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"Mm," I mutter contemplatively. "He agreed too easily."

I give Amelia a long hug, gently stroking her back. "Good cover story about having girls come over to make him over by the way. Obviously we can't actually have any more witnesses, but now we can blindfold him and do it ourselves and he'll think a bunch of girls have seen him."

"Anyway!" I keep your hand in mine. "This is going almost too easy, so I think he thinks he can turn this around on us somehow. Hope springs eternal. Once he finds out he's getting bottom surgery too though, 'he' ought to start to realize there's no going back."

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"This is going almost too easy, so I think he thinks he can turn this around on us somehow. Hope springs eternal. Once he finds out he's getting bottom surgery too though, 'he' ought to start to realize there's no going back."

I nod "Yes he is such a little weasel ,it's one reason why his pals will find it easy to believed that he flipped on them. I am going to enjoy making into a girl." So aroused at the thought of Aaron becoming a girl.

"I have already picked out a very feminine name our new girl- Genevieve" Giggling "Ok lets get started,'

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I pull to the address give and knock on the door. I do hope Amelia is ok. Heard that she as captured that creep Aaron. I would love to make him into a sexy girl

IMAGE( http://pre07.deviantart.net/534e/th/pre/i/2014/086/e/6/my_jinx_cosplay_by_illyria_cosplay-d7buwgp.jpg  )

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I really don't believe that they can turned me into a woman- just trying to scare me. I'm a macho male and not some wimpy guy. Let them take their best shot. There were of wimpy men at got I my way, had them transformed into pretty Tranny girls . I even got one guy to suck my cock.

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I greet my former Boss, at least he stood up to Aaron evil actions . He did pay a price- Aaron had James altered - turned him into a sexy gothic girl named Jinx. I want to give Jinx the chance to bet even with Aaron..

"Matt this is my good friend Jinx, Jinx - meet Matt."

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Jinx finds me to be a tall, broad-shouldered and serious man with short blonde hair and steely eyes. "It's a pleasure to meet you," I kiss Jinx's hand like a gentleman. "I only wish we were meeting under happier circumstances."

Once Jinx is in the house, I get Amelia aside for a moment. "I still have misgivings about involving a third party in this. The fewer people are in on it, the better the chance our plan goes off without a hitch. Besides, the first step is the surgery. He'll be much easier to dress up and feminize once he realizes he's not a man anymore. Now you call the doctors and I'll get him to sign the papers."

I head downstairs with consent forms for Aaron, reminding him that if he doesn't sign and let the doctors turn him into a woman then it'll be prison or worse for him.

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"Ok I'll tell Jinx that she can meet Aron once he has become a she. I go and chat with Jin. "Sweetie I promise you get a chance to meet Genevieve once the doctors are finished with her." We break down an laugh I give her a kiss and wave to her as she drives off.

Genevieve is going to be a very\y sexy whore I plan for her to be the perfect cock sucking slut.

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The guy hold me prisoner tells me to sign consent papers that that will allow the doctors to tur me into a woman. He reminds me that what will happen if my associates get their hands on me. I do know what they did to the last guy that double crossed them . I nod "Ok I'll sign those papers."

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Although it's a few days between Aaron signing away his manhood and the surgery, it passes in a busy blur for me and an agony of uncertainty for him.

I keep myself, Amelia, and this newcomer calling herself 'Jinx' calling him Aaron and treating him like a man for now. I want to make sure the shock of becoming a woman is maximized and overwhelming after the surgery to make him easier to bend to our purpose, and letting him get used to it in advance would make that harder.

At last the day comes. We bundle him, blindfolded, into a car with reminders of what will happen to us if he tries anything and after a few hours of being bounced around in the humming darkness of the car or bustled into unseen buildings, he's suddenly blasted with light as I take off his blindfold just before Amelia comes into the room talking to the doctor.

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They keep tied up an blindfolded. I am fed baby food by a woman- can smell perfume but she refuses to talk to me. Losing track of time.. I loaded into a car and have a bumpy ride. I am lifted out of the car and dumped on a table.
my blindfold is finally removed= Blinking so very hard to seat first..