I found another one...

Seems like these keep getting smuggled out somehow... Don't worry everyone. We will find the culprit and they will be ... dealt with... Judging from some of the stains on it, it is very clear these are being used for enjoyment from someone not in a Sissy-Link belt. We should fix that. After all, we do NOT want the 'girls' reading about what is happening to them after all... do we? *evil grin*

Click here to read the brochure...

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Angie Kitty's picture

Cringes after reading and heads for the underground tunnels to hide! Bad enough that M&R R&D want to catch me to experiment to recreate more like me but I couldn't handle the new belt and forced cohabitation conditions!

Under the protection of


Ramonavenusflytrap's picture

I shouldn't have read this ..oh Miss Mellisa please don't belt I won't be able to have sex all I'll be able would be would be able to do would be a tease with my tongue I'll be aching horny

This new belt terrifys me what let me go I'll not be your guinea pig help
Let me go please don't lock me in the cage .no no no no

I guess I shouldn't have read it

Please I'll be a good girl

I don't think I'll be able to handle this belt it sounds evil someone help *
Don't laugh and tease my little clitty

I'm so ashamed and I'm blushing *

Ramona Venus Flytrap is the property of Sasha, the Goddess of Destiny.

melissa's picture

Don't worry... It's just a fantasy...

*whistles innocently*

Have you done your affirmation today, pretty girl?

Ramonavenusflytrap's picture

Naïvely letting my guard down ..phew that's was a close one

Im not going to go willingly

But I have to be pushed *

This is scary yet exciting

No I must fight the urge ..to want to wear the best wait she said it wasn't real

I must be dreaming

Miss Mellisa. you said it was not real

I believe you ..


Anyways I got so scared I creamed myself

Ramona Venus Flytrap is the property of Sasha, the Goddess of Destiny.

michy's picture

This is not right. i would refuse to do any of this. you would have to force me to go here (please).

melissa's picture

Refuse. *laughs* You don't get to 'refuse'!

Have you done your affirmation today, pretty girl?

Jessicafox's picture

I agree Michy we should refuse to wear that belt and and to melandren . Foursed coupling and that schedule . its just not right .

andie Tiffany's picture

Whats this a manual

Wonder what it's about

I begun reading this

And getting flash backs of the cheerleaders games

I was reminded of when I lost and had to go be belted

My eyes widening in fear

I was scared and in fear.
But I was still curious

I kept reading
It .

I was scared yet intrigued

I was thinking about how I look

With the belt

I was remembering the horror that experienced

At the cheer games

I hated the belt but it turned into a nightmare

But I knew being a sissy gurl*

That I would have to accept that I would be belted with this new one

The corporation will have their way

I see Miss Melissa I shudder and drop the manual

Miss Mellisia I was just reading it nothing more

Getting chills

Put ity down andrea ogh I looked at it again what's wrong with me do I court danger

Must resist reading oh the girls gurls*do look comfy in the room

Eekkkkkkkkk* I felt. Chills is this Miss Mellisia I got goosebumps

Andrea Tiffany is the property of Sasha, the Goddess of Destiny.

SKatie's picture

I thinks the sissies doth protest too much.

As if they wouldn't line up to live in those dorms...

Such a pretty brochure, Miss Melissa. Lovely to be reading your work again for as long as the Tempest lasts! :)

Sissy, Secretary, Slut... So many S'ehs so little time...

Misty's picture

( GULP) RUN for youre life's Sissies !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mrs Melissa have clearly lost her mind this time were AL in GREAT DANGER !!!!!

(shit did i just sed that out loud ? im so screwed (biting nails ) wait maybe Melissa dident here yeah (looking around ) i better try to fix this

Er i mean this seams like an excellent idea for those in nead of more stronger guidance. Er luckily for us oldies there is no need for this im sure (nervous smile with cute puppy eyes )

IMAGE(https://lacy.lockedinlace.com/sites/Lacy/files/sigs/Mistys%20%20collor%20%20SPARAS.gif) D.Pre (Not by choice)op-HRT 24/7 Ts woman & STILL Born a PROUD TRUE SISSY/AB/LG FOREVER loyal to my Mistress until we SOMEDAY,SOMEHOW,SOMEWHERE meet again

Emma Peel's picture

Erm... Miss Melissa, I am so sorry but I accidentally read the Dorm Room guide. It was just lying there and before I knew it I had read it from cover to cover.

Having been accepted for beta testing of the new Sissy-Link belt I'm not sure if I should be excited or afraid, but whatever I should be I find myself aroused. Please fit my belt soon, because there is a horrible bulge in my skirt! My panties just can't cope!!!

Your obedient servant

Nobody can force feminise me! I'm a volunteer

Mandi's picture

I don't know what all the fuss is about! There were so many lovely sissies in that brochure - the one I definitely didn't read, and I'm sure I got all the stains out. Anyway, I just looked at the pretty pictures. Who cares about all those boring words! Anyway, I'd give anything to be locked in a room with those gurls - I'd kiss and cuddle them all night! I'm sure there isn't a catch or anything ...

SKatie's picture

You look pretty cute yourself there Mandi... perhaps you'd like to join me in seeing how comfortable the accommodations are ? I mean could those beds really be that small? They look pretty cozy to me.

Sissy, Secretary, Slut... So many S'ehs so little time...

Mandi's picture

Gladly sweetie - but I fear that cuddling so close to your gorgeous body, something would come between us ... (giggle)

Betsy's picture

Hello Melissa,

I find this fascinating and want to know more. I searched and found 'The Melandren Corporation' and tried to join. Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be a link to join, despite the note saying I have to join to see the inside. No doubt it's just me so, can you please make this clearer?


Leap before you look
The menu is not the meal
I am one

melissa's picture

Sneaky. It's not open yet. Closed beta test for the first area, happening very soon.

Have you done your affirmation today, pretty girl?

Betsy's picture

Thanks Melissa. I'll just have to wait then.

Leap before you look
The menu is not the meal
I am one

Evie's picture

This has gone way too far! The dormitory is supposed to be a sanctuary for girls AWAY from the stresses of 'working' at M&R. Why must the girls sleep 'plugged'? Isn't it enough that our holes get constant use during the day? Must we try to sleep with plugs in?

The new system will make us little more than 'CAM GIRLS' who fight over who is 'the little spoon' for the night. As if that was ALL that was going to happen! Why else would you schedule Yoga before bed? To get everyone calm? Hardly...to make each roommate limber enough for the night-long wrestling match that will ensue under the covers.

The most devious plan of all...is of course the solitary confinement concept. At the beginning...a new girl might be desperate for the peace and quiet of solitary...but what happens after the sissy has become accustomed to close...erm, very close contact with another girl...in order to sleep? How could she possibly 'rest' on her own after adapting to co-sleeping? Solitary confinement is inhumane in those circumstances.


Betsy's picture

Just a small point Evie. You assume there will be covers over you during the night. But remember, your nightime activities will be recorded and how can they do that if covers hide you from view? I think it's a certainty there will not be any covers for you to hide under. You will have to, at least, cuddle in order to keep warm.

Of course, they could heat the room to keep you comfortable during the night. Do you want to bet me they will do that? I'm open to suggestions as to what to bet.

Leap before you look
The menu is not the meal
I am one

Michelle.K's picture

(finishes reading the brochure).

Well this doesn't bode well for us in the future, forced coupling doesn't sound to fun on a small bed and been watched 24/7 is going to be a problem for my plans. (the thought of people watching me in those rooms with other sissy's for fun fills me with apprehension and a bit of dread).

Unless I get stuck with a ditz or someone I can use to help me out with my plans, although that schedule looks a bit brutal to be honest I'm going to have to find a way to relieve myself somehow even if it means playing along with there mad program and games. I do feel sorry for whoever is leaking these but at least it's there backside that gets the punishment and not mine. Again I'm going to have to thank whoever leaked these somehow or in someway. Hopefully know one will notice I've had them.

(hides the brochure in my bag with the other one & hides the bag).

lacy underall's picture

Blushes and squirms

Ramonavenusflytrap's picture

Thank You Miss Mellisia I had a strange dream but that's all it was a dream at least I hope it was

Because it was a nightmare.

See there was no Manual Miss Mellisa
I dreamed that I was put in a belt and locked in a cage suspended in mid air with a scuba tank of Sissy Sharks that was so scary

Ramona Venus Flytrap is the property of Sasha, the Goddess of Destiny.

andie Tiffany's picture

This is interesting yet scary manual that I'm so I I'm scared Miss Melissa I didn't see you there *

Andrea Tiffany is the property of Sasha, the Goddess of Destiny.

Betsy's picture

Hello Melissa,

I've been checking this regime out again and I think I've spotted something you may have missed. I do recognize I'm teaching my grandmother to suck eggs here, but, just on the off-chance you haven't gotten round to it, can I suggest those showers at 06:15 be ice cold showers with a mandatory minimum stay.

My reasoning is those sissies would not get their natural sleep under your regime, consequently, they'll need to be properly awakened and refreshed for their day ahead, which will, no doubt, be full of activities for the dominants here, and we certainly do not want any dominant to be inconvenienced in any way.

As I said, I'm reminding you of this little item in case you, with your workload, haven't gotten round to considering it yet.


Leap before you look
The menu is not the meal
I am one

melissa's picture

That is indeed already the structure, Betsy. Great minds think alike.

Taken from Page 3

Our dorm accommodations ensure that your Sissy is edged from the moment she steps into the room, with a constant increase of arousal scheduled until her mandatory cold morning shower.

Have you done your affirmation today, pretty girl?

Betsy's picture

I missed that. Well done. You have thought of every angle, I can see. I'm looking forward to reading all about this opportunity.

You need to be congratulated on a job very well done, Melissa. And, of course, everyone, if any, who helped you.

Leap before you look
The menu is not the meal
I am one

ShelleyRoses's picture

I adore love the pictures of the effeminate two in lingerie together so sweetly that was how I was first feminized by my wife she basically had me wax everywhere and let my hair grow and start to wear Victoria Secret negliges or lingerie to bed with her . The first picture is definitely how I felt when my wife put a mid length teddy on me and it was ivory , my hair was like long enough to when I layed my head down for the first time my wife was on top and was putting eye makeup on and foundation and blusher with lipstick, it was OMG I AM NOW A GIRL , I really had just smoked pot and felt not that I had lost my masculinity but became effeminate and a female . MY WIFE , LINDA , SAID I SORT OF FREAKED her out as she became AWARE that I was a girl , my personality woke up , it was weirdly more more Tommy , but was Shelley for the first time . Amazing it finally happened I became a girl , and started acting like one with all the mannerisms and even my speech changed !


kimberlyy's picture

Well where do I go and how do I start is there some who could help me


She is a little bit wild
Kimberly Jello wrestling

VeronicaPowers's picture

Um. I have to admit I might have put the stains there. Reading about the forced coupling got my little clitty hot. And then I saw the picture of Ali and Monique. I couldn't help it. I'm sorry. Am I going to be punished?

becca.dear's picture

Ok I can admit it I am jealous... Wish I was in school in one of those rooms.

hatsue's picture

i cannot wait to be one of sissy there.

Color set of lingerie for showing the day of week :
Monday : White
Tue : red
Wed : pink
Thur : yellow
Fri. : ocean blue
Sat : black
Sun. : should not wear any panties but clothly diaper

pink bimbo's picture

Please make me a sissy there I would wear anything you ask of me and what color you ask just not horrible male clothing.

pink bimbo Sissy to Goddess Darque

andie Tiffany's picture

I touched my clitty reading about this Miss Mellisa*
I cummied*my self

I want this to happen to me

I feel like there is something in the water

Miss Mellisa oh noooo*you signed up my name *

I will have no toys and try to edge myself on pillows or my roomie*

Andrea Tiffany is the property of Sasha, the Goddess of Destiny.

Ramonavenusflytrap's picture

I touched myself thinking about being with another roomie

I guess that I'm going be punished for my transgressions

Ramona Venus Flytrap is the property of Sasha, the Goddess of Destiny.

Didi's picture

Could I go there, Miss Melissa?