Jquery question (if you don't know what that is, then ignore this post).

I know we have a few smart girls out there... Despite my attempts to bimbofy all of you, perhaps you can be of assistance.

I'm creating a profile block and using a bootstrap widget to do so. In order to get it to play friendly with drupal I have to include the following line of code:

drupal_add_js('jQuery(document).ready(function(){jQuery("#accordion").accordion({collapsible: true, autoHeight: false, icons: {"header": "ui-icon-plus", "headerSelected": "ui-icon-minus"} });});', 'inline');

In doing so, it causes that first panel of the accordion to offset and become selectable. We want that panel to stay permanently open and not be a functioning part of the accordion. Any ideas? This is stalling me out tremendously...

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If you don't find an answer over the weekend I'll ask the developers at work on Monday, they work with this sort of thing on a daily basis.

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Wonderful! I'll keep updating this thread as work continues...

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So you want the first block always open, but the rest should work like a regular accordion?

I think the easiest thing to do would be to keep the content that should always be visible outside the #accordion div. The hardest part would be reproducing the right styles on the permanent piece that isn't really in the accordion. I think I have something put together on JSfiddle that looks somthing like what I mean. Take a look: https://jsfiddle.net/5pkLennv/

Sorry not to have it set up for Drupal specifically.



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I asked some coding friends of mine on facebook. Here is the responses...

Add a space and an asterisk after the #accordion? Within the quotes, obviously.
Though that might fuck it further.
Maybe a setting of the accordion that can be toggled, instead... check the docs on the accordion widget.

IIRC that should apply the accordion to the second #accordion element.

There'd need to be a few more changes to get subsequent entries.

I'm not positive on this though.
Erhm could also try this:

$('#accordion').each( function () {
var collapse = $(this);
if ($(this).eq(0){
$(this).accordion({collapsible: false; autoHeight: true; icons:
{"header": "ui-icon-plus", "headerSelected": "ui-icon-minus"}});
} else {
$(this).accordion({collapsible: true; autoHeight: false; icons:
{"header": "ui-icon-plus", "headerSelected": "ui-icon-minus"}});

I think I missed a couple vital bits there, but it should, *should*, turn the first element into a non-collapsible entry and all others will be made collapsible.

I hope some of that helps. :)

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Problem solved. Thank you Katie... between that and some brain power from Sophie... I got to where i needed to be!

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