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The current 'iteration' of this site opened in 2005. Before that I ran a small fiction site called for a few years before that... Some of you have followed me that long... some have found there way here recently... No matter how long you have been here, you will notice that I do NOT do posts like this one. I want this site to be a haven from politics, from religion, from class and from race. The honest truth is, I don't care what your belief system is, how you were brought up, what you stand for or what you think of me... I want this place to be a refuge from all of that and a place where all of you can express a part of yourself (often a hidden part) and experience what that feels like. I do NOT post political stuff. I have run this site through two different presidents, one from both parties, and while it is probably no secret where I fall in the spectrum, I do NOT begrudge, hate or discourage people who have different beliefs.

Fifteen years I have kept this place clear of political statements, and I intend to maintain that from this point on... tomorrow I hope to post some exciting site news...and we will be back to naughty fun as usual...

...but I am going to break the no politics rule tonight.

I know this will upset, anger and hurt some of you. I ask only that you truly listen for a moment before instantly jumping into whatever category you have put yourself in, in this overly-labeled, highly partisan bull-shit that the world has become. I am closing comments on this post. I do not want a discussion here. I do not want this place to pull itself apart at the seams an for friends and playmates to start attacking each other...

I just want all of you to think about something... I want you to think about this when you're NOT here. When you return to the Real World.

I want you to think about this when the talking heads on TV argue with each other and laugh or fume.

I want you to pay attention. I want you to think. I want you to do something!

* * * * *

This site is a love-letter to the TG community. It is a safe place. It is a place with no judgement. It is a place of fantasy and fun, erotica and enthusiasm, and at the end of the day, it is a place where you can pursue fantasies that are still to this day 'outside of the mainstream'. It is a game, it is a playground, it is a journal and it is a story... but most importantly, it is a community. A great many of you come here every day. This is your water-cooler and your pressure relief valve from the rest of the world.

Those of you that have been around for a while may know... I am not transgender.

I was born a woman, as was my wife.

Do I enjoy the forced feminization fantasy and dominant cruel mistress fantasy? Absolutely. Are they fantasies? Absolutely!

My wife and I have championed LGBTQ rights since we met. We are active in our community. Many of my absences from this place over the years have come from time commitments to other causes, most of them centered on trying to convince the world that the LGBTQ world is comprised of real people. A great many people don't seem to understand that... even today, in a world that is increasingly smaller and more connected. The community is often viewed as fringe, strange, weird, deviant, unnatural and wrong. I have endeavored my whole life to change that and I genuinely believe I have in small, almost unobservable ways. People that believe the LGBTQ community are deviants, more often than not, do not KNOW anyone in the LGBTQ community. They might know of them... the immaculately dressed couple at the farmer's market every Saturday, or the two female 'roommates' who spend two years landscaping their front yard, the androgynous barista at the coffee shop... but knowing of them does not mean that they really KNOW them. Once they do, once they genuinely make a connection that these are people... with hopes and dreams, ambitions and fears, loves and hates, triumphs and regrets... once you know them, they are REAL people.


Everyone on this site, is a real person... underneath the avatars and the bimbo lisps and the cat-ear fetishes... there are real people here. I genuinely believe that most of you 'get' that.

The LGBTQ community has not been great about supporting the 'T' community. In many ways, 'T' is the hardest sell. While we have made great strides towards equal rights and being seen as REAL people, the transgender community is still a satellite planet. It is Pluto, the little planet on the outskirts that had it's importance slowly diminished.

Transgender characters in movies are still, more often than not, comic relief... not overly different from black-face in the 'golden' era of entertainment. Most genuine TG characters in the media today are played by cis-gender actors. The LGBTQ community often ignores the trans community, because if it is left out of the conversation, baby steps towards the bigger fights might actually happen. I have loudly and vocally protested this philosophy... but that does not mean it is not the case, nor that it does not continue to be a problem.

And the transgender community is under attack.

It is an easy target, and it always has been. The transgender community suffers horrific real-life abuse. We play a fantasy of abuse at this site, but in Real-Life, one in two transgender people are victims of some sort of physical abuse. Not the fun, OOC consensual abuse we play here... real... terrible... life ending abuse...

One... in... two...

50% of REAL people, are victims of abuse because of who they are.

They are the canary in the cage, with their cases tending to overlap with racial, class or sexual intolerance as well.

I have spent the majority of my adult life screaming into the wind about this, even in my own 'L' area of the LGBTQ community and despite wanting to keep this website politics free, I hope all of you are watching what is happening right now.



The New York Times
Business Insider

I refuse to accept this.

Thousands of active service members in the United States, of every rank, are now in a state of limbo. Dismissed via a Tweet from the Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces. Service members, some of which are in active combat zones, willing to fight and die for their country without question, are seen by this man as a liability, a political stepping stone, and as something lesser. There was no consultation with the Pentagon, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, or any military consultant. The U.S. military is not even really certain how to comply with this order as it was communicated via Twitter. These service members are part of squads... troops... people who rely on each other in extreme and life-threatening situations on a daily basis... and they do not even know what happens tomorrow. Many of these service members have dedicated their lives to the military and only revealed their transgender status recently, trusting the word of law and the institution to which they dedicated their lives to support and protect them. These are the best of us... and they are being attacked!

This is wrong.

This is wrong is a long series of wrong.... of bathroom bills and school policies and basic ignorance of what it even means to be transgender.

* * * * *

I do not care who you voted for. I do not care who you politically support, what causes you donate towards, what your religion is or what your political party is...

But I do care about you and all of the REAL people on this site. If you are on this website, you know REAL people who are transgender. You know what that means. You know that it matters. This is not a one-off issue... something that we can just ignore and know things are going to get better. This is the canary in the cage... the tip of the iceberg... the beginning of something really and truly bad...

... and you have a voice.

If you don't know how to have your voice heard, speak to your representatives in the House and the Senate. If you don't know how to contact them, you can start by clicking on the links below:
Contact Information of US Senators
Calls for Change


Do something!

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