A little spring cleaning

Eep. It's already 11PM and Monday has come and gone. Meant to have something a lot more fun and teasing for you girls today... but the maintenance got in the way. Today (and a big chunk of yesterday) was spent cleaning the server... updating the core... and backing the whole shebang up. (probably a good idea, yes?) It took WAAAY longer than I expected, but doesn't everything. *sigh*

It's true...

A few minor updates *Updated*

A few little things for all of you to try out.

  • I've added an edit and delete option for users to work on their own stories.
  • I've added a new menu at the top of the stories and captions pages that let you group things by author.
  • There's a fairly nifty little 'history' button in the menu on the left now.
  • A few behind the scenes updates that should make the place run a little quicker.
The mile high club...

Mistress Mondays have Moved...

So I missed last week's Mistress Monday.... well I didn't... but the update was basically just a scream in frustration as php/mysql poured on top of me in a most suffocating manner. This week things are MUCH more optimistic... and in celebration I'm moving my Monday updates to right here on our new beta site. Spread the word.

Rah rah Rock... Kick em in the...

A victory

Last night a blow was struck towards the multisite login issue that was plaguing us. Huzzah!

Thanks for being patient with the login issue here. Things were behaving strangely between my local test server and the live version here. As it turns out PHP Versions are much like bras... you don't realize how important the correct size is until you get the right one. Who knew?

Nom Nom Nom

Eat your Cookies... (then clean your cache)

Be good girls... get rid of the cookies and clean your cache... hygiene is important.

I've been doing battle with the cookie monster this week. Still haven't gotten it to do what I want it to, yet... but in the meantime, there may be some login problems. Eat your cookies and clean your cache. That is all.

I said, 'Shrink... I want to kill"

*Beats head against the wall*

I've been struggling with this for 8 @#(%*@#*% hours. The multisite component of this new system almost works. Like seriously... it ALMOST works. But the little things are getting in the way. I've got a multisite environment set up and it works fantastic... EXCEPT the avatar system... I've almost got a multicharacter choice system set up... and it works great... EXCEPT.. I can't get the rule system to successfully create a private taxonomy per player. The list goes on. 8 hours of almost getting things to work... but nothing does.... AHHHHHHH!

Messing with Quotes and BBCode

So here I am on a Friday night (ok ok... so it's Saturday morning) and I'm going to poke at this quote thing that Tina's griping about. **Blame her that I'm working on this and not the forums. :D)**

So this is a regular quote

The Supreme (and yet humble) Goddess
This is a named quote

Don't judge me!!!


So I've installed what I view to be one of the better WYSIWYG editors. It's small, doesn't impact performance... and allows for a preview.

Unhappy with Captions

So overall I feel like beta for this site has been fairly successful. We're squashing bugs and giving me lots of feedback as I press on designing the first of the roleplaying areas of the new site. The one thing I'm NOT happy with are the way captions are displayed. I like the list of captions... I like how it's organized. I like the ability to define with tags and sort with them.

Max Users Hit

Bug or Feature

Well we had our first crash. Yay. And with it an opportunity to expand our server capabilities a little.

While poking around here though I've found a number of features that I really like from this new software. I thought I'd list a few of the ones I like, in case you haven't found them yet. I'd also like to hear what features all of you have found, enjoy, and / or would like to know more about.

The first for me is 'permalink'.