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Ok, as a gift for Thanksgiving, it's time to expose another fake mistress for your enjoyment and education. The individual in question is going by the name Mistress Terser (aka Goddess Terser, mistressterser, goddessterser, goddessterser205, Corin Terser and corinterser005, and even mistressnadia99). Obviously, after this, they'll start up again under completely different names, but this'll show you what to look out for.

This person is on a few adult contact/dating sites, as you'll see in a moment. I don't particularly recommend these sites for finding mistresses, as it's far too easy to create fake profiles in those places, just as we all do here on a daily basis. Here we invent characters and avatars for roleplay, so it's fine - but on those sites, they have much darker motives. There may be some genuine mistresses there as well, but the vast majority of serious pro-dommes don't advertise on such websites. They have their own professional sites and blogs, and have active accounts on Twitter and other social media sites, as it's much more effective and public.

In this case, the user who contacted her was understandably tempted by the offers of lifelong servitude - but they also had a lot of common sense and self-awareness, and quickly spotted the obvious red flags. They contacted me with their suspicions and sent me all the info they had, to confirm if their misgivings were right. So thank you very much to them for being so responsible and sensible about it. You have nothing to be ashamed of, and it was a massive help! It allowed me to confirm they were fake beyond any doubt, thus keeping the submissive user safe. And it's given me plenty of material to illustrate the kind of thing these scammers do.

So I warn you now, the following post is really long! But I feel it only fair to share all I have. The more we can fight back by exposing these scammers' methods, so that people know what to look for, the better.

As a brief summary though, the following are the key indicators that this mistress is fake:

  • Her writing is terrible - a very common trait amongst fraudsters, whereas professional mistresses write very well.
  • She stole a contract from somebody else's website to use as her own.
  • She demanded cash payment via Western Union. This is extremely common amongst scammers, because you have no protection and cannot get your money back. NEVER pay online strangers this way! If they're asking for physical transfers of cash like that, get away from them.
  • She asked for payment to be sent to her attorney (i.e. a lawyer). Real mistresses NEVER get lawyers involved - there is no need to, and lawyers will NEVER agree to create slave contracts anyway. A slave contract is just an agreement between you and your mistress. It is NOT legally binding, and you can ALWAYS walk away freely, regardless of what they say otherwise.
  • She put continued pressure on the sub for the payment, trying to guilt trip him into doing it.
  • She stole some pics of someone else and pretended they were hers. Tip - If a mistress sends you a picture claiming to be them, upload it to Google Images and see what results it returns. To do that, click the camera icon in the search box, and it'll ask you to upload an image or give it a link to one that's online, then it'll search for any matches.

Any ONE of those red flags is enough to tell you that this mistress is fake and must be avoided. Some fraudsters may only do a few of those things, we've just got lucky with this one. So they are ALL warning signs to look out for. If you see just ONE of those red flags during contact with a mistress, walk away immediately.

Ok, so here's the in-depth analysis. I strongly suggest you go through it if you can, because it clearly explains everything above:

To start, here are the profiles I've found for them (with screenshots of the first few, in case they delete the original pages):
Adult Friend Finder - Click here for screenshot
Alt.com - Click here for screenshot
Society 31 - Click here for screenshot
Lesbian Personals - Because, you know, all subs look for doms on lesbian sites... *rolls eyes*
Sex Want Ads

Interestingly, this profile all looks remarkably similar:
mistressnadia 99 on Collarspace - Click here for screenshot

The sexy picture of dom and sub you can see on their Society 31 profile is also present on Adult Friend Finder if you're a registered member (I know this, because the user who reported them showed me a screenshot from their mobile device). Conveniently, it doesn't show her face. I'll get back to that in a bit though...

Also, conveniently, there are NO other references to Mistress Terser anywhere online. No websites, no blogs, no social media feeds, no forum posts, no reviews, nothing. The ONLY places I could find any mention of her were on those pages above. Strange enough in itself, and all the more so when she claims she's been on the dom scene for 7 years and knows lots of other dommes.

Just in case they do delete their profiles, the text from Adult Friend Finder reads:

mistressterser 29 / F
"a sexy,gorgeous mistress seeking her loyal slave"
Chicago, Illinois, United States

I am Single Mistress from chicago looking for a serious submissive male for a short online M/s retionship that would lead to Real and long time relationship I Have been a Mistress for more than 7 years now I am an active member of a group of dominant women in the city and wider environment.. I will not accept anything less than your absolute submission and trust, which I take quite seriously. I cannot wait to take total control of your life and use it to abuse you in all ways. I will train and take you to be the perfect sissy dog

My Ideal Person
i am straight dominant, strict, possessive and also a loving mistress who seeks a sissy slut for total domination. i am interested in owning a slave for my personal and private property. I ready in the successful training of my sissy slut with total submission and making him a perfect toy.

So already this mistress is looking more than a little dodgy. Apart from a faceless picture and no other references online, her spelling and grammar are also terrible. While I appreciate some people struggle with these things, most professional real-life mistresses are able to make the effort, because they know they have to. The only time I've seen bad writing from a mistress like this is when she's a fake, it's a very common trait. Think about the scam emails we all get from time to time, they're often badly written as well, right?

This trend for poor writing continues in her emails to the sub. The emails I've been shown are all very short and to the point. Rather than being capable of any kind of detailed, well-written posts to explain things and make you feel at ease, all the sub gets is things like this:

i got this special fantasy for you

i cant wait to have you with me baby

you know i need to train you better and your commitment is all what i need most which i am getting from you and that makes mistress to see slave serve her more okay

i expect you to have send me the picture of you in pantie and a bra by now my slut

And when asked if she already has, or has had, any personal slave:

no he left for another country,got a new job with the help of the dominion and i see you now as my new slave to serve me

Each of those lines is a single email. Really, each email was that short! How many mistresses do you know who write like that, and make regular references to their supposed slave as "baby"?!

Then it starts getting serious, as she talks of a lifetime contract. When asked about it, she gives these responses:

i want to make you my contracted slut baby,make you my fully owned property my slut,i want to send you the contract slavery agreement letter, cant wait to make you meet other great doms like me slut

baby,it means you being with me forever as a slave and as a lover and also a partner until you are no more interested with me again,but i know we are going to be together for life baby

my dominion give much chance when a slave wants to make a new environment baby,all those sorts of condition baby,maybe we are considerate if you think about it,i cant wait to see you meet other great doms as i tell you

The submissive responded to that last one with "Sorry but I didn't understand that at all." Don't worry mate, neither did I! :)

did you have it baby? are you ready to be committed to me

It's never a problem my slut, I need you to o things today and you welcome tomorrow with a welcoming party my slut, do not make me feel sad about this baby, prove me you want me more as your mistress

when are you going to do this baby,i love you and want you to serve me so bad about this my slut, are you ready for it?

i need you to let me know baby? mistress cant wait to make you meet other great doms like her baby and serve my pussy

i cant wait to have you serve my pussy right baby

yes my slut, everything about you is all about mistress now and you deserve all thing both as mistress hubby and also a slut baby,

Notice that she's putting regular pressure on him and getting impatient. That's not surprising, especially as the sub was stalling her while talking to me, without her knowledge of course.

So after all that unprofessionalism, let's have a look at the contract. I won't post the whole thing, for a reason that'll become quickly obvious after the quote, but here's the start:


This Agreement is entered between Corin Terser (here in after referred to as “Mistress") and
Sub ********** (herein after referred to as "Sissy Slave"). Submission of my free will, to Corin Terser and performance of all other terms of this Agreement.

Article I
I am a slave and the owned property both physical and mental of my MISTRESS

Article II
I agree to complete and instant obedience of any command from my MISTRESS

Article III
I agree to be trained in any manner my MISTRESS wishes

Ok, wow. There's some correct spelling and grammar in here! So perhaps she can write properly after all?

Maybe. Or then again, maybe it was copied and adapted from this page on Red Goddess's blog...

But let's move on, because she wants something else. Guess what that might be!

when are you going to get it signed and also i want you to make the payment on it as soon as possible,cant wait to take you to the next stage of this baby

yes my slut, when are you going to get it signed and also i want you to make the payment on it as soon as possible,cant wait to take you to the next stage of this baby

okay baby,i just want you to get it signed and also i will tell you how to make the payment on it,i cant wait to see you be fully contracted to me and take you to the next level of this baby

we going to be together once you get all things done baby, have you signed the contract and also i want you to make the payment today my slut, i want you to be confirmed as my contracted slave and also feel great to meet other great dom about this baby

you already my slave baby, its confirmation by other goddess baby, am okay having you with me okay,are you scared about this or what baby?

Money is all these scammers want, so her continued pestering for payment is not at all surprising.

And how does she want this payment? Surely she'd want to use a secure online system like Paypal, where the transaction can be recorded for the protection of both parties, and the slave can get their money back if they discover they've been conned or change their mind for any other reason, right?

Funnily enough, no... she doesn't want it that way...

baby no,i want you to understand that i want you,i will send you the address to make the payment baby, i want you to get that done today

this is the address of the attorney baby, i want you make the payment via western union today,i cant wait to take you to the next stage of this and make you feel great serving me,Name:Noah *****,State:Texas,City:Houston,Zipcode: 77040, i cant wait to take you to the next stage of this and make you happy more,meet other great goddess like me baby soon

Oh boy, there are so many issues in just that single email. Regardless of anything else, that last paragraph should ring alarm bells so loud that it's deafening.

Firstly, a proper mistress will NEVER get a lawyer or attorney involved. NEVER trust a mistress who mentions this! Sissy slave contracts are NEVER legally binding, because decent lawyers will never agree to write one in the first place! They've got far more important and serious things to do! Slave contracts are simply personal agreements between you and your mistress. They are NOT legally binding, and you can ALWAYS get out of them freely, no matter what the mistress tells you. If a mistress is insisting that a lawyer is involved, something is very wrong. Avoid at all costs.

Secondly, because of that, the person named in the email is clearly NOT a lawyer. Therefore, it's simply the real person behind the scam. It's clearly just a sad little guy pretending to be a mistress, and that is probably his real name. Noah will collect the money you send him and then either disappear or ask for even more. It's very generous of me to censor his surname here, but I still have the original, uncensored email in my possession, just in case.

Thirdly, this person's address is in Texas. Mistress Terser claims to be in Chicago. Completely different places!

Fourthly - and most seriously of all - they are requesting cash payment via Western Union. Whatever you do - NEVER, EVER pay an online stranger this way! Proper mistresses never do this. But scammers do. A lot! Western Union and other types of physical cash transfers are the payment system of choice for scammers, because you cannot get the money back when you realise what a mistake you've made. See pages like this and this, and there are loads of others, for info. Western Union may well have legitimate uses for things like friends and family - but if an online stranger EVER suggests it to you, run away! There's no legitimate reason to use it for something of this nature.

Sensibly, the sub didn't pay her. Instead, he kept stalling for time while talking to me. But she kept putting the pressure on, trying to make him feel bad, and trying to make him fear that he would lose the opportunity. It's another common way that they put pressure on you:

my slut,i want you to get things done today,are you going to do it nor not baby,i need to know okay?

i feel unhappy that you response is not too good my slut

you making me feel so disappointed and giving trust issue doubt my slut

i will never hurt you or make you regret this baby, i want you to dot his in the morning baby and make me feel you want more of it with me and lets move to another level,i wan to make you happy with me and never make you regret this baby okay?

The sub wanted to be sure of who she was though. So he asked for photos. After all, her profile picture didn't show her face, and he needed to see that.

And, incredibly, Mistress Terser did send pictures (they were 3 separate files, but I've merged them as a collage just to illustrate what they looked like):


Beautiful, right? All appear to be the same person too.

The sub wasn't convinced though, it still didn't feel right. The images didn't seem to match Mistress Terser's profile picture, and he couldn't be sure they weren't stolen.

So I had a look by running them all through Google Images. A very handy resource if you want to know where a picture is from - just click the camera icon in the search box, and either upload an image or supply a link to one on a website. Google will then attempt to find matches.

And, in this case, it returned matches (and ONLY these matches) for all 3 images:

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Interesting. They're all from an Instagram page for a lovely lady called Layla Brennand. When you look there and at her Facebook page, you can see that Layla is 22 years old and lives in São Paulo, Brazil.

Mistress Terser, however, claims to be 29 and living in Chicago...

Layla is also still regularly active, as her last Instagram post was just a couple of days ago. She also has a Youtube channel and a Soundcloud page that people can check out. So Layla is definitely legitimate. There is nothing to suggest otherwise for her. None of her images are taken from anywhere else online.

On a similar note, the image used on Terser's older Collarspace profile from last year is of CharleyS on Smutty.com. Completely different person again!


So the conclusion is more than obvious as far as I'm concerned. Mistress Terser is a lying con artist, and a bad one at that. More than likely just a guy in his bedroom trying to extort money out of vulnerable people. It's a pity they can't do something better with their time, and I assume they've had a lonely Thanksgiving. It's sad really.

Remember, if you see ANY of those suspicious features when contacting a mistress, you can consider them fake. It just so happens that this particular mistress has given us a whole feast of red flags to look at - but just ONE of those points should be enough to make you suspicious and walk away.

Ok, that's it, finally! If you've got this far, well done for reading all the way through! This won't be the last faker we have to mention I'm sure, but hopefully it further reinforces the kind of stuff to look out for. Stay safe as always! :D

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I would like to further emphasize a point Glenda made. I don't know if Glenda, being from the UK, is aware of this.

Lawyers have to be licenced in the state they are practicing in. Having a license in one state does not mean they can practice in all other states. So the so called lawyer being in Texas, with the so called mistress being in Chicago (Illinois), should definately raise a flag.

It's not that being licensed in multiple states is unheard of. Someone who lives near a state's border may get a license in multiple states. Someone who spends a significant time out of state, or has clients who spend significant time out of state (we sometimes use the term "snowbirds" for people who leave for the warmer climates in the winter) may be licensed in multiple states. But it should definately raise questions. Particularly if they have no Illinois address.


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I didn't know that, no, that's very useful info. Thanks Alison. This whole thing has got more flags than the UN! :)

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Hi Glenda. Thanks for watching out for us, and thanks to the brave, diligent soul who first sent this to you. I imagine it can be easy for submissives to fall prey to predators and scam artists. As well as cautioning us about this jack-ass (I would use stronger but don't want to offend), it's given us lots of typical warning signs to watch out for. Being new here (although I am lucky enough to have met a legit mistress), I really appreciate what you have written. And I'm sure others do, too. Thanks.

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Excellent job again Glenda dear as well from the member that correctly reported this

IMAGE(https://lacy.lockedinlace.com/sites/Lacy/files/sigs/Mistys%20%20collor%20%20SPARAS.gif) D.Pre (Not by choice)op-HRT 24/7 Ts woman & STILL Born a PROUD TRUE SISSY/AB/LG FOREVER loyal to my Mistress until we SOMEDAY,SOMEHOW,SOMEWHERE meet again

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Thanks ladies. I've amended the post a bit, emboldening the summary list of red flags at the start, and expanding on the lawyer part that I ran out of time to expand on properly the other night. No lawyer would EVER write up a sissy slave contract as part of their legal work. They have got far better things to do, and it cannot possibly be legally binding!

So I know the person named there isn't a lawyer - it's simply the real person behind the scam. I've uncensored his first name now too - Noah. No need to hide that particularly.

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Reg the different Sissy /BDSM contracts out there they are few and NON is made to be legally binding its ONLY part of the RP and presumed submissiveness between the sub and Dom . and also to further clarify what can be done and what cant be done within the play time .further more NO REEL (be it professional or experienced GOOD Dom would EVER plead for money nor beg nag or demand it ´so right there is one of the first warning signs i would back away emidietly

IMAGE(https://lacy.lockedinlace.com/sites/Lacy/files/sigs/Mistys%20%20collor%20%20SPARAS.gif) D.Pre (Not by choice)op-HRT 24/7 Ts woman & STILL Born a PROUD TRUE SISSY/AB/LG FOREVER loyal to my Mistress until we SOMEDAY,SOMEHOW,SOMEWHERE meet again

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Thank you so much, Glenda.
Clear cut and great explanation.

Ⱥ ҍìց հմց, Ⱥ.

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They are NOT legally binding, and you can ALWAYS get out of them freely, no matter what the mistress tells you.

I cannot underline this part enough.
I was lucky to avoid this but I met some times ago a boy who was scared to death to break a so-called contract due some kind of penal/civil consequences.
He was young, very very very young, barely legal and this... lovely couple of fake Doms was taking advance of his lack of experience. They were criminal. Nothing more.

Slavery is not legal, it's just our game.

And if someone ask you to contact their legal, just reply you prefer your one for this kind of activities. This will be enough to make them vanish.

Miss Eleanor's dungeon assistant

Beware of Miss Latex

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The Law Firm of Waves, Waves and Waves, LLC. wishes to weigh in on the enforceability of an alleged "Slave Contract" in the United States of America.

The 13th Amendment to the US Constitution reads in part:

"Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction."

In short it was passed in 1865 to outlaw slavery after the end of the US Civil War.

Now--I know what you're saying: "But Miss Waves! A Slave Contract between a Mistress and their slave is entered into voluntarily"

This may be true, but the moment the "slave" does not want to BE a slave, the servitude becomes involuntary and the captivity is unconstitutional and, therefore, illegal.

Even if the required elements of a legally binding contract are present (offer, acceptance and consideration) any contract is null and void if any of the activities agreed to within are illegal.

BOTTOM LINE: In the USA, "Slave Contracts" are not enforceable in any court of law.

That being said, I think they are a very useful and fun way to define terms in a consensual D/s relationship.

Miss Amber Waves, JD, CPA, ObGyn
Managing Partner
Waves, Waves and Waves LLC


Miss Amber Waves, JD, CPA, ObGyn
Managing Partner
Waves, Waves and Waves LLC