free falling

Coming up for Air

*peeks into the room*

Yep. Everything is still here. Good good.

Apologies for the long, unintended absence. The perils of having three active jobs is that any and all hobbies end up taking a back seat.

I hope everyone is happy and well...

There's lots to catch up on... first and foremost being a metric crap-ton of server and site updates, a final edit and posting of a long-standing novel (hides face), and about four million emails and messages to respond to. This means I'm probably going to be lurking in the shadows for the next month or so... a lot of under the hood work to do. But I promise to make a more active effort to at least post a note now and then. ;)

You can actually thank blondie-bear for my resurgence. She got quite tired of my constant moping about not logging in and my moans of agony about all the maintenance required here. The truth is, a primary reason I haven't been around is the sheer daunting amount of work that I have neglected makes it a burden rather than a pleasure. So her answer was to post a series of posters that I could only see if I logged in. (little stinker that she is...)

So I'm back... but my nose is underwater. So send the lifeguards if you see me flailing around. :D

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Miss Grey's picture

Welcome back you hermit.

And I sent the call out for you.

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Misty's picture

A the other of our Lil queen`s have decided to grace her Laced kingdom with her short but ALWAYS OH to sweet Visits (curtsy low and bow my head )

WOW ! 3 jobs (gasp )

Anyway as i always say RL ALWAYS have FIRST dibs on our Lil time so dont worry about not being able to be in here as mush as you wont hun NOONE can be in here 24 /7 . Sorry about the shitload of maintenance that apparently needs attention

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Amanda Wells's picture

At Lacy i'm knowen as a Gossip Girl, don't know why, but it's so.

And i heard that Melissa has her nose under water, well, i'm not much better but if i can help her, i'll be glad.

Take my phone and call her.


- Hi Melissa, if you need some unexperted hand to help you in your duties, i only want that you know i've two.


Emma Peel's picture

Welcome home Miss Melissa. Sorry we've got the place in such a mess, but you know what sissies are like when their mistresses go away. *giggle* I really wish there was some way I could help, but I'm way out of practice in the coding field, I'm more of a hardware kind of girl these days. (Ooh! Missus! *giggle*)

Nobody can force feminise me! I'm a volunteer

Jacqueline's picture

I hide when I hear those high heel shoes that signal Miss Melissa is coming. But then it dawns on me that I haven't been misbehaving. To much. So I come out and wave, and curtsy.

Welcome back. You know me, when it comes to fixing computers and server thingies, I'm as useless as a one legged girl at a butt kicking contest. So I'll just stay out of the way and try not to pester you with to many questions. Giggle.

Now playing in the new Lacy Place area and loving it. Come join us.

SteffyDD's picture

The late great Gene Wilder was in a comedy 'Start The Revolution Without Me'.

It's fun and I think still holds up well.

Melissa, your comments about hobby (pleasure) becoming a burden, reminded me of this from the movie (the Duke is the n'er-do-well, Claude and Charles are Gene Wilder and Donald Sutherland (caught impersonating nobility):

Duke d'Escargot: What brings you to Paris?
Claude: Oh, you might say a little business...
Charles: ...and a little pleasure.
Duke d'Escargot: Which do you prefer? Business, or pleasure?
Charles: Well that depends on what you regard as business.
Claude: And, what you may regard as pleasure!
Duke d'Escargot: In Paris we say, business is pleasure.
Charles: And to us, pleasure is our business.
Duke d'Escargot: Then your business should be a pleasure, making my pleasure a business.
Claude: Unless, some mistake business for pleasure. While others know no business but pleasure.
Duke d'Escargot: In that case sir I will show you my business.
Claude: My pleasure.


Monica Goodhead's picture

Mistress M.,

Its great to see you back, in any form. I know exactly how you feel about being a chore rather than a pleasure, having been away for some years (a little longer than you'd been away!). Doing it piecewise, enjoying little things, and the fun returns quickly!

KNT rules!


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Miss Amber Waves's picture

Welcome back!

I guess we can take down those posters...



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Managing Partner
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Alison Anderson's picture

I think I ought to give you your holiday presents early.

A new suit for you while working under the hood:


And something for when your nose is underwater:



melissa's picture

Thanks for the welcome back! :D

Have you done your affirmation today, pretty girl?

stina's picture

Welcome back, Miss Melissa
It is always a pleasure to see you back on the premises.
curtsy and smile

Alison Anderson's picture

Melissa, I noticed the "views" counter went missing the other day. Was this an intentional under the hood tweak for performance, or an unintentional one?

I kind of liked the counter, particularly on the Real Life forum boards. I have found that although I get only a few replies, I get many many views (I have seen hundreds of views with less than 10 replies). I realize it is a sense of self satisfaction (and we all know how you feel about that topic), but I do enjoy watching the view counts.

Is it possible to bring them back? Possibly on a limited basis (select forums)? Or are there reasons why this was taken away?


flooberdoober101's picture

Welcome back Miss Melissa.

You have created such a wonderful community here. There are hundreds that every day appreciate everything you do.




stina's picture

I have to admit that I also miss the "view" counter.....I like to know if I'm being watched ;)

Jess04's picture

Welcome back! I hate our mess has gotten so out of control. I wish my "Bewitched" nose or "Genie" blink was working, for I'd clean it up for you in a snap so you could come back to enjoy. Until then, thank you for all of your hard work, know it is appreciated.

canditoy's picture

Welcome back melissa!!


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