Good Morning

Special thanks to our crackerjack server tech team, as well as our new server overlords for helping me work through the issues... but we are now migrated to a new server and several longstanding problems have been corrected. This message will self destruct...

No... wait... *fingers crossed that nothing really breaks*

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Misty's picture

YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! our new home is finally finished by Mistress Lissa and her cracker jack server support team & her server Overlords

THANK you AL (curstey low and bow head )

IMAGE( D.Pre (Not by choice)op-HRT 24/7 Ts woman & STILL Born a PROUD TRUE SISSY/AB/LG FOREVER loyal to my Mistress until we SOMEDAY,SOMEHOW,SOMEWHERE meet again

debutante's picture

Thanks to everyone for getting us through this!!

Well done!! Thank you very much!


Amanda Wells's picture

Oh Melissa It's a Really Good News, it's like having a New Complete Wardrobe!




Jacqueline's picture

Thank you for your efforts Melissa. This is great news. Big Hugs.

Now playing in the new Lacy Place area and loving it. Come join us.

Maideva's picture

This is great news. Well done!


Ramonavenusflytrap's picture

Wasted you say self destruct oh no my dress threw up and now my panties are exposed blush blush brushless giggling and smiling with humility oh well at least the clients would buy me a new dress

Ramona Venus Flytrap is the property of Sasha, the Goddess of Destiny.

SKatie's picture

I for one welcome our new server Overlords...

I am surprised they are not Overladies though... :)

Sissy, Secretary, Slut... So many S'ehs so little time...