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"Our Lacy dress shop has a wonderful collection of hats Red. My favorites are wide brimmed ladies hats. Here I am at last year's spring fling. ;)
And we have girls here who specialize in name tags and badges.


Now playing in the new Lacy Place area and loving it. Come join us.

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Red sister i was roleplaying a evil Cinderella ii had fun roleplaying i hope we can start over and be best sissy girl friends your new so u didnt i was roleplaying being mean in realty its was all a fantasy roleplay you didnt interfere at all i wanted u to save me and i called u but u left i want to roleplay with u soon xoxoxoxo andrea aka Cinderella and sluterella please come back to lock in lace i trully miss u red sister

Sissy Dollie maid bimbo * tiffany

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Red sister and welcome back nice to see you back I missed you so much

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