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The first thing you will do every morning is make my breakfast. I expect it to be ready by the time I wake up, which would be around 7:30.
You can start now, and serve it when you are ready. From tomorrow onwards, you will have to wake up in time to have it ready before I am up. You can make whatever comes to mind from the supplies in the kitchen, unless I order something specific. Every few days you can purchase new supplies, for which I will provide you the required money, and you will give me a full account of the spending."

I nod like a good little maid. "Yes Sir I will make sure that you r breakfast is ready on time. "

I inspect the kitchen 'I will make sure to give it a good cleaning. Have you been on your own very long?"

I did make sure to make myself rather plain looking
, don't want make him groping me."

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"Just a month or two".

I smiled, and left her to her duties.

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I get busy cleaning the kitchen after he leaves. I am tired working as a maid, I need to stat to move up the food chain. He I des seem the type that I can take advantage of.

He would make a cute maid Have find a way to get him under my cotrol

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Sam begins to take bath as his maid cooks his breakfast.

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I get busy and get breakfast ready for my Boss. Ha- ham eggs, rye toast and coffee. Most men are happy with that type of a breakfast.

I slip a sleeping pill into his coffee. I have decide to take over and make him into my sissy maid. I place a call to the Nut cracker and ask them to prepare one of the T rooms. "I have a guest coming by very soon.

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Sam tucked into his eggs, taking sips of coffee on the side. The meal was pleasant, and he picked up the newspaper to read alongside. As he reached the end if his meal, however, the letters began to blur, and soon enough, he was leaning back in his chair and yawning.

And then, he collapsed back in his chair, asleep.

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OOC Work kept me busy this week

After he passes out I drag him into the bed and get him onto the bed- strip and tie him down= He is going to be out for hours. I go into my bed and get out thing this I need to doll him up.

IMAGE( https://loopit.in/photo/MqF6qEH3yLc:hq/default.jpg   )

I carry the supplies back to his bedroom. I open a jar of cream and smear it over his face. This stuff will remove his facial permanently= givng him a peaches and cream complexion.

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Sam remains unconscious.

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I get out the cream that remove his facial hair for go and apply to his face. I get the tweezers and pluck eyebrows til they are nice an thin. << he is starting to look so much better. use a syringe an inject collagen into upper and lower lips. I watch his lips get so full and pouty looking. Lucky for him his chest, arms and les are so hairless.

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Sam feels a pricking feeling at various parts of his face, then a slight itching. He tries to ignore it and go back to sleep, but it proves impossible. Slowly, he stirs, and opens his eyes.