Progress Report

So in case you have not been paying attention, I've been trickling out little dribbles of information about ... ...something...

It is something that has been a long time coming... and it is a lot closer to being here than it has ever been.

By next week sometime I hope to be in 'Closed Alpha'. This means I'm going to invite a few select players in to poke at this thing for the first time. I'm only going to give them access to the very, very beginning, primarily as a test of what works, what needs more documentation and to check what happens when data is put into the structure.

Depending on how that goes, there will be a hopefully short period of time to correct things, and then apply the fixes to the full site, at which point we will move to a 'Closed Beta' test. This will include more people, but will once again be 'invite only' to keep things controlled and easily trackable.

Corrections will again be made... and then...

We will move into an 'Open Beta' where anyone and everyone can come into the place and try to break it.

This will then gradually give way to 'Gold' as we remove bugs, tweak and tune and then we have something awesome.

I have a timeline for this, but let's be realistic and say that this is going to take the time it takes. A lot of energy, thought, development and work has gone into it... so we're going to make damn certain we get it as right as we can.

I will continue to update as progress is made...

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Felicia Wood's picture

It looks beautiful... I'm intrigued!

"My name is... Felicia... and, um... I'm not supposed to... play... with BOYS!!!"

whorechata's picture

Im a boy girl combo i dont play unlrss my mistress alows me i must ask

Carl Koprek

Jim L's picture

From what I've seen so far, it looks very promising. The interactive side is something that has been asked for a lot (probably since the days of 'Swimming in the Pool', and at least since the days of the Isle of Submission), so to see it being implemented in full will certainly be intriguing.

It's been a long time since anything truly major in the way of updates (more accurately, storyline related updates) for the site, so I'm sure there are a lot of eager 'volunteers' waiting in the wings.

Lisana's picture

Sounds very nice..and i am being curious ;)

Lisana Sissy Dreamer
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Be the Patron, please?

SKatie's picture

You really are gifted at using our curiosity against us... Can't wait for open beta.


Sissy, Secretary, Slut... So many S'ehs so little time...

Cori's picture

I've been here a WHILE now, I originally came by searching for interactive feminization stories on google. I stayed because of all the captions, rp, chat, stories you've provided for us... but deep down I've been waiting patiently and following progress here and there on interactive stories and games as they are released...

I have ideas about what might be coming, and I'm VERY EXCITED!!! I can't wait to see what you've created for us Mistress! :)

PuppetMistress's picture

Very intriguing indeed

I would most assuredly volunteer to test the alpha if you could use help.

Look.... Into....My Eyes!

Misty's picture

From what i have been able to sneek pick so far i have to say im VERY imprest and perhaps more so and hungry to get back in IC then when i first crashed in to Lil /Lacy WAY back. . You & those that helps you have trully out down youre self's on this one Lissa (standing up and waving & charring ) . Rome wasent built in a day ether & i fore one agree with you on taking this NICE CALM and get AL the kinks out of the system BEFORE open up to the public . If i can be at ANY help now or down the line you alredy KNOW im READY to serve Mistress Lissa (curtsy low and bow my head )

IMAGE( D.Pre (Not by choice)op-HRT 24/7 Ts woman & STILL Born a PROUD TRUE SISSY/AB/LG FOREVER loyal to my Mistress until we SOMEDAY,SOMEHOW,SOMEWHERE meet again

Bethany's picture

This sounds really intriguing! Cant wait to see the product roll out!

x Bethany

les's picture

Sounds intruiging!

I can't wait - don't keep me in suspenders! (On second thoughts, please DO!!)
(A Brit reference - doesn't work in Yank-speak)

Emma Peel's picture

*giggle* No Les but us Brit girls understand. I only have three suspender belts!

Nobody can force feminise me! I'm a volunteer

Mandi's picture

Very much looking forward to being transformed from a closed (closet?) alpha to a beta open ... as in, beta open those lips, legs and butt cheeks a whole lot wider ... (giggle)

mistress.pain80's picture

You need to make sure that people can't see it ahead of time.

https://[[]]/ is obviously publicly accessible; but if you type out the "/[n...e]" w/ a number (will omit here to prevent exploit) you can pre-read the story even though you can't click the choose-your-own-adventure options. If you guess the # correctly you can continue to read and determine your choice.

@Melissa - PM me if I'm being too cryptic.

Apologies for my naughtiness.

Alina123's picture

Curious and looking forward to the open beta and final version

dz's picture

I would love to participate in the early betas.

Angie Kitty's picture

OMG! that's it it's the tunnels for me! I know if they ever catch me all is lost! I knew when I seen that stray flyer in the captions that the corporation was going to make its presence known again in a big way. All I can hope for is they are not to diligent in their searches for us stray free range girls, otherwise all is lost!

Under the protection of


Lady Rajimara's picture

Cool, keep us updated

Lady Rajimara
வெளிநாட்டில் தூய மேடை

Your Bride Slave's picture

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publicly humiliated on film sold to dominant master on fans wingers .com or Mexican brothel or permanent makeup and jboobs and just enough male to be punished on p rising with males

Eye Candy

Casey Heart's picture

You always do amazing work. Thank you, and I'm looking forward to seeing your latest creation. :)

-Casey Heart

Emma Peel's picture

Well Mistress Melissa, I can only wait with baited hook, no sorry I mean breath, baited breath!
I've wanted to be part of the corporation since I was too shy to join the original site, and finally plucked up the courage and joined here.
This girl is excited that it is nearing reality. And I know Real Life™ has kept you from doing as much as you would have liked here. I'm sure we have all had times like that, I know I have (for the last 4 years!)

You have my eternal gratitude and loyalty, and when I sort my finances out you will even have some of my money! *giggle*

Nobody can force feminise me! I'm a volunteer

Selina Strumpet's picture

I'm sure it will be delicious,delightful and fabulous! I'm tingling with anticipation.

Selina Strumpet

Selina Strumpet's picture

I'm sure it will be delicious,delightful and fabulous! I'm tingling with anticipation.

Selina Strumpet

Alison Anderson's picture

Melissa, as you are probably aware, those of us who were around for the island prequel have a habit of snooping exploring. It was pointed out to me to be careful not to go out of bounds, because although the bimbos there tell you to go back to the front desk, they can't give you the right directions to get back there.

OOC (Out Of Character):
When you reach an out of bounds page and click the front desk hyperlink, it tries to take you to [[]]/[n...e]/[] using Mistress.pain80's terminology, which gives a Page not found error.


melissa's picture

Thank you Alison! All fixed!

Have you done your affirmation today, pretty girl?

Michelle.K's picture

Well I've got to say I'm looking forward to whatever you have planned Melissa, If it's anything like your other work on this site it will be brilliant and wonderful. Hopefully and if I'm lucky enough I'll be chosen for beta testing if not I'll eagerly await the open test.

mandy3000's picture

Can't wait! Sign me up for beta! *giggle*


Tsuin's picture

You always do amazing work, can you Sign me up for beta. x


chrystaleaves's picture

OMG I cannot wait! I know it will be a really long time, but once this comes out I'll be all over it!

I like to dress up and pretend I'm a girl, but I do want to live a life where I can get married, but preferably with a woman who is alright with treating me like a man sometimes and like a girl other times. I'm not shy to being dominant or submissive.

Michelle Bubbles's picture

Looks like i chose the best time ever to come back to the site!! Thank you so much mistress, we don't deserve all the dedication and passion you put in making sure we are all properly feminized and trained! *curtsies*

Veronica Sands's picture


Ever since my wife dropped me off here YEARS AGO among you crazed Female Supremacists I have fought tooth, nail and pen... pe...PENI.... see your training and brainwashing has got me in such turmoil I can't even say it!!!!

*sigh* .... okay.... my stupid inferior.... little male.... er... you know.... my silly useless archaic tongue substitute.... *sob*.... there are you happy *sniff*

SEE... you have me doing it again! Acting in little girly acquiescence. I've tried so hard to fight You FEMALE MASTERS.... no (swore i'd never use that term, dang it!)

I've tried everything... starting enclaves for male empowerment meetings... hiding out and living in dumpsters from the controllers here... reading the same August 1993 PLAYBOY i've hidden in my lingerie draw for the last 2+ decades.

There was even the time when i so ridiculously attempted to resist Nikki Wade 's retraining and transformation regimen -- NOT FAIR! I tell you that Woman could have The Hulk serving hors d'oeuvres and wine to an all-Female Executive luncheon wearing an off the shoulder gown, fishnets and 7-inch heels!

SO - whatever the secret hush-hush anti-man program you've up your sleeve.... we have to fight and regain our dignity as the daintier, demure and inferior sex. DAMN there goes those subliminal messages in my head again.... I mean regain our.... our Manifold carbohydrates?... mangos... manny moe and jacks... -- JACKS that's so great a game for a boy growing up to play at home while your Sisters are out on the ballfield!


STOP... MANHOOD... that's it our manhood... i remember it. . Sort of. . Gotta go back into the dumpster and see my Aug 1993 Playboy again.... then my head will clear and i can plan my wardrobe.... FREAKIN' - I MEAN OUR male REVOLT!

Oh YEAH - our peni... pen... our inferior tongue substitutes. *sob* ... it's not fair...

Hey... what happened! I can't find anything to 'TUCK' !!!

Goddess Sasha's picture

Very intriguing. I may be one of the newest arrivals, but I look forward to when I get to try and break out ... erm, I mean try and break in ... no, I mean try and break it. I'm so ditzy sometimes.

Goddess Sasha is the proud owner of Andrea Tiffany, Annabella, Annabelle, muffy, pink bimbo, pinkgoobimbomelanie, Ramona, and part owner of fluffy mittens kitten.

dz's picture

hey, I'm dz! where like, twins!

Xanthe Altheia's picture

Fascinated cant wait to try it all out. I am sure the wait however long will be worth it. Thank you for all your hard work .


I am owned and enslaved to Lady Johanna Vendela Liv Silfverstråle.

Star's picture

Standing in the crowd of semi naked , chastity belted beautful sissies in my six inch heels , arm stretched to the sky ...meee me.pick meeeee Mistress Melissa! Can't wait..and thank you!