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Trust that woman Shelley! She knows what you can do! lol

Glad you had a good time at the social and a better time realizing you could pass as a woman!

xx Bethany

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Oh well. Back to forget it. But it is not her fault. Just bad timing. While he is gone I will have a guest here with me the whole time he is gone. So we have to postpone it. Will try next time he has to leave.

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Hang in there Tina.....never give up on your dream!

x B

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Here we go again.

There was another change in schedules Now there is a chance for her to see Tina. I can't keep up with this. Thing is she doesn't know anything about this because I have not old her. But, I will next week with the possible date. It will be in mid-September.

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As always Tina....best of luck....big hugs....I hope it turns out the way you want!

x Bethany

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Thinking good thoughts for you Tina. Hopefully this will be the RIGHT time.

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Hi, my name's Ronelle nice to meet you all.
Just sharing my cross dressing experience at the local lingerie store.
I entered the store and started browsing at the lovely lingerie surrounding me. I remember the store's sale assistant Lauren coming over to me and asking if I needed any help. I said to her, I'm not sure of my bra size? Lauren instantly had her tape out and asked, if she could measure me, I felt so nice knowing I was being attended to ..... she asked me to hold the tape end on my chest and turn around on the spot , she marked the tape with she fingers and said oh you're a 14 . Next we were gathering several bras, panties and baby dolls of the correct size and colours for me to try on.
She showed me to the change rooms where I was fitted. Well, there I was in standing there in my boylegs naked from the chest down about to be fitted with bras, panties and babydolls in front of this full length mirror. Can you imagine how gorgeously feminine I felt as Lauren stood behind me as I face the mirror and adjusted the bra straps and babydolls to fit me correctly.
It was so enjoyable being treated like a lady and being fussed over as I was wearing these intimates.
Next I asked her to take various photos of me on my phone in the different bras and lingerie ......its was heavenly.
Lauren experience in fitting was so helpful and made me feel very relaxed. I brought a red babydoll with matching red panties, one navy blue and a black laced bodysuit ....oh how feminine and sexy it all looked on me, it fitted me exceptionally well.
I will be returning to this store soon and recommending it to all my friends. Thank you very much Lauren.
Thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoyed my experience.......Kisses Ronelle

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Hi Ronelle!

I certainly did enjoy your very happy story! So nice to run into a helpful and understanding woman especially in a situation like that. She turned the entire visit into something wonderful for you, and profitable for her. A win-win. And, it seems she was more than willing to help not only with the measuring and selections, but also with the picture. How very nice!

I'm glad you stopped by and added your experiences to our thread!

xo Bethany

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That's awesome Ronelle. What an exciting time you had. Thank you for sharing.

Now playing in the new Lacy Place area and loving it. Come join us.

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I had a very similar experience to Ronelle when I was dress shopping in a large department store in Guildford, UK. I had chosen a few dresses that I liked in the sale and they had a no returns policy, so it was take a chance that they might fit or bite the bullet and ask if I could try them on in store. I approached the sales desk that was being manned by a pretty young shop assistant and hesitantly asked her if there was anywhere that I could try the items on. She smiled and said that she needed to check with her manager but she couldn't see that there would be any problem. She left to find her manager and I stood nervously at the cash desk with the dresses draped across my arm for everybody to see for what seemed to be for ever. She eventually returned and asked me to follow her to the changing cubicles. Once we were there she put her head in to check that ther was nobody inside and then told me to go in and try the dresses on while she stood outside and told other customers that the cubicles were out of use. 2 of the 3 dresses fitted me perfectly but the third one was a bit tight so I asked the girl if she could give me a hand with the Zip which she did with no hesitation but alas the dress still wouldn't do fully up. When I was finished trying on the garments I followed her back to the cash desk to pay for the 2 dresses and she was intrigued about my crossdressing and asked me loads of questions that I was only too happy to answer. After paying for the dresses she told me that if ever I needed help in the future that I should look out for her and she would be happy to help me. She also pointed me in the direction of some other dresses that I might like but I had already spent too much and declined her offer.
I would like to say a big thank you to Becky for making a very nervous shopper feel completely relaxed and I will definitely head in her direction the next time that I am dress shopping.