Brief site shutdown tonight at 11PM (CST)

Our server company is shutting things down temporarily in order to initialize our new hard drive. Our database has just grown too darn big... you girls must be doing something to to it... what did I tell you would happen if you rubbed up against it like that?

This should be a very quick and easy turnoff and restart. Just giving you a heads up!

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Felicia Wood's picture

oooh, I couldn't help it! You have me in this tiny tight belt and I keep seeing pictures of huge cock here. I have to rub against something to ease that deep, dull, sweet ache inside...

"My name is... Felicia... and, um... I'm not supposed to... play... with BOYS!!!"

Annabella's picture

Giggle pop pop pop I couldn't contain myself I had to relieve myself this belt isn't doing anyone no favors since there was no pillow to hump this was the next best thing.. I'm a bimbo a ditzy whorevit seemed like a good idea at the time ha ha ha hee here)giggles.

Annabella is the property of Sasha, the Goddess of Destiny. giggle pop pop pop bubbles bubbles