Maidenhead - Chapter 4

And with this chapter we are now both one month AND one hundred pages into the book. One hundred pages is generally what I give a novel to catch or dissuade my interest. I expect this to be the dropping off point for those that are not interested in continuing. Because I'll tell you friends, it does not get easier from here for poor Mark. *maniacal chuckle*

Only 18 chapters left. Can you just taste the tease and denial? :D

As always let us know what you think!


That'll do...

Major update to core site software along with a hammer to the head of the private message module. Apologies again for the inconvenience.

UPDATE: Permissions fixed so everyone can use the message system again.

KaBOOM-BOOM that all the boys chase...

The Private Message Nuclear Option

So in trying to rid us of the dreaded Holiday Message of Doom that lingered for years and kept getting brought back, I went into the database with a machete and removed all traces of it. But like the cancer that it is, a little piece of it remained. This has manifested in the persistent '1 new message' alert many of you are getting.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from all of us here at Locked in Lace!

With Spring Cleaning on my mind, it is time to do some maintenance, cleanup and reorganization of our lovely little internet home here. As I begin to dive into things, I would love to hear your Easter wish for the site. Be it a small annoyance you wish would be fixed, a feature you really wish we had, or an idea you wish we would pursue. I will go ahead and remind all of you that I am already working hard on the M&R Forums. So don't bother wasting your Easter wishes on that one. ;)

I look forward to your feedback.

UPDATE: As a special treat, I also rescued the flash game 'Hare to Serve' from the archives of the old site. Enjoy!

Maidenhead:  Chapter 1

Maidenhead - Chapter 1

It has been a LONG time in coming. But you girls know all about that kind of thing don't you? :D

As of this week, the final sentence of my first full length forced feminization novel has been written. Being ever the tease, I'll even share the sentence with you:

The hand explored upward, searching for the arousal that throbbed under the skirts.

Just a quick discussion question...

Some thoughts about chat

So I wanted to pick all of your collective brains about our chat system. As many of you know, this is still a relatively new feature and one that I think we've now had ample time to absorb, try and experiment with. It think it is a tremendously useful feature and I am very happy to continue supporting it, but there is a quirk with our current setup that maybe those of you who spend vast amounts of time chatting can help me wrap my brain around.

Where do those of us who wish to chat in a NON-roleplay environment go?