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Sorry for the long delay. Literally just arrived home from a VERY unexpected trip overseas. Jet-lagged, tired and overwhelmingly behind with all my real life work, but safe, sound and HOME! Yay!

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M&R Update - The Lily Academy

So progress is being made on the M&R Corporation Role Playing area. Today, I'd like to share with you the 'manual' that will live in the Lily Academy sub-section. This 30 page 'book' represents the tone, feel and general outline of how the Lily Academy works, feels, tastes and smells. The goal was to make something that felt very forced, but still provided vast amounts of freedom to create and build. Please bear in mind this is still a working document and will no doubt change a bit as we move forward. I welcome input and suggestions.

Maiden Eyes

Maidenhead - Chapter 16

Chapter Sixteen

A bit of a regroup this week as we deal with the consequences of last week's explosion. Nothing a little one-on-one time with Miss Toni can't solve! Who knows, maybe they're all ready to call it a night and Lacy can go back to being Mark full time? It COULD happen...

RE: Site issues today (UPDATED: 7/27)

So... during a routine automated backup, the old 'archived' version of LIL crashed. This caused a sort of chain reaction on the server which led to some bizarre behavior. It should all be fixed now... and I have returned the archive version to functional as well, but it is beginning to become more and more of a problem... I highly recommend that if you have things you really, truly want saved for good out of those old forums that you retrieve them soon. I'm keeping a backup of everything, the data won't be completely lost...

Big Girls Don't Cry...

Maidenhead - Chapter 15

Chapter Fifteen

On this week's exciting episode of Maidenhead, our reluctant heroine is blinded, frightened, and facing one of her worst fears. Meanwhile, we see more of Mark and Tricia defining their new 'relationship'.

As a special treat this week, we are hosting the first Maidenhead contest. Post a picture that illustrates a scene from this week's chapter in the comments below. The only criteria is, it must fit the chapter and it MUST arouse you in some way. Submit your picture before the next chapter is posted (July 25) and win a custom badge proving that you are a dedicated Maiden Head!

As always, comments and criticism are welcome. You can do so in the comments below, or at the official Maidenhead fan club.

Chapter 14 - Teaser

Maidenhead - Chapter 14

Chapter Fourteen:

Where we see the unpleasant side of modeling, a teasing flashback, and Lacy performing a magic trick...

I would really, REALLY love to know what you think about this chapter. The last chapter was downloaded close to eight hundred times and received eight comments. Feed the monster girls. I want to know what parts get you and what you think happens next. You can do so in the comments below, or at the official Maidenhead fan club. (I needs the short term gratification. Ego is a terrible thing. :D)

Keep it Simple, Stupid

Maidenhead - Chapter 13

As a special Holiday treat, have a chapter of Maidenhead a full twenty four hours early! What better way to celebrate American Independence Day than by watching a 'girl' get her independence stripped away piece by piece, yes? :D

In this chapter, things escalate... and I'm not talking about the plot ifyouknowwhatImsayin...

If you're enjoying the story, then go out and share it. It's free so it's an easy sell... let's make this thing go viral, whattyasay?

Creating a Character in M&R

As promised, here's the current state of character creation at M&R (sub version selected). I welcome feedback. Please note that some of the 'documentation' is somewhat placeholder at the moment and needs a good spit-shine and maybe some images to go along with it (hint hint, ren).