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Caption Bug?

Tried to post a caption and got a message saying ... AJAX debug... blah, blah, blah... What is this?

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You get the same thing if you try to delete old messages.....

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Sounds mysterious! Hope you aren't deleting my old messages, Deb.


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Nope.....your old messages are "archived".....I would never delete a message from Evie!

xo D

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I have had the same problem for a couple weeks too.

I can post pictures in chat, and change my avatar. but still can't post a caption.

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Cannot create polls with more than 2 choices either.

I'm sure the moderators are working on this, but I haven't seen any response from them to this issue yet.


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Still can't post a caption.

Maybe it is time to move on if no one cares.

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or a poll with more than 2 choices, or delete old PMs.....Usually they comment on here to let you know the status? I haven't heard anything either. Perhaps this is the 'tip of the iceberg' of a bigger issue?

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I appreciate this is very frustrating ladies, but you're jumping to conclusions as a result. Please be patient.

The reason for the delay is simply that Melissa's time is extremely limited right now, and she's the only one who can fix things like this. Technical upkeep of the site has always been a one-woman job. The mods can't play with the underlying code of the site to debug things, and with good reason to be fair, so there's nothing they can really tell you. They won't want to bore people with messages of 'be patient' - I used to, and I'm doing it again now out of habit while I'm passing through, but they've always been more restrained than me. So if it seems quieter than it used to, it's because I'm not around wittering on so much. ;)

This isn't the first time Melissa's had a lengthy absence (and she's had longer ones than this), before popping up again out of nowhere and doing a bunch of fixes and updates. Long-term users of the site will know that all too well. And I know for a fact that she cares about the site very much and would love to spend more time here if only RL would let her. It frustrates her just as much as it does everyone else. But she will be back to fix things as soon as time allows, there's no reason to think otherwise. Hang in there. :)

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Thanks Glenda!!!

Your insight is much appreciated! I was fearful that this was the beginning of a greater problem that would require some serious site "down time" to cure.

I'm aware of Melissa's busy schedule. I promise to be patient!

Thanks again!

xo Debbie