Some updates...

So in case there have been screams and shouts, you may have noticed the site has been intermittently down over the last two weeks. I've tried to time these outages to off hours where we have the least amount of traffic. Sorry for the inconvenience. These takedowns have been intentional to try to get ourselves back into good shape with our database, modules and backup cycles. As always, module updates bring with them a new set of bugs and 'features'. We need these things updated to keep the site secure, but being open-source software, the updates are not always reliable. I play test them a bit on a local server before uploading here, but I often miss the little things. (apparently the 'views' on the forums are acting wonky... It's been added to my to-do list). Thanks for your patience. Things are going well. It's not glamorous news, I know... but these are the things that keep this place going!

Speaking of... a very special thank you to everyone who has chipped in towards site costs. It really does mean a lot that the community values this place and wants to help support it. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has contributed. We're in the clear for at least the next few months and that's a huge relief off of my mind during these times of stress.

So I'm hoping to have another couple of more fun updates over the next week or so and hopefully plant some seeds that will bear fruit early in 2017. More to come... very soon.

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Richelle Haskell's picture

Oooh, sounds exciting. New things always dampen this girl's panties. In addition, thank you for this wonderful playground and all that you do to keep it open and available to addicts such as I..

Big hug,
From a 'Gal' in an alternate identity suit. *giggle*

Xanthe Altheia's picture

A big thank you from me for all your wonderful work.
Merry Christmas and Happy 2017


I am owned and enslaved to Lady Johanna Vendela Liv Silfverstråle.

Misty's picture

Im reminded of the famous words of the ancient Romans "Rome wasent built in one day" and like them im shore there was allot of less "glamorous" tasks that nevertheless was essential to the continuing working of the then great empire of Rome. Thats EXELENT news indeed (standing up and applaud ) OH gawd some FUN news oh goodie goodie goodie (clapping hands & bouncing around of excitement )

In the mean time DO take GOOD care of youre self and Ren as well Lissa dear Pretty please with pink fluffy sugar on top (HUG )

IMAGE( D.Pre (Not by choice)op-HRT 24/7 Ts woman & STILL Born a PROUD TRUE SISSY/AB/LG FOREVER loyal to my Mistress until we SOMEDAY,SOMEHOW,SOMEWHERE meet again

Michelle Bubbles's picture

Fun updates?

*whimpers and trembles IC*

*giggles as claps her hands in glee OOC*

Thank you for everything you do for us, Mistress!

Jacqueline's picture

Hi Melissa. Thank you for keeping us informed. Merry Christmas.
Big Hugs

Now playing in the new Lacy Place area and loving it. Come join us.

SKatie's picture

Thank you for all you do Melissa. *curtsey*

Sissy, Secretary, Slut... So many S'ehs so little time...

Alison Anderson's picture

D-d-did you say f-f-fun updates?

(Thinks to myself) Fun is fun for them, never for us!

Thank you for an often times thankless job.


stina's picture

Thanks for giving all of us this wonderful platform - and thanks for everything you and Miss Renee invest in it :)

RollerGirlBianca's picture

Will we be getting any more Maidenhead chapters? Lacey's story was on a cliffhanger last I saw