What are your Resolutions?

Happy 2017!

It's time to spill all of those Sissy resolutions. Here are mine:

1.) A Special Surprise Release coming this week.
2.) Maidenhead's final two chapters pushed through editing and uploaded.
3.) The M&R Roleplaying game playable by summer.

Now it's your turn.

Girls: I expect to hear three things you legitimately plan to do this year to make yourself more submissive and feminine.

Fellow dominants: What's your three goals for torturing the toys around here?

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Sidney Donalds's picture

Well I am a new girl and starting to explore my feminine nature
!IMAGE( https://media.giphy.com/media/ZI8mBdFD8FXNu/giphy.gif )
! Practicing doing my makeup
2. Spend time here and work on my girlish persona
3, Buy some panties and wear them 24/7
Hugs and Kisses
Zoe Sidney Donalds

I did revise my goals to RL

Emma Reid's picture

I think i may have overdone it a bit last night... I'm just catching up with a few e-mails and then I'm heading back to my bed to sleep off a hangover.

2016 was a really good year for me femme-wise and I plan on building on it this year. So the Emma resolutions will be:

1) Increase the number of days per week that I'm on average in girl mode after work. I can't remember what my target was with my M&R resolutions this time last year but I think it may have been 3 days per week on average, so so let's push it to 4 days per week for 2017. Definition: may not always be 'full' night time make-up but will be 100% girl clothes and a minimum of clean shaven with foundation and a touch of eyeliner and lip gloss so that I don't see a guy in a dress when I look in the mirror.

2) Practise, pracise, practise and then practise some more with makeup to learn new techniques. I had some 'quantum leaps' with the application of eyeshadow and combination shades of lipstick/lip liner in 2016 (through practise and looking at websites for ideas) that really stand out and I want to build on that sort of thing in 2017. 2016 also saw me finally get colour matched for Foundation and the subtle improvement is startling (if subtle can be startling at the same time...). There's always more to learn.

3) Writing: Finish off all my unfinished Force Femme serials and work on a certain very important and ambitious Force Femme project that I've been invited to collaborate on and bring to fruition. I'm very excited about this one. ;)

Happy New Year everyone!

- Emma (crawling back to bed now...) xx

Pictures of me en-femme from Autumn 2013: http://smg.photobucket.com/user/cordellian/library/Emma_Jan2014?sort=3&page=1

Emma Reid's picture

And just to make the resolution 1) more of a target:

In 2016 I got into the habit of always wearing girlie chemises or camisole tops/French Knickers combinations as sleep wear at night time - usually the silk ones from the Rosie Huntington-Whitely range. So I'll add that in to resolution one as something that is now a given - always wear chemise/camisole lingerie to bed, and continue to wear it (along with silk wraps) and a wig while I'm making breakfast and getting ready for the day, so I'll always have an hour and a half each morning before heading to work when I'll feel gloriously feminine. :)

- Emma (really am heading back to bed now...)

btw this is the chemise/wrap set (modelled by the lovely Rosie) that I'm wearing at the moment while I'm typing. It makes me feel so wonderfully girlie, even with a mild hangover. Who wouldn't want to wake up every morning wearing soft things like this? Heaven! :)


Pictures of me en-femme from Autumn 2013: http://smg.photobucket.com/user/cordellian/library/Emma_Jan2014?sort=3&page=1

Barbie Doll jean's picture

Love your photo, it is HOT!


The Baroness Helga's sissy slut Barbie Doll jean

krissy mandrell-austin's picture

1 keep my legs shaven all the time.
2 sit and walk more girl like
3 practice makeup


Roberta Hutson's picture

1. I've backslid in wearing bras a bit this year, so my first resolution is to make wearing a bra on my non working days mandatory and to increase the frequency I wear sports bras or bralets to work. The aim being that at the end of the year wearing a bra will feel as normal to me as wearing panties does now.(P.S. it's been over a year since I've worn male undies.

2.I want to focus on shaving and moisturizing more often with the end goal being my whole body every day.

3. Exercise i'm carrying about 10kg too much in the weight department so I plan to start a simple exercise program to get myself a more sleek girlish figure. I plan to start with couch to 5k every other day and maybe introduce more later.

mj honeydove's picture

Well I guess my three would be:

1. Continue trying to find an in real life dom(me).

2. Try to be more feminine in my transition, get rid of the guy habits I've picked up, save up for SRS, work on my voice more.

3. To try and at least show up in chat once per week, even if I'm not in a talkative mood, just to keep showing up and being here for people.

My name is Michelle Jane Holl. Despite the profile pic, my character has hair in most forums. Long dyed-red hair.



Alison Anderson's picture

There is no way I can give any specific resolutions. These are the highlights of things I did in 2016, most of which I could not have predicted before the year started.

  • Bought a used square dance petticoat
  • Entered a men's sexy legs contest
  • Bought and wore a red wig
  • Bought a wedding gown
  • Had a makeup lesson to refine my skills
  • Had a second chance to wear my quinceanera dress
  • Had a bridal makeover and photos
  • Dressed as a sissy maid for a Halloween party
  • Wore 3 full petticoats under a skirt around Veterans Day - red, white, and blue
  • Helped a friend clean her home before a party
  • Went shopping en femme to stores near my home that I go to en homme
  • Was given a brand new formal 3 piece outfit (shell, jacket, skirt)
  • Continued my waxing regime (chest, stomach, back, arms and legs)
  • Showed some pictures of me en femme to my wax specialist (who only knows me en homme, but who, when asked why I wax my legs, was told that I cross dress)
  • Wearing panties to work even when I have to change to go to gym classes
  • Often wearing womens trouser socks or tights under my male clothes

With such a resume for 2016, it will be hard to top for 2017, let alone predict what opportunities may come along. So the only resolution I can make is to continue having fun and exploring my feminine side as much as I can.


Mandi's picture

Mine are pretty modest:

1. Find a sustainable way of being a more regular presence on/ contributor to this wonderful site.

2. Er, that's it.

3. (Thinks ...) Check to see whether failure to complete a requested list merits a spanking. And if not, why not.

sissy stephinie's picture

Happy New Year Everyone here are my 3 resolutions for 2017

1) Lose a few pounds it seems the older I get the harder it becums to keep mt figure

2) keep my legs and privates shaved

3) master the art of deep throat


SilviaSilver's picture

Happy New Year ladies

  1. Finish the book I started writing in 2016...the one mysteriously called Behind Darkened Windows...
  2. More good times with my mistress... wink wink...
  3. Master smokey eyes makeup so I can do an impression of Pamela Anderson as Barb Wire, because it's 2017, after all.

Silvia Silver
Cross-dresser? I could never be angry in such a lovely pair of high heels.

Felicia Wood's picture

1) drop 70 pounds. I started the goal last month, and am already down 11 pounds towards the goal

2) find a woman who will tease me by calling me sissy names and always reminding me that i'm just a girl

3) become the prettiest little cocksucker ever!

"My name is... Felicia... and, um... I'm not supposed to... play... with BOYS!!!"

Monica Goodhead's picture

A little late to the party (fashionable? I guess it could be if I was half as stylish as Monica is). But for resolutions, it's a mix of online and RL for me:

1) To help get the Lily running nicely in M&R, helping girls enjoy their inner schoolie

2) To see my domme a little more frequently, enjoying more of the fantasies it's almost impossible to live otherwise

3) To actually love myself a bit more, something we all are probably guilty of. To not be so (RL) negative, maybe to be more like Monica, at least, the sane part of her stories ;)

I'm looking forward to this year, so much to do, so much to try and build on.

Mistress Dyvia's Pet


KNT Senior Girl

anna lynn's picture

Well three New Year Resolutions hmmm!

1. Always lose weight. I had briefly a bikini figure last year, but Christmas ruined it and now I must hold to Mistress´s diet plan. It´s hard, but she´s harder.
2. Practise make-up. I can varnish my toes and hands well now, but my make-up skills do need improving.
3.Get out and about more dressed sissy, make Mistress proud of her sissy.

Anna Lynn

Guillable and willing to serve

canditoy's picture

Hi am canditoy... giggle
#1 Take a real yoga class.
#2 Work on my diet, so i look good at my Yoga Class.
#3 Work on liking MAN COCK MORE!! I love to service pussy and shemale COCK and STRAPONS!! But a MAN COCK scares me!!
I already shave my whole body and wear panties all the time.. i guess if there was a #4 it would be try to be brave and wear a bra more. Even out in public!! ;-o.... I LOVE BRA's!!!

Mistress Grey's estate slut slave

Fantasia's picture

1. Workout
2. Firm up
3. Work on patience

It's always more fun when you trim the frayed edges...!

sissyalexa343's picture

My resolutions are to 1 get better at make up. 2 is to freely give my blackmail info to any mistress on here that wants it so i cant get scared and back out. 3 is. To get my holes pounded by big dicks and continue my deep throating skills

cdtiffanymd's picture

1 I want to work on my makeup skills so I don't look like a stupid clown.

2 I want to spend more time dressed up as Tiffany.

3 I want to find a man to take Tiffany's virginity and make her a woman.

andie Tiffany's picture

I I will listen to more female music

2,Watch more girly moves

3.I will let more of my inner girl out

4.I will learn to love myself

5I will not be so hard on myself

6.I will not try to be like others
7 . I will treat my inner girl

8 I will feed my inner girl chocolate )*

9) will grow my nails more )

10 I will sing more feminine songs to wake up Andrea .....

11 I will pluck my eye brows more....

Andrea Tiffany is the property of Sasha, the Goddess of Destiny.

karena's picture

1. I will not stop shaving my legs this summer like I usually do. (cause, you know, shorts)

2. I will wear bras under my (ugh) 'male' clothes more often.

3. I will spend more time completely dressed en femme.

4. I will try not to wheedle my way out of my chastity as much.

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Kaylaprincess's picture

1) Wear makeup and use moisturisers and creams regularly

2) Be more open about being the sissy I am.

3) Allow myself to be vulnerable around real men