Waiting for the first kiss...

Happy Holidays - Let's all kiss under the mistletoe!

All I want for Christmas is a reluctant little slut, who is forced to do everything I ask of them. Is that too much to ask? If only there was a site that could find and then train fellas into becoming feminine little sexpots... oh wait... we have a site like that!

Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad and Happy Holidays to all from Locked in Lace!

*hangs mistletoe over the door*

Let's celebrate the day in true LIL style. If you post here, you have to give a nice sexpot kiss to the person who posted just before you. I'll start the ball rolling!

*nibbles lip, closes eyes, and waits for the first kiss.*

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stina's picture

Taking a deep breath, I place a soft kiss on Miss Melissas lips...
Merry Christmas, Miss :)

stina's picture

With the aftertaste of Miss Melissa lingering on my lips, I turn around and smile at the newcomer...

Misty's picture

(after my friend and sister Stina have completed her glorious task of great honer i take small but firm steps in front of & then gently lean over towards her and give her a kiss & then step back & turn towards Miss Lissa and curtsy low and bow my head and say "Merry Christmas Miss Lissa & Miss Renee" (curtsy and step back and cross my hands in front of me )

IMAGE(https://lacy.lockedinlace.com/sites/Lacy/files/sigs/Mistys%20%20collor%20%20SPARAS.gif) D.Pre (Not by choice)op-HRT 24/7 Ts woman & STILL Born a PROUD TRUE SISSY/AB/LG FOREVER loyal to my Mistress until we SOMEDAY,SOMEHOW,SOMEWHERE meet again

Michelle Bubbles's picture

I look at Misty wide eyed and blushing for a moment, then up at the mistletoe, then back at her... I'm pretty sure I'll get in deep trouble if I don't obey the rule... and, well, it's just a kiss...

I get closer, hesitate for a moment, then pucker up, close my eyes, and I give Misty a tender, soft kiss on the lips... that becomes a little bit more heated after a moment, betraying my true feelings. I pull away with a blush. "Uhm, m-merry Christmas, Misty... merry Christmas, miss Daniels... merry Christmas, miss Carter..." I say softly, before turning and looking up at the person approaching me...

Xanthe Altheia's picture

I to am nervous as I step towards Michelle.Close my eyes and let our lips meet .
Oh is that your tongue probing its way between my red lipstick coated lips.
I can taste your lipgloss.
I return the tongue action.
Wow what a Christmas Surprise that was.


I am owned and enslaved to Lady Johanna Vendela Liv Silfverstråle.

Jacqueline's picture

Fidgeting and bouncing just a little. I wait my turn. And then I wrap my arms around my friend Xanthe and press my lips tightly against hers. For quite a while. Okay, a long time.

Now playing in the new Lacy Place area and loving it. Come join us.

Alison Anderson's picture

I come in and wait. And wait. And WAIT.

Jacqueline sure is taking her time. Finally, FINALLY she is done.

Not to be outdone, I take hold of Jacqueline and hold her close. I press my lips to hers. Tenderly I wiggle my lips against hers, feeling our lipsticks slide against each other. Then I open my mouth and trace her lips with my tongue, while gently rubbing her hair.

Finally I push my tongue between her lips, and probe around til I feel her tongue. We do a tongue dance for a good minute. I'm breathing more shallow now til I finally break apart, looking into her eyes to see if she enjoyed it as much as I did.


Mechelle's picture

Quite a queue is starting to build up as Jacqueline kisses Can the, and then it"s Alison's turn to kiss her.

When they have finished, it's now my turn to kiss Alison, and our lips meet, before I gently probe with my tongue, exploring the inside of her mouth.


shy_christine's picture

"Merry Christmas everyone, and hopefully a very wonderful 2017!"

Despite having made my proclamation and made myself known the next person in line, I wait anxiously while Mechelle necks with Alison. I unconsciously wet my lips and nibble on my lower lip, the sweet taste of my shimmery pink gloss filling my mouth.

I dip my head as Mechelle turns to face me, my lips slowly advancing back up again as I tilt to one side. I close my eyes and I feel my lips brush softly against hers. Her lips feel slick against mine, and my lips part slightly, just like I was taught at the Academy. My tongue slithers out, gently coaxing Mechelle's from behind her teeth and into my warm mouth. My tongue swirls and flips, hoping to please Mechelle as her taste mingles in my mouth.

The smell of our perfumes mingling, the pillowy feel of her lips, and the sweet taste of her mouth tingle all the way down my spine and I am suddenly reminded of just how small and confining my chastity-belt is. My hips squirm as the blood can't get to where it wants to, and instead rushes up and settles on my cheeks, and I blush at how easily flustered I have become. I slowly break the kiss, not wanting to stop, but also all too aware of the blush heating up my entire face.

I look up quickly at Mechelle, then shyly turn away and around to the person behind me...

Fantasia's picture

If only there was a site that could find and then train fellas into becoming feminine little sexpots...

Thanks for bringing this gift to us all year long... I need to be forcibly trained one day... then reset, then forcibly trained, then reset...

krissy mandrell-austin's picture

*smiles hungrily as Fantasia takes her turn under the mistletoe. Not be outdone. I do have a rep to maintain. I freshen up my lipstick and move oh so seductively towards her. Bring my lips closer and closer. I slight pucker foams as the lips hover a moment before making contact. I tilt my head and seal our kiss. I hear her softly moan. Or was it me. I reach up and running a hand into her mane of hair. Pushing her head to take more of my kiss. I feel arms encircle me. To hold on to the passion. But all good things end as does this kiss. Her lower lip is the last to taste the lingering kiss. As it is pulled along before it to parts with mine. A thin string of saliva bridges us together. So that to breaks way. It drapes her chin as it falls.*

Happy Holidays


sissyholly's picture

As Krissy finishes kissing Fantasia I decide to take a turn with my love. I walk up to her under the mistletoe then lean in and begin kissing, my tongue parts her lips and intertwines with hers. As I begin to break the kiss I nibble lightly on her tongue and lips. Then I speak "Thank you for making me so happy, thank you for saying yes."


Amanda Wells's picture

Seems that at LIL there is a nice custom, that's kissing under the Mistletoe at Christmas Time.

And a kiss merges the encounter of two people, caresses the tenderness of the skin. A kiss on cheek, either on the lips, a kiss is pleasure, to feel something extraordinary.

I come a little late to the ceremony, lift a bit my skirt so can move better my legs to go under the Mistletoe.
A nice brunette is waiting there, her name is Holly, need i introduce myself? I've my Lacy badge hanging on my left breast.

As i arrive, take Holly by her waist, and push her against me, feel her soft breast touching mine, that's a nice sensation!
Her perfume makes me a little dizzy or is my breathing? Well, both intoxicates me, giving me the need to kiss and being kissed.

Can feel her lips like butterflies alighting over mine, i close my eyes to feel it better.


My heart begin to pump faster, feel that my blood is rising his temperature, but i stop there, don't want to make a bad impression.

When our lips separate.

- OMG! Never felt so well, Thank You Holly. When you want, can come to the Lacy Place, i work there as a Receptionist of the Hotel.


Cari Kristan's picture

i wander in late to the party but i see my Sister Amanda standing under the mistletoe, looking around. She has been so kind and warm to me, so i am glad that she is the one under the mistletoe as i walk up.

i look straight into her eyes as i walk up. i wrap my arms around her neck, push my entire body against hers, with my left leg between her legs. i kiss her open mouthed, explore with my tongue inside her mouth. All the while i twirl her hair between my fingers. i feel her soft warm body against me, such a wonderful feeling! Then i pull my face back, without letting go of her. i whisper, "Happy New Year Amanda! Thank you so much for being such a wonderful Sister to me".

Then i finally let go of her, my heart racing!


Tinastheman's picture

I step up shyly, feeling more nervous after each pace.

"Cari, I'm sorry that I made us late to the party. Maybe I can...make it up to you?" I ask, biting my lips, averting my eyes in embaressment and taking her hand in mine.

I smell her perfume; I look up and our eyes meet. I flash her a quick smile, which she returns; the butterflies return, as they always do before interacting with another participant at LiL.

I caress her cheek, close my eyes again and lean forward, puckering gently. As my lips meet her own, my tongue darts out to taste her sweet flavor. I can't help myself. I pull her in closer by the waist and allow myself to enjoy the moment.

I open my eyes to see her there. My first kiss under mistletoe while dressed up.

"Thank you, Miss Kristan." I curtsy, and turn around.

andie Tiffany's picture

I picked up my compact ....I pulled out my lipstick I retouched up my lipstick

I leaning towards Miss Melissa I shut my eyes and planTed my lips pressed them down to mellisa lips kissing her neck and nibbling on her ears and then started the kissing on her lips muah muah muahhhh . Wet slippery tongue kisses)
Caressing her derriere and boobsies as I kissing her deeply..IMAGE()


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