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Miss Tina you have me eased and not worry about it I can't wait because you are telling Mr Ohio about it This is making a lot better knowing that you will be here With Me Miss Tina fluttering my eyelashes

Miss Tina stays With me

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I walk behind the cart that Trixie. They wheel her into the elevator. I get with them. We go down to the surgery floor. They wheel into ASC 3. They go through the doors and I stop. I am not allowed to be in there. I turn and leave to go to the cafeteria so I can eat breakfast. After that back to my place so I can email Mr. Ohhio. After that I don't know I have nothing to do for twenty days until Trixie comes out of her induce coma.

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Miss Tina was behind the cart I smiled at her fluttering my eyelashes

They put in the elevator Miss Tina comes in in the elevator there was elevator music

We made it to the surgery area they make it so where we need to be unfortunately Miss Tina isn't allowed to go there

I'm wheeled inside and rolled on the bed where I'm getting prepping for my surgery

while there I say I'm so happy with the fact you are going to remove my balls
And that I'm going to be With Mr Ohio I'm going to be his bride and marry Him
Its crazy because I remember that when I came to be made in a girl That I saw my cousin hatsue and he wasn't a happy with me there was so much training that I endured it was worth it I Meet Trainer Bambi she helped me along the way

There was a court room seeing Mr Ohio for first time

Me and hatsue didn't get along well

I learned how to powder my nose and do my lipstick and how to put on make up that isn't to,slutty *

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the three doctors walk into the ASC. they look around to make sure everything has been done. the other doctor Andrews tell doctor Raymond he is ready. Doctor Raymond looks at Trixie and tells her.

"Time to make you a complete woman Trixie. Doctor Andrews start the anesthesia. Trixie count backwards from hundred."

He tells her as soon as he sees the fluid start entering her. He waits and watches

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yes doctor im so happy IMAGE(http://image.dek-d.com/27/0382/6971/116698268)that's going happen100 99 98 97 96 95 94 zzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzz *

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Trixie is out and they start working on Trixie. It took a little over six hours to finish everything. They move Trixie to the recovery room where she will stay overnight since it is a major surgery. The next morning they wheel Trixie still out back up to her room. the doctor text Tina that everything went good and she is back in her room. Every five days the doctor text Tina will an update everything is going good. The doctor decided to go one more day.


It was five in the morning when Doctor Andrews enters Trixie room. It is time to bring Trixie out of her coma. It takes four to five hours to completely bring the patient out of the coma. Tina was text last night that this was what there are going to do. Tina sent an email to Mr. Ohhio to advise him of the progress. Tina comes into Trixie room at eight. She walks into the room and walks around the three doctors and goes sit on the sofa. Doctor Debbie tells Tina it should be an hour. Tina asks what is the best sign when she comes to. Doctor Debbie smiles and tells Tina.

"She recognize us and that she is hungry. We have our cafeteria on call because they know we are bringing her back."

Tina just sits on the sofa and waits. She is nervous.

We hear the two doctors state.

"She is coming out of it."

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I'm out like a lamp I'm asleep I'm napping I'm fully asleep I'm dreaming about when I first arrived and saw Miss Tina Bambi and hatsue and when I meet Trainer Bambi and the first time in the court room ,where I meet Mr Ohio by Tv
AND SEING ON THE TV in the court room the two guys both that we're changed in girls

And when I was trained by Miss Tina and my shopping trip For bras
I was moved whule important surgery was given to me

In was dreaming about my darling Mr Ohio wrapping amdf spinning me

Every 5 days while I was out in deep coma doctor Sent notes to assure Miss Tina that all is good by sending her Mom messages

21 days pass time to get me out of the cioma

It takes quite a bit of time
imstart coming out of the coma I say Dr Debbie Dr Raymond I'm hungry and where Is Miss Tina ....

Did ever go good ,..

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I see Trixie looking around. She moves her head a bit. I ask her.

"how do you feel Trixie? is there anything you want?"

We wait to see what she says.

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I hear them talking to her. I get up and go to the foot of the bed where there is room. I look at her and her eyes are open. I ask her.

"What would you like to eat Trixie?'

I have my cell phone out with the cafeteria phone ready to call the order.

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[color=fuchsia]doctor Debbie dr Raymond I feel pain that must be from my vagina healing .im hungry. ..can I have some scramby eggs with strawberry toast please and a glass of lime aid[/color

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