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Hiya! New girl just arrived

Hiya everyone,

I've just joined and i'm sooo pleased to find this wonderful site. Now i just need to work out what to do.

But first a little about myself. Well i'm here because i guess i'm just a sweet little sub at heart waiting to find a dominant masterful man to to take control of me and to give him loads of pleasure. i love being girly and a little slutty and just lust over short skirts, high heels, long wavy hair, gorgeous eye makeup, pencil skirts, mermaid gowns and oh the list just goes on. But i do have a kinky side too (blush) as i want, no i need, to be tied up and gagged, put on display and then played with. And oh i'm into MEN. Hunky, sexy, powerful, strong... yes please.

So. There you go. i guess that why i'm here hoping to meet new friends and have lots of fun.

Wish me luck!



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Hello Lucy

Welcome to the site, I hope you have a lot of fun here.

Oh, almost forgot, here's wishing you all the luck you want, there you go.

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Hi Lucy. Love your pigtails. Hope you find what you're looking for. Shouldn't be too hard.

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Hi Lucy, welcome to the site. It's great fun and everyone is very friendly. Check out the FAQ for help with getting started.

click here for FAQ

Now playing in the new Lacy Place area and loving it. Come join us.

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Hi and welcome Lucy

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Hey there Lucy and welcome,,,, I am sure you will have fun here. {HUGS}


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Big {HUGS}


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Hi Lucy
I hope you find the an of your dreams here. It's a fun place to subs and doms. I do love dolling up ma and making them act sweet an demure.

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Hi Veronica, Thank you, i've always loved pigtails and ponytails. Thats a cute little dress.


PS love your story.


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Hi Lucy- I love pigtails Hugs