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Donna serving clients at the Horse Saloon

As I'm sitting down counting my change flickering and flaring my eyelashes licking my lips every Touch of my lipstick and redo all my makeup then I hear planking on the floor it seems that customers are walking into the Horse Saloon

I grabbed the Helm of my waitress uniform putting my head down in shame putting my left leg on top of my right dipping and sliding

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curtsies my name is and I'll be your waitress for today

The customer walks inside and says that was a beautiful lovely curtsy Donna

He says I would love to have a chicken sandwich potatoes as a side and two macaroni sides and three beers

. I'll be glad to get it for you sir

I I make my way carefully down the stairs to the bowels of the worst Moon

Where I meet Sam again

I say hello wave kiss him and begin preparing the meal with him

All the food is finishing prepared we put it in serving trays
[color=fuchsia] thank you Sam for helping me[/color
[color=fuchsia]. Thank you so much Sam for helping me you are such a sweetheart[/color.

Big deep wet one on his lips kissing him and caressing his body and afterwards I think him and I put everything in the server strength walk upstairs waiting goodbye



Andrea Tiffany is the property of Sasha, the Goddess of Destiny.

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Back upstairs back to the top of the horse and Moon and I hand the customer his food in his drinks he thinks Me by croaking squeezing and kissing me which I really love so much and then I kiss him on the lips too tips and money for the cash register box so I put my tips in my piggy bank and I put the cash into registered then I smell in my friend Jacqueline.

Andrea Tiffany is the property of Sasha, the Goddess of Destiny.