Chat is brokey!

Ok... before you send more angry notes, I am aware.

It appears that our 'wonderful' chat provider decided to do a software update without letting us know. Chat was becoming more and more unresponsive, and so I refreshed the server at which point the new software went live. My hope is that this will resolve itself as they work the kinks out. I will contact them in the morning if it is still an issue.

In the meantime... play on the rest of this fabulous site.

*grumble mumble grumble*

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Becky Blows's picture

I'm quite relieved to some degree that there was a background issue as it explains a few empty sections I was experiencing x
Though I do hope they don't work all of the 'kinks' out of the system...where would we all go! X

Becky Blows; Being led astray mentally!

flooberdoober101's picture

It does have some nice features...totally like the spell check and the way our side chats show up. I think it will be fine once we get used to it.


saeah blue's picture

Keep doing what you are doing. we love you for providing the forum for like minds. -lil curtsey aslo, you kick ass.