SPUNCC 2016 - The Awards

After much deliberation, we are ready to announce the Sissy Pep-Squad United National Cheerleader Competition Awards! First of all a huge round of congratulations to all of our eager slu... *ahem* contestants... who demonstrated just exactly how full of spunk a LIL Girl can be.

You'll notice even as we speak, that all of our contestants are being fastened back into their Sissylink chastity belts. As a special reward for entering the competition, they are being allowed to keep them and use them from now on. Aren't they lucky ladies and gentlemen?

SPUNCC 2016 - Climax


OOC (Out Of Character):
NOTE: We have extended the duration of this contest through Sunday in order for all of the contestants to have time to excel to their... *ahem* full potential. Contestants should only post in this thread once they are completely finished with all of the other competitions. Beginning your post here will signify that you are done and that your performance can be judged and scored. That being said... I hope our crowd will go ahead and cheer their support for their favorite teams even before they start posting here. Your input will be taken into account in the final judging. Contestants MAKE SURE YOU READ THE RULES!

Ladies and gentlemen... we have arrived at our climax... the FINAL countdown! Let's have a huge round of applause for our contestants! Look at all of them, naked, writhing and covered in sex! Just the way we like them, right!?!

Oh, look at them wriggle and moan. Every time you chant you bring them all the way to the edge now. Isn't that delightful?

Well the moment has arrived. You'll notice our guards are currently strapping each contestant into arm binders even as we speak. With their arms and hands trapped like that, I assure you it only adds to their helpless horniness... oh... look at them wriggle as the anal plugs are slid in... I know they look large ladies and gentlemen... but don't worry... they're extra lubricated! Besides... the ball gag they are each being fitted with will keep their cries and begging to a minimum.

Oh look how cute they all look, naked except for their little chastities... arms and hands helpless behind them... look at their eyes as they try to use the plugs they're wearing to stimulate themselves past the edge... Too bad the belts will never let them get there. Too bad they can't say a word with those gags on... completely helpless... unable to fight... unable to protest...

Let's have one more huge round of applause for them!

Wow! You have been a great audience! Teasing these sluts all week.

But now we have arrived to our final competition!

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patty's day... or as it was known in my household growing up- the commercialization of negative Irish stereotypes day. *laughs*

The politics of the holiday aside... what better day to get Sissies all liquored up and molested? As if we need a special day for that, am I right?

So here's the rules, girls...

Anytime a domme comes into this thread and says the word 'lucky', you will stop everything you are doing, take a drink of good irish beer and then kiss one of your fellow Sissies long and deep.

Everyone ready? Let's test it and see if you get LUCKY!

SPUNCC 2016 - Pep Rally

Only two more competitions left, ladies and gentlemen... and we are leading up to our main event: #filledwithSPUNCC!

As you can see our teams have been given an opportunity to redress and pretty themselves up after our water fight, but you'll notice from the way they're swaying their hips as they walk that they are hornier than cats in heat. Now it's time to put some of that energy to good use!

SPUNCC 2016 - The Obstacle Course

Look at all the wet sluts around this place... what do we think, ladies and gentlemen? Are these girls hot are what???

By the sounds the crowd is making they are now even hotter. Just imagine it... being constantly edged nonstop for four solid days... forced to sexualize everything and display it to all of you... and yet not being able to scratch that now unbearable craving to cum. Look at their faces, ladies and gentlemen... those are the faces of girls who would do anything... and I do mean ANYTHING... just to be free of that belt for thirty seconds.

Do you doubt it? Well let's put it to the test...

Across the entire field is the SPUNCC official Sissy Obstacle Course. Each part of the course must be completed by one of the team members in order to earn full marks. They could always refuse one of the challenges, but then... they might get zapped for refusing. So it is up to each team to decide which team members would best fulfill each challenge. This tests cunning, planning and... as you will see from the obstacle course... sluttiness.

SPUNCC 2016 - Wet and Wild

Wow! This contest is really heating up! Look at how hot all of these little sluts are down here on the field! Let's have a round of applause for all these little cockteases down here, what do you say?

Oh just look at them squirm! Come on crowd, lets give them another cheer and get them all nice and wet!

Just look at those faces... all hot and bothered and look, you can practically see arousal dripping down their thighs!

SPUNCC 2016 - Team Spirit

As the girls finish their video introductions, it is time for us to begin our first TEAM challenge.

It goes without saying that Cheerleading is the ULTIMATE team event...and what is a team without teamwork?

So our first team challenge is going to test how well teams can coordinate, motivate and work together.

Welcome to the team!

SPUNCC 2016 - Team Introductions

Welcome to the first ever Sissy Pep-Squad United National Cheerleading Competition! Over the next week we will be putting these spirited sissies to the test in a full range of exciting competitions that will challenge and titilate both the viewers and the contestants themselves!

SPUNCC 2016 - The Sissy Cheerleading Competition

The Competition is just about to begin... teams may continue to register and alter their rosters until the end of Friday, at which time the teams will *ahem* literally be locked in... :D


This Friday, March 11th beginning at 7PM (EST), Locked in Lace is pleased to be sponsoring SPUNCC - The Sissy Pep-squad United National Cheerleading Competition. #filledwithSPUNCC . To enter the contest, please make sure to fill out the application below. Please copy and paste the form below into the comments and fill out the relevant information.

  • Teams must consist of at least three and no more than five members.
  • Only one team per Sissy.
  • All Sissies on a team must be participate in the forums with no less than five posts.
  • Judging will be based off of spirit, look, flexibility, and ability to 'inspire'.

Sign your team up today and if you're not going to participate, make sure you show up next week to watch these sissy girls compete!

So the lovely Elisabeth Moraine, Amber Waves and Rajimara have agreed to help me create and judge a role-played cheerleading competition. We've not done a site wide competition in a while and this seems like a wonderful opportunity for all the new (and long time) girls to get together and cheer. We are still putting together the structure for this, but the event will be a combination of forum posts and a special chat room. We're going to need at LEAST two teams (and it would be more fun if we had more), so get out there and recruit, recruit, recruit. When you have your team put together fill out the form. There will be prizes for the winner, first and foremost being featured in the M&R cheerleading manual as well as some other knickknacks and fun stuff.

UPDATE: The competition will begin on the evening of Friday, March 11 and will take place over the course of a week leading up to a judging debate and crowning of the winner on Friday March 18 at 7PM(EST).

UPDATE2: In order to give more Sissies a chance to participate, we will be holding the competition exclusively in the Forums. Attendance at the ceremony on the 19th is not mandatory, which will allow players from all over the world to participate.

If you have questions, please ask. Form is behind the click...


Maidenhead - Chapter 20

So it's been a while since the last chapter. Hope I haven't lost all of you. The last two chapters are completely written and just waiting on the graphic layout and then the final edit after that. For those that have asked, once every chapter is released we are going to compile the entire thing into a completed PDF ebook. Should be a fairly unique novel at that point. Hope you enjoy. As always, feedback is wonderful!