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Perhaps it evil because we are forcing someone against there will {Presumably} to change genders and live a life of feminine submission and virtual slavery..Some would call that Evil...

Like Melissa said its complicated.

Mistress Nikki

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Or forcing someone to do what they secretly want to do anyway. Yes, complicated. ;)

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The key here is SEDUCTION. The best stories aren't about forcing someone to something against their will, it's about enticing them to do something they secretly want to do already.


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Well it is a lot nicer now than when it started. When it first started the uniforms wore out and you had to keep buying new ones and without a uniform it was very hard to earn anything. The indoctrination was also a little more evil back then than it seems to be now. In those days if you start to put up a fuss, you immediately hammered down. There was a substantial amount of forced in the forced feminization back then. There was very big difference between girls and managers. Now one thin that most of us found nice back then was the lack of a chastity belt. This was especially nice for those of us who came over from LIL, where you were almost always locked up, to TLP, where you were never locked up. There were more than a couple of us who were sexual activity a lot back then.

Now it is nicer. Girls date and sometime marry managers, girls seem to run some parts of the casino almost. it is just a nicer place than it was before.

So I would say it has gone from very mean to just a little mean and I think a lot of us girls need at least a little mean to keep us in place.

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Well speaking fore my self id say i like the good ol days with Lacy when there utliest was "some " cind of order and structure rather then the current lacy were pretty mush ANYTHING goes and hardly NOONE knows or cares that mush about what we Sissy` s are about to go or were to turn and we lost TON`S of GOOD Dom`s over the previous years . So on the question is lacy evil ? Well yes and no , shore its a EVIL thing to do to entice unsuspecting men into play and loose there life as they know it but in my case case i have to say my life was gong down hill FAST before i came in here ,lost and ................ Well i couldn't honestly see my self anywhere else then continuing my forced new life in here like a GOOD Lil Silly Sissy (smiling shyly )

This sed us Sissy`s NEEDS some CLEAR rules and guidelines to adhere and we also need to have our Dom`s to serve as a Sissy without her Dom isn't a whole Sissy

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Is the lacy place evil well turning guys into girls is evil

But if you think about it I wouldn't have it any other way

Yin and yang situation


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Yes it is evil. Forcing people against there will is slways evil. That is the attraction.

Even if they secretly want it.