4th of July

If you're in the U.S. happy Independence Day in what I semi-jokingly refer to as the 'Series Finale of America'. Try not to blow yourselves up today, or if you do try to make it spectacular.

Thanks to everyone for the well-wishes after my last sad-sack post. I appreciate all the heart and warmth from everyone here and for the understanding. I'm able to crawl out from under the bed covers for longer periods of time this week, so progress...

Speaking of progress... the company that hosts our server was bought out last year and we are now being migrated to the new company. I'm taking the opportunity to go ahead and upgrade our equipment and software again (switching to the dreaded Apache 4...dundundun). I'm hopeful this will help solve some of the inherent issues (ugh...images still don't upload on core)... and if nothing else should give us a stronger base upon which to start bug hunting.

That being said, I have started a discussion in the Core LIL forum trying to get feedback from all of you about what makes the core LIL website fun, exciting and what keeps you coming back here. It would be tremendously useful to get some feedback. Toss feedback and discussion here for easy reference.

In the meantime, enjoy the fireworks! Love to you all.

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Amanda Wells's picture

Best Regards to all my USA friends for its Independence day!

[I hope I have not exaggerated with the makeup]



Mechelle's picture

Happy Independence Day to all my American friends, on what would also have been my father's hundredth birthday!


Jacqueline's picture

Happy Fourth of July Melissa. And everyone.


Now playing in the new Lacy Place area and loving it. Come join us.

Kitana's picture

Happy fourth of July mellisa. And Jacqueline and Miss Amanda and sissy fit kisses xo*xo xo xo xo xo happy fourth of July my soon to be wife Gemma *


Alison Anderson's picture

May the fourth be ... no, wait.

July the fourth be ... no, that doesn't work either.

Happy Independence Day!

Glad you're improving, Melissa.


Miss Jaclyn Rosendahl's picture

  Happy Independence Day to you Melissa and to everyone. And Happy Treason Day to all you lovelies on the other side of the pond.

Misty's picture

As i sed Lissa take things ONE day at a time & KEEP fighting it WILL get you out of bed longer ad longer times TRUST me on this (wink) DONT let the inner dragons defeat you hun get them back in there cage again it CAN be done (slamming fist )

Oh & one day late (utliest over here its 5 now ) but anyway happy 4 `th of july (smiling )

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Irina Chuikova's picture

A day late here, too.

Happy 4th beauties!