Chat fixed

I did disable a few of the buggier aspects, but I think it is back up. Please test...

*NOTE: Chat is now only available on the chat page (and no longer on the front page). You can access it by using the drop down forum tag in the main menu and selecting chat, or by going directly to the link:

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Yuhana Scott's picture

Working fine on my tab.. although there is many little things that I could complain.. he he..
But being wise and not do.. yeah it works well and that is main thing.. right? :)
It does look and feel like old chat.. and that was perfect then.. and is now :)


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Thanks Boss'Lissa!

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Crystal imij's picture

Hello...I'm new here..I wanted to say that and great job on repairing and or upgrading the chat program.


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Thanks for the piccy. NOW I know what is wrong with my DIY attempts - I didn't dress right!

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Just a minor point on the link to the chat: yes, the link is on the 'Forum' menu at the top, but when the screen is smaller, the menu shrinks to a rectangle, and the chat link is not there. Thanks for your hard work!

The Divine Feminine!