So thank you very much for all the patience this last week as we restored some much needed functionality and poked at some long standing bugs.

A few of the things accomplished this week:

  • Restored functionality to image upload
  • Solved the error timeout when posting
  • JQuery updated (which should solved a lot of our scrolling and interactive button issues
  • Much needed update to the front index page of the site.
  • oh... and we migrated to a new, faster server. Woo!

I'm going to spend this week continuing onward with fixing some functionality of the site and trying to determine what needs works. Remember, this is being discussed here! Then it's back to M&R and the goal of getting that playable...

If you would like to be of assistance... I could use a few intrepid adventurers to go to the BUGS page and do some testing. Any volunteers?

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VeronicaPowers's picture

I'd be glad to help if I can. I don't have a lot of technical expertise though.

Irina Chuikova's picture

I successfully changed my avatar pic (Replaced it with one from my saved pics)
I successfully deleted an old PM
I haven't had any trouble with page stickage since tuesday night (ish)

Xanthe Altheia's picture

I would echo Veronica. I have little tech expertise but willing to be a guinea pig testing anything.


I am owned and enslaved to Lady Johanna Vendela Liv Silfverstråle.

Amanda Wells's picture

I'll be glad to help, just tell me how...



EDITED: I don't know if i'm doing well, but i taked a look to the Bug's List and began to look at each one.
I can't test this two:
Site not working on android mobile device by Xanthe Altheia (i haven't an Android mobile, i use a Desk PC).
Chat not Loading by Irina Chuikova (i don't use the Chat)

All others, until Images and Tor Browser; seems are solved.

I let a message in each one, something like this:

Checking the Bug's List.
Seems that isn't still a Problem this!
I've also ....... (checked if works) and worked well!


Please, try again....

If i doing things wrong, please tell me ...


SteffyDD's picture

I know how to volunteer. So, yes, I volunteer.

My skill set is not at all programming.

I guess the important questions are: 1) what would you like me to do? and 2) do volunteers get things like donuts?



Jacqueline's picture

I'll help in anyway I can. And I'll bring the donuts.


Now playing in the new Lacy Place area and loving it. Come join us.

melissa's picture

Thank you to all of you that dove into the bug section to start help test and confirm errors for me. It is a BIG help! Still quite a few to go if anyone gets bored and wants to chip in.

Have you done your affirmation today, pretty girl?

Charlotte Neal's picture

Ooh, Melissa's Great Bug Hunt!

not sure I can help, so I'll stand, cheer and wave pompoms.

Taffy Silk's picture

Thank you for all the work, Miss M, even if I have no idea what most of it means!

Robyn Locket's picture

Yay! It's so great to see the site running normally again! I'd like to say a big thank you from me to everyone who worked hard and got the magic of computers to work. I don't know anything about computers, so I'm impressed by everything I see here. Again thank you! x <3

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How would I be able to help?

Lisana's picture

I can do test as you wish.

All Yours/Sincerely

Lisana Sissy Dreamer
My Tumblr
Begging for support poor Sissy Lisana
Be the Patron, please?

melissa's picture

For those of you wanting to help, please start investigating the 'Report a Bug' section. The more information we can gather about each of the bugs that are reported, confirmed or need testing, the easier it is to find them, and eradicate them. :D

Thanks to everyone already pitching in!

Have you done your affirmation today, pretty girl?

dz's picture

I'm in (work as a programmer at a big company)