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I go to my room and slide off my clothes. I am ready for bed but very unhappy.


I miss my Bambi so much. I lay down on my bed but a tear rolls down my face into the pillow.

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I continue sleeping drooling in my sleep *

Zzzzzz/I dream that Mr Ohio is wrapping his arms on me

im andrea tiffany andrea stacy

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My room alarm goes off and I wake up. I turn and look on the other side of the bed. It is empty. I miss my Bambi. Hope to see her sometimes if our paths cross. I slip on my panty and bra and go out of my room. I knock hard on Trixie's door.

"Trixie it is time to get up and get ready to go to class. We have a full schedule today."

I call down for our breakfast. I go back to my room to also get ready for the day.

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I hear loud knocking on the door
Knock *knock knock *

I'm up Miss Tina I slept pretty good yes Miss Tina I can't wait to go to class today yes Miss Tina We do have a lot to to,do today Miss Tina should I change out of my baby doll dress*

I open the door and so Miss Tina I'm awake uh well Miss Tina should I change.... Out if this baby doll dress I dreamed about Mister Ohio I dreamed I was at my wedding with mister Ohio Miss Miss Tina. Anyways Miss Tina do I need to change. What should I wear. I know I have to retouch my makeup and also to put on some lipstick Miss Tina is there time for me to bathe like a quick one maybe 10 minutes with soap

im andrea tiffany andrea stacy

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"Yes get completely ready to go to class. you pick out the outfit you want to wear, but remember you are dressing for Mr. Ohhio. That is the way you should always for even if he is not here. The only is do not do your make up. Breakfast will be here in thirty minutes. After we eat and just before we leave,, we will put on our make up so it is fresh when we leave."

I go back to my room and get ready. I am in the living room waiting for the breakfast arrive and for Trixie to come out of her room.


I turn on the television to catch the news.

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Yes Miss Tina ill get fully ready Yes ill pick my outfit Yes Miss Tina ill dress for Mr ohio even if he isnt here ill dress up like Hes still here
I will not do my makeup
Thirty minutes is not to bad

Ok Miss Tina after we finish our breakfast we both will do our makeup
Before leaving

I head to the bathroom and I get naked ngggg

I stepped in to the shower I rub soap all over my body put shampoo and conditioner

I wash it off my hair and body completely

I get the towel and dry myself so much after imm fully Dry
I look for something that I would be wearing for Mr ohio

I find something


Miss Tina I wear this this something nice you think that Mr ohio would like this . Miss Tina im already dressed now. MISS Tina you like what I chosen .

im andrea tiffany andrea stacy

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"That is fine, Trixie."

Breakfast comes and we eat. After we are done we go put on our make up. Before we leave the room I tell Trixie.

"Make sure your purse has everything you need to freshen up. After your classes we will eat lunch at the café. We will freshen up and go to the doctor's office. Do you understand?"

I hope Bambi will be at the café also during lunch.

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thankiies Miss Tina fluttering my eyelashes

As breakfast heads here * I eat my small portion and wash it down with water

I put my makeup*on

Miss Tina says Make sure your purse has everything you need to freshen up.

I say uh huh yes I understand Miss Tina

I put in my purse white powder and lipstick

Miss Tina I have my lipstick and my white powder in my purse is that all I Trixie Need Miss *

im andrea tiffany andrea stacy

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Trixie gors to her two classes as I escort her. After the class, we go to the cafeteria and luch is fried chicked, madh potatoes and corn. We eat and I hope Bambi comes in here toest.

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I go with Miss Tina she escorts me to My classes she drops me off my classes

I wave bye bye as Miss Tina leaves me at class

The teacher teaches me how to pluck my eyebrows

Which causes me to go youch*youch *

Then the next lesson is about manners and cooking I take notes

After class is done with Miss Tina picks me up

We go to eat

I take small little bites and nibbles *

Num num num* num num

I powder my nose reapply my lipstick

And take a few bites and nibbles

Num num*

im andrea tiffany andrea stacy