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It becomes Wednesday morning and I clean the crust off my eyes

I trixie head to the bathroom where I bathe and wash my hair chin calves and thighs and my neck and legs then my butt *

Then I trixie get dried and changed and brushed and then Me and Miss Tina
know today is the day I'll be having my blood tested

Miss Tina drop me off class

I wave to bye bye bye As Miss Tina leaves

I listen to my teacher and take notes.

I apply lipstick and powder my nose
I write notes stay attentive

After learning to walk make and making a meal

Class is over

Then Miss Tina returns she picks me up
We head for the doctor

And Miss Tina says "I hope you study for this also."

Ibegin laughing giggling and chuckling at her joke

I say giggle ...I will hee hee *


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We get to the doctor office and they put us into the lab where they do the blood test. Afterwards we go to the cafeteria. Today meal is grilled ham and cheese sandwiches with mac salad. I take two sandwiches. I love them.

After we eat we freshen up and go back to the doctor office to find out the resuls.

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I Trixie and Miss Tina head to the doctors office

They send us both to the lab and begin my blood work *

After that Me And Miss Tina head to the cafeteria I watch as Miss Tina

Picks a few sandwiches

I pick a few sandwiches

And macaroni

I take bites nibbles and chews I chew softly after I retouch my lipstick and make up

We both head back to the doctor the doctor says [color=red]Trixie And Miss Tina the [size=36pt][the levels weren't good so I must remove your testicles Miss Tina we we were hoping that the levels be normal where they should be but they aren't ..so we must extract them today/size][/color

I Trixie say while fluttering my eyelashes doctor I'm ready to have my testis* removed*


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the nurse tells me that Tina and Trixie are here.

"Dr. Raymond, Tina and Trixie are here."

It comes over the intercom. I go to Dr. Debbie office.

"Doctor they are here."

We go into the office where Trixie is in the chair getting her IV that we prescribe for her. We pick up Tina from the waiting room again to join us.

"Okay, this is the situation. I am not really happy with the blood results. That is why the IV is 30% of E and 70% of T. Your testicles are trying to fight us. We must wait one day for the body to react to the treatment before the SES. Your E level on Monday was 75 and it went to 79 today which is good. But, your T level went from 22 to 20. I was hoping it would be lower. That is why I change the IV for you. On Frid we still need the E to be over 75 and the T under 25. Dr. Debbie discuss this and we have decided this was the best combination for your IV and last one today. The blood test Friday morning is the deciding factor for the go or no go on the SRS."

Dr. Debbie speaks up.

"If the levels are not where they should be at one in the afternoon I will remove the testicles as Dr. Raymond explain to you on Monday. We will do the IV treatment after the surgery and on Saturday. Rest on Sunday. Blood test on Monday we try again, but this is all done in the hospital."

Dr. Raymond waits and asks.

"Does anybody have any questions?"

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I Trixie am waiting for the Iv to finishing dripping the final drops

Of its bag droplets *

oh noo I can't believe that my testis*are fighting ill be waiting one more day I was hoping it was lower too I was hoping it be safe to gave my surgery done *

That does make sense of why you given new iv*doctor I can't wait for my blood test doctor because I'm hopeful my levels Will be right where they should be at the right place

the doctor says*If the levels are not where they should be at one in the afternoon I will remove the testicles as Dr. Raymond explain to you on Monday. We will do the IV treatment after the surgery and on Saturday. Rest on Sunday. Blood test on Monday we try again, but this is all done in the hospital."

well doctor if that has to be done for my surgery to happen then I say remove my testicles *I have a question so if they remove my testicles what happens to the do you throw them out or would they be cut and use to for my surgery *

Doctor would I be under whIle my testicles are being taken off me*


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Dr. Debbie answer her questions since she is doing that part of the surgery.

When I go in I will cut the tesicles away and slide them out of you. They will go to the lab to get some of the T from them. They do not go back inside of you. But I leave the outter skin there so Dr. Raymond uses it to develop your pussy by push it inside of you. And yes you be put under ansesthesia for the procedure."

They wait to see if there are any more questions.

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thank you Dr Debbie oh at least you will have enough skin to form my pussy that's good I'll be having that to be a sleep well doctor Debbie thank for telling me Trixie for answering my questions*Miss Tina do you have too ask Dr Debbie something because I already asked her what I wanted to ask her**


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"Yes I do but I wanted you to finish first. So we still follow what you told us on Monday? After we leave, Trixie rests, no class or practice. No breakfast on Friday morning and show up on Friday to this office at eight in the morning. Am I right?"

I want to make sure we are all on the same page.

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I told Miss Tina yes I did finish. then I sit down with my hands on my wait for the doctor to explain to Miss Tina what's going to happen next

my eyelashes giggling and fluttering my eyelashes


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Dr. Raymond answers.

"Yes, Trixie is to rest tonight and tomorrow. She can read, study, watch television, and sleep. No walking in heels practice or any running around. Eat tonight dinner and all three meals tomorrow. After tomorrow dinner, no snacking or eating of anything. Get a good night sleep and be here at eight. Only wear panty bra, and a dress, no makeup. when you come they will take you to the lab for your blood tests and admit you in the hospital. Undersstand?"

Dr. Debbie adds.

"When you leave the hospital, you will be Trixie ready to marry your man as a complete woman."