Etiquette Lessons

Yesterday we had a spammer stumble into our site and post in a bunch of places. The posts involved some general spam, and also included a picture of a young looking girl. These posts were reported immediately to the mods and (being awesome) they solved the problem. Yay for the community! Yay for the mods! Yay!

It is always nice when these type of situations occur and they are handled in the correct and efficient manner.

While this was being handled, however, a disturbance in the force occurred. The general chat room erupted into, for lack of a better term, a 'shitstorm'. The argument centered on people being upset about the photo of the young girl and how it violated the terms of the site. Being an argument, in an instantaneous chat setting, it escalated... and in doing so another site rule was broken. I will quote for review sake:

Respect the other members of the site. Statements made that are inflammatory, rude or intentionally hurtful will not be allowed here. We support free speech and freedom of opinion, but please do so in a civil manner.

I cannot emphasize enough how IMPORTANT this rule is, both to myself and to the site as a whole. S&M and B&D (both of which are core elements of this site) rely... nay, DEPEND... on being open, honest and of mutual respect.

We live in a world that is growing increasingly negative, hostile and inflammatory. I am not naive enough to hope that this will not occasionally trickle it's way into our little haven here. What I ask of all of you, however, is to help me put the lid on this type of thing the instant it begins to happen.

"But I will not just stand by and be attacked or see my friends attacked" you cry, stamping your feet and throwing your fist in the air.

Believe me... I get it. Yet by engaging people that are being inflammatory or hostile, you give them agency and legitimacy.

To keep this site civil, all it takes is to report them and then IGNORE...

We know this. We know this is how to deal with this type of things online. We also all know that it is HARD to ignore.

So my plea is this: help each other. If you find yourself in one of these situations, try to step back and as you do... help your friends step back too. And tell the moderators and myself of the problem. I know it doesn't give you the immediate gratification of 'haha - I'm proving my point' that we all want and never get in internet arguments... but what it DOES do, is it keeps this place as a haven in the shitstorm tsunami we all live in these days.

Strip away all the other trappings of this site and our goal ultimately boils down to... (and you can take it either sexually or spiritually)... Love yourself and love each other.

*cue music* The more you know...

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( Standing up and aploud ) i can only say that this site wouldent be the site it is without our SUPERB ! Mods and also the al in al great community standing ready to report the "nasty things" trying to invade our er i mean Miss Melissa's & Miss Renee's little laced kingdom (And i have to say this was probably one of the BEST speeches ive red from you so far Lissa (double high 5 )

Also the apparent "shitstorm " that took place im more then shore that this was in the spirit of the heated moment BUT please ladies lets try to keep this site civilized & RESPECT the few rules that do exist in here shall we (wink)

And take it from an old warrior its WAY bigger and more TOUGH to be able to stand back rather then having to fight back or continue a conflict occurring this is ONE of the MANY lessons ive learnt during al my years in Lil

Lastly lets al join in on a LONG LIVE the GREAT site of Lil and fore our community for witch it stands one place were liberty of speech and love and respect for eatchoder will ALWAYS Prevail !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMAGE( D.Pre (Not by choice)op-HRT 24/7 Ts woman & STILL Born a PROUD TRUE SISSY/AB/LG FOREVER loyal to my Mistress until we SOMEDAY,SOMEHOW,SOMEWHERE meet again

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thanx Grand Khalissa. You know why.

Lady Rajimara
வெளிநாட்டில் தூய மேடை

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Damn! I have yet to figure out how to wander into some riotous adventure like this. I just read about such episodes and it is not very vicariously satisfying! (That should be read as written in the style of my tongue firmly in my cheek).

A family member (born in South America with the benefit of Spanish or Portuguese as her first language) would coo to her very wild young child ‘Soave, Soave!’ (I’m not sure of the spelling). So yes, ‘soave, soave’ everyone!

Or, imagine the peaceful, dulcet tones of a harpist (Melissa?):



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I am a bartender, and I can say that when soemeone gets negative and confrontational, they get the same back. I am happy to hear that the mods and Miss Melissa and Miss Renee understand this. ignoring them is the best way to make them go away. They do not belong here, and they are not worth our time.

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Hello Everyone
I know I am fairly new,and yet to communicate with members in a fashionable manner,but I was discussing this post with my life partner "Ms Samantha" and we may have a suggestive fix for this as well as an in response donated free service. We have other questions not pertaining to this post ,but if we could please get a contact of the owner/owners,we will email back the suggestive proposal & questions if you don't mind ?
Our intentions and proposal holds no strings and we believe it would benefit others as well as the site

Girl Power
Veronica & Samantha

Hello all I have been away dealing with my love & partner left to go on to better things ,so I will probably be on here a lot ..sorry for the absence...kisses Veronica

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In the dark-ages, shortly after the 'talkers' of the 60s, we had IRC - Internet Relay Chat.
I was asked to be a moderator, a 'mod', in a number of groups and we had a simple but strict rule, "You only get one warning; come back and do that again or, misbehave, and you're out!"
Frustratingly, that was, also, in DDOS days - 'Distributed Denial of Service' attacks.
A few belligerent, so-called, IT 'experts' - i.e. bored system-operators, 'sysops' at many of the IT departments in the US thought it would be fun to attack many support-groups.
As always, I, and three of my friends logged everything and these logs helped the FBI win the case to convict and ban the worst offenders for up to six months.
The moral of this is that there will always be dorks out there but,
a) don't let it get to you,
b) don't fight back verbally as that means they've won,
c) just ask them, politely, to stop and,
d) most importantly, log everything.
Another great piece of advice was, when receiving spam/abuse - sleep on it and react in the cold harsh-light of the next day and, with luck, sanity :)
Be well, be safe and be happy :)