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Streamlining Locked in Lace

It is time to start going through the site and do some summer cleaning. There are vast parts of this site that have either run it's course or never been finished... experimental partly done projects (interactive tokens) / projects that sort of fell apart (the academy, affirmations) and projects that continue to just be constant headaches (chat, captions). I would love to hear input from all of you with regards to what brings you to LIL, what keeps you here and what you would like to see.

Caveat: I know the M&R Forums are long overdue... (even saying that is an understatement). So lets all just agree that those are needed and on the list. If we can keep this discussion to what all of you do here on the 'core' site.

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I, and my two alts, come here primarily for the role-playing aspect of the site. I love to experiment and live out some of the scenarios created. That being said, through my writing Ive met a ton of really wonderful and supportive people here. I have girls who I consider my very good friends.

I don't use chat very much at all, but I enjoy the captions, the polls, and the stories that are written.

I enjoy this site tremendously and would be at a loss if it were to disappear. Even the necessary 'site maintenance' delays cause me a bit of angst. lol....but I also concede that sometimes work must be performed.

I love this place!

xo Bethany et al

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Being someone who hasn't been here for very long and being certain that I haven't experienced everything on offer yet, I can only comment on what I love and what brought me to the site.

What I really love is the caption and story uploading. It's actually the main reason why I joined the site. I love the creativity sharing and improving my storytelling in this genre. I like to see what people like and make and share fiction in that style.

Something I thought was interesting and wish I could have experienced was the Academy. As much as I love to dress up and feel girly, I'm quite a novice at being feminine and taking a class as it were to learn more would have been great!

Something I would really like implemented would be a notification system whenever someone uploads a story or caption for anyone who wants it. Similar to when we get a private message.

Something just for me would be a corner of the site where we can just go there to humiliate ourselves in any sort of way ;)

Whatever you decide to do will probably be amazing anyway. This was just a perspective from a new girl :) x <3

I love to be humiliated! I'll say or do anything to feel embarrassed or to make myself blush. Humiliate me pretty please? ;) <3

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Here on the core site, I welcome new arrivals and help them if I can, check my tracking and messages if any, and look for any new postings by you Melissa. Then it's on to the Lacy Place. And as Bethany said, I love this place.

Now playing in the new Lacy Place area and loving it. Come join us.

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While I originally came here for the role playing, I have found that I no longer had the time to put in to role playing. I would carefully respond to a post, and often take close to an hour to put together a good response. I just don't have that kind of time any more, even for only a few days a week.

Nowadays I am hanging around more to relate RL events that I am doing, or to respond to others with RL or site questions. So I hang around chat, but don't participate when chat becomes instant role play. I am usually concentrating on the RL Adventure and Bulletin Board forums. I occasionally check polls and captions, and rarer still, stories.

In terms of what I need, I think that having some form of notification when threads are posted to is important. We were getting the full text of the thread along with links and unsubscribe links. I don't think we need to get to that level of detail. Just a thread so and so (and perhaps in forum blah) is updated would be sufficient. A digest mode (multiple threads per message) would also be acceptable.

I know there has been some discussion in the past about the email and database load. I think that there are ways to manage the database load. And if the email load is too big, even a notice of new posts when you log in (similar to new messages) would be helpful to know that something has changed. Otherwise it is a guess if someone responded to a thread you are following.


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I would say that the TRUE bond of sisterhood (friendship ) and support is what keeps me (HRM) "locked in lace " & to me i feel its both my duty/as well as HONER and pleasure as a " receptionist " since many years back in Lacy to greet newcomers & to help them as best i can OOC , as well as being able to help those that comes to me OOC and ask for help (pretty mush being able to give back what i have received in Lil from day one in Lil) , & of course see for any updates/ or posts by you or Ren or our dear Mods. or messages Like Alison i feel Mistys time in "lacy" (NOT LIL ) have comed to an end years ago so im more or less only in here in core these days until and i patiently wait ( so NO hurry for my sake ) until we al know what as well as the other you know what HOPEFULLY someday arrives to be able to start up again with RP. But in the mean time i have no problems as things are and quite happy here in core

As fore upgrades i cant really think of any as of right now im afraid besides keeping this lovely laced kingdom running of course

But i agree with Alison's suggestions with the notifications of threads were in & rather then getting them with mail put it in a special department here in Lil perhaps to be seen when we Log in ,this should cut down on the burden of mailing al over the place for the server i think ?

Oh & im uselly in the RL & Welkome new members ,as well as Bulletin board, And here in Core Lil,OOC Corp & Island checking things up & respond when appropriate

IMAGE(https://lacy.lockedinlace.com/sites/Lacy/files/sigs/Mistys%20%20collor%20%20SPARAS.gif) D.Pre (Not by choice)op-HRT 24/7 Ts woman & STILL Born a PROUD TRUE SISSY/AB/LG FOREVER loyal to my Mistress until we SOMEDAY,SOMEHOW,SOMEWHERE meet again

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Okay, I visit LIL at least twice a day and many more times on weekends. The first thing I check are the captions, then the polls, and then any follow-ups to any stories I am following. Then I check my messages. I don't use chats because they get out of control. For a while I liked the Academy but that seemed to grow old pretty fast. It seemed no one was in control and taking care of the school. I quickly realized that running the Academy was a very difficult and time-consuming part of the website. And I quickly lost interest in it. I have no idea if this helps in your decisions on maintaining the site but I would be lost without it! I have noticed there have been no new captions since June 23 and scrolling is difficult. Please message me if you have any questions.

(Curtsy in panties and pantyhose and heels and satin blouse and slip)
Yours truly in submission

I curtsy and bow to all those
who look upon my stories !

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Can we get that "Last Time Online" feature back?? I liked that!



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Added the Last Access back into the profile.

Have you done your affirmation today, pretty girl?

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Thank you so much!

Hang in there, Melissa....we are with you !

xo Julie

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Some general thoughts of things I've been looking at:

The Academy and Affirmations
Since this broke, it has contributed to problems with stability. As I open M&R Forums, it also overlaps in a weird way. This was always viewed as a testing ground for M&R and it has served it's purpose as an alpha test (giving us massive pros and cons to consider moving forward). Either way, this part of the site needs to be removed.

Achievements and Nominations
While I like the concept of both of these, they have served their purpose and no longer have the desired effect or longevity and can be removed.

While great fun and a good experiment (also play testing for an M&R style of play), it has slowed and will probably be archived or removed from the front.

Captions and Stories
These are the prominent usage of the core site at the moment based off of tracking. Both of these aspects could use a small facelift and an improvement on search/functionality. (Plus getting images to upload again obviously...)

(Yes, I hear you Alison! :D) There is not currently a good email module on Drupal. We have tried the two different (supposedly) stable ones and they both suck. I am open to suggestions. My question is, is there a way to utilize bookmarks better? That module works great, let's players flag and unflag what they want to be watching. It does not send an email, but we could maybe create a block or a highlight somewhere that shows bookmark threads that have been updated? Would that help?

Ren and my shit
I'd like to clean up and renovate the Lissa and Ren section. Move the motivational posters in there, get all the various stories (maidenhead), magazines (Mistress Monthly and Lily Academy manual) and other shit that most people don't care about into one place. I know... I know... vanity shit... I also know a lot of people get frustrated when I work on these things instead of obvious site flaws... but remember that this is my place to blow off steam too. :D

Ok... I am very torn on this... Chat is 3rd party software that is constantly causing memory issues for us. There are pros and cons to this feature and I'm still weighing it on the scale. Some general thoughts and knowledge about chat. I've been tracking usage for the last few months and here are some stats.

  • 60 users per week on average
  • On average 9,000 to 11,000 messages (both private and general)
  • 38% of these messages are from three users
  • 79% of these messages are from ten users

This is pretty consistent week to week, even down to predominantly the same users. I have heard several defenders of the chat feature and had several complaints about it often becoming a somewhat toxic or unwelcome environment. A big part of this, I feel, is the immediacy of chat, being able to interact as fast as you can type. This has always been a problem, even in the forums, but chat aggravates it. I like the immediacy of chat... I like the interactivity and the opportunity it presents to talk to people. I dislike the cost, the complications of the software, and ironically... the immediacy of it. I'm going to continue looking at it....

So there are a few preliminary thoughts... please feel free to weigh in. Input is always welcomed and while it may not always be taken, I promise I at least listen. :D

Have you done your affirmation today, pretty girl?