Happy Halloween!

Hey girls, it's the ghoulish giraffe here again, just to wish you a happy Halloween on behalf of the admins. Please have fun and stay safe!


Chat Topics

Hey all. It's the blondie giraffe mod Glenda here again.

It's no secret that there has been some more controversy and misunderstandings in Chat lately, over what is and isn't allowed there. And it's brought up a general issue that we haven't really highlighted in these Home page posts yet. In particular, there is a difference between the public chatrooms, and more private areas like Private Chats and forums, in terms of what is best suited to those areas. Chat has inevitably changed things on the site, compared to what many people are previously used to.

Back from abroad...

Well... I was with a broad... although don't let her hear that I called her that. *grins*

Finally found my way back home and in front of a non-work computer again. I owe quite a few of you emails, messages, and attention and I owe this site a little TLC and a security update for good measure. Give me a day or two to catch up and get over this pesky jet lag and we'll be back to the races.

*sleepy kisses*

Underage User Suspended

Hi girls, it's the blondie giraffe here again. I need to confirm the rumours that have been going around, as I know there is already chatter going on about it.

Lovelia has been suspended from the site with immediate effect, for a serious violation of our Core Rules. She has accepted her suspension in a reply to my email, and wanted other users to be aware, so they don't feel she has abandoned them. And I also apologise to any users that this upsets. I did not take the decision lightly.

I suspended her because she has admitted to a number of users in Chat that she has been using the site since the age of 15. She lied by claiming she was 18 when she joined. We require all users, and all characters they write, to be 18 years of age and over. We do not allow images or links featuring children either.

The fact that Lovelia claims she is now 18 is irrelevant. By signing up here, you agree to obey the Core Rules. She deliberately ignored them for 3 years. I couldn't allow that to be overlooked, else it would set a precedent for others to do the same, and it would make the Core Rules pointless if we're not prepared to enforce them.

Please also remember that every user has a responsibility to alert us to these things. By actively ignoring, hiding or encouraging the presence of a user or character who you know is or was underage, or discouraging other people from reporting them, you are also breaking the rules. Same goes for the rules about pedophilia, incest and bestiality. If anyone is posting such material, we HAVE to know. We are putting ourselves at risk of serious trouble if it looks like we're not dealing with things like this promptly. We need everyone's help for us to maintain the integrity, reputation and existence of the site. So please don't be afraid to approach us about such things.

Feminization.us - A site to avoid

Hi girls. Your friendly blonde giraffe has been on lookout duty again. :)

I strongly suggest that people DO NOT visit or buy products from feminization.us or crossdress-shop.com, or any other sites they may own. They are now considered blacklisted and unsafe.

The reason is that they've attempted to spam us in a rather sneaky manner on a few occasions now, by trying (and failing) to disguise their adverts as regular posts. Each time, the user has been contacted and given the opportunity to respond - but they haven't even bothered to read the messages, never mind reply to them. Instead, they've continued to post the unwanted material and have thus been banned. The latest offender was called Wandyoo, who was posting spam disguised as apparently useful advice articles, littered with hidden links to feminization.us.

They've had the chance to defend themselves, but clearly can't be bothered to do so. It is therefore clear to me that they are spammers and an unreputable company, having had no evidence to prove otherwise. I CANNOT guarantee the safety of your personal data or the quality of their (often expensive) products. So please avoid them.


In and amongst asking the community for input on our chat policies, the yearly subscription to the chat service came due. This auto-deducts each year out of the account that holds our LIL donations. Unfortunately it fell at the exact same time as our server cost and was declined... canceling our chat plan. This reverted us back to 'free' chat which limits chat rooms to 10 people at a time, adds branding, removed embedded chat rooms, etc...

I've added the necessary funds to restore it and it should be back to regular functionality very shortly.

Even MORE Chat Considerations

Tonight I asked a fairly large group of chatters into the dreaded OOC Chat Room to listen to me rant and rave. I think there are some things we can do to make the chat system better, but I would like to open up suggestions before I implement. I don't promise to take the suggestions, but I DO promise to consider them.

Chat Considerations

HI girls, it's Glenda the giraffe here. :)

I just want to remind you all to consider other users when roleplaying or holding big parties in Chat, particularly the General Chat room.

Concerns are being raised that some users are dominating General Chat with big parties, or lengthy and sexual roleplaying scenes. Although parties and roleplay in General Chat are allowed, it is sometimes getting to a point where other users feel excluded or prevented from using General Chat themselves. Big events and scenes basically drown out all other conversations by making them a lot harder to follow and keep track of. So people just stop posting when big scenes take over the room.

That defeats the whole purpose of General Chat. It's the central and most prominent area of Chat, and we want everyone to get involved and to feel comfortable there. Yet many users (both newbies and regulars) are getting frustrated and upset because they feel unable to post there. And if people get the impression that General Chat is always too busy to get involved with, then they won't want to use Chat at all. We need to strike a balance where as many people feel happy as possible, and we would like people to be mindful of other users if their scenes or events are taking over the General Chat area.

Happy Easter - Hidden Egg Contest

Happy Easter girls.

As always, we here at Locked in Lace want to maintain a festive and happy atmosphere. There have been mutterings and rumblings being heard in the halls... especially since we have started fitting all of you with our new SissyLink chastity belts... about how this place is evil. We take these allegations very seriously. We are making a concerted effort to address the concerns...