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Lacy 2.0 NPC's (question/clarification)

So, before I decide to go charging headlong into this exciting new world, I want to know if there are any limitations on the NPC characters listed in various parts of the forum. I don't intend to write full-on stories with people but rather use them as window dressing. Maybe. If it ever comes to that.

For example, I'd like to be able to say to a girl something like "Oh, yes....as a matter of fact, I know Miss Annie Booty VERY well. One word from me and you'll have an opportunity most Lacy Girls will never have, a personal tryout session with the Boss Lady herself. Caveat, my dear...She is a demanding show director, a woman not to be trifled with. Pain and discipline will be in your future, but the reward will be far greater than any discomfort or indignity you may have to suffer. You will become LEGEND."

Shall I make the call?"

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I'd like the idea of this guy, Alexandre Esnault, the man who can get you anything. Sexy as all hell too. I'd probably let him bang me and then get caught by some sissies. Then we punish the sissies for snooping. That would fucking rock.


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Just thought I would let you know that Tyrese Long is listed as "Terrance Long" on his profile page.


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Use and abuse them. I was looking for a way to add some texture and color into the story world and it seemed like giving all of you some toys to play with would make sense.

My suggestion (and I'll nudge Glenda about getting this into the FAQ) is don't do anything to irrevocably alter the character. In other words, you don't want to feminize Tyrese (or Terrance, apparently) because then that takes the toy away from what it was meant to be and breaks that toy for others. Does that make sense... but in terms of association, shared history, or using them in threads... use away. That's what they're there for.

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What I've done (with Sam the Bartender) and will continue to do is make my own alts from the stock NPCs as I need them. And I agree, use them but don't break them.

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I tend to do the same thing, but I'm also a sucker for cameos. If I ever get the urge to use a Lacy NPC it will be a spectacle to behold. Already I've established that Julia fucking hates Amora. Two bitches full of themselves makes for fun writing. And sooner or later I'll have to have Gem or Cyborg spar with Trillian Nichols...that woman could be in the UFC. She'd be perfect to take down the much hated Ronda Rousey. I'd make that shit fucking EPIC...


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Asking for the sake of presentation;

When we use an NPC do we just mention them in our post or is it possible create there own post as if they were a player?

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It can be done either way Alexis. I've done both.

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Ooh, that's just terrific!