head, before snapping.
"Ok, here's a wish, I wish I had A' s in all my classes."

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A plum of black pink smoke whirlwinds the room

you have said your first wish you have wished it here it goes the wish is to have all a,s in all so you wish so it shall be granted
I hop on one leg fold my arms and grant the wish

your wish is real you have all A,s see for yourself if you doubt my powers *

Andrea Tiffany is the property of Sasha, the Goddess of Destiny.

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There is a knock on the door I the genie open the door and pick up the envelope

As the person. Leaves shaking her head looking at me the genie I hand the wisher the ✉ I say open it let's see if you got all A, s

I say that knowing that I had granted the wish his wish

That they are all A,s

Andrea Tiffany is the property of Sasha, the Goddess of Destiny.

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"Ok, nothing short of a miracle could have done that. You..you really are a genie aren't you? Ok, Jake, think. 3 wishes, you could wish for world peace, or fame or fortune. And of course all you can think about is how much I wish I had a girl blowing me."

"You're talking to yourself again Jake, you're supposed to stop doing that."

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you did make the Wish master I granted to you it yes Master I'm a genie I know you have three wishes please don't wish for a large sandwich because I hate granting those it always end up with the ham a little dry ..master What wish do you have in Mind Master do you need to think I can wait I'm not going back in the lamp until all wishes are granted *what would master like ....Master I'll grant you anything you like the possibilities are end less master if I could I grant you more than 4 but as a genie I must follow the four wishes as I think 100 wishes would be excessive master .

Andrea Tiffany is the property of Sasha, the Goddess of Destiny.