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not here, really...


told ya!

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Wait, if she's not here then who put this sign up? All I need to do is to find somewhere without the sign.

Now playing in the new Lacy Place area and loving it. Come join us.

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I am hot on Miss Akane's trail as I round the corner and nope, she is not here. She is not here, but Jacqueline is.

Big Sis, I never heard of an Easter Egg hunt where they search for people! Where do you think she may be?


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Not here again. Seems I'm more on the trail of Jacqueline and Cyndy.

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Passing three other girls here. My egg again vibrates
Hmmm.........Pausing until the others have gone.

Catching my breath I continue on.


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I feel my eggs shaking and twitching and im squirming the eggs vibrating in me ooooohh. Oooohhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh: stopppppppppppp)....I see ahhhhhhhh a partiiiiculllllarrrr siiiiiggnnnnn.)#ohhhhhhhhh shhhheeeesssdsss noooottttttt hhherrrrreeeee mmmmmuuisssttttttt loooookkkkk elleeseeee whhhjereeeee..feellllliiinnnnngggg likkkkeeee mmyyyyyyyy clllliittyyyy gonnnaaa cummmmiesss noooooo Miss aaaaakkkkkannnneeee hhhhheeerrrreeee!

Ramona Venus Flytrap is the property of Sasha, the Goddess of Destiny.

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«Bunny problems hon?» I touch her shoulder from behind and wait, holding myself in the cutest position, looking extra cute in my black school uniform.

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