Status Name New comments Updated/commented date Area
Problem with Message Noificatons to Hotmail Reported 6/27/17 The Main Site
Editing stories. Reported 6/27/17 The Main Site
pages sticking to the top Reported 6/17/17 The Main Site
Chat not Loading Reported 6/17/17 The Main Site
error on the core site when logging in or posting Reported 6/16/17 The Main Site
Unable to Post Captions Reported 6/5/17 The Main Site
I cannot delete old messages Reported 6/5/17 The Main Site
Error when trying to 'send a contact' message. Reported 6/2/17 The Main Site
Images and Tor Browser Reported 4/1/17 The Main Site
error sending comments Reported 1/20/17 The Main Site
Not getting email notices Reported 1/8/17 The Main Site
Log in problem Reported 1/8/17 The Main Site
Public chat forum Reported 1/4/17 The Main Site
Consecutive posts and floated image Reported 12/25/16 The Lacy Place
IMAGE - how do I see the Image? Reported 12/18/16 The Main Site
Forum View Counts Confirmed 12/12/16 The Main Site
Spoken in Silk Won't Load Solved 12/10/16 The Main Site
Kidnapped - my name is not showing Reported 12/4/16 The Main Site
Listing in the Chat Room Reported 10/25/16 The Main Site
Bookmarking Solved 9/7/16 The Lacy Place
signature photo Solved 8/25/16 The Main Site
Smartphone Access Reported 8/14/16 The Main Site
diary links Reported 7/14/16 The Lacy Place
sissy affirmations link not working Solved 6/5/16 The Main Site
Story chapter links not working Solved 6/5/16 The Main Site
I keep finding myself logged off. Reported 5/1/16 The Lacy Place
classes links missing? Solved 4/25/16
couldn't advance to someone's profile Solved 4/21/16 The Main Site
Preview not working in Stories area Confirmed 4/18/16 The Lacy Place
Links and [post] tags not working in email or signature lines Solved 4/14/16 The Main Site
Post order Reported 4/11/16 The Main Site
Recent Additions overlapping Who's Online list Confirmed 4/8/16 The Lacy Place
Top page number bar always on top Confirmed 4/4/16 The Main Site
In chat module...strange Chinese character in place of the minimize icon Reported 3/30/16 The Main Site
BBCode Toolbar Not Showing Solved 3/19/16 The Main Site
Who's online list covered by Recent Additions Reported 3/16/16 The Lacy Place
Signing In Twice Confirmed 3/8/16 The Main Site
Chat History not showing Reported 3/8/16 The Main Site
Academy Affirmation Solved 3/5/16 The Main Site
.lgbt domain refused in Link URL field Perhaps in the Future 3/4/16 The Main Site
Caption Comment Links Error Solved 3/4/16 The Main Site
Preview button doesn't work. Confirmed 1/30/16 The Lacy Place
post will not save Reported 1/19/16 The Lacy Place
Upside down images in Chat Reported 1/18/16 The Main Site
Kindle browser Reported 1/18/16 The Main Site
main chat window loses scroll bar when resized Reported 1/14/16 The Main Site
Can not post to threads Reported 1/5/16 The Lacy Place
Lacy loading problem. When logged in Reported 1/3/16 The Lacy Place
https crossed out Solved 12/14/15 The Main Site
Font not displayed properly Solved 12/14/15 The Main Site