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Maidenhead - Chapter 7

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe we are now into the never before posted / 'new' chapters of this story. *dramatic music cue*

We are also at close to the 1/3 mark and as such moving into the 'meat' of the story.

heh. meat...

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Not Maidenhead, but a heads-up...

Hey everybody, your blondie giraffe Glenda here! :) I hate to interrupt those awesome Maidenhead posts, but I have a quick heads-up for you all, similar to an alert I raised last year. For all I know, this could be the same person with a new name.
We've recently had a mistress on site offering online and real-time training, including requests for money. This starts with her sending various people her email address, so they can chat privately. But she's appeared out of nowhere and I cannot find anything at all about her online. She's a complete stranger asking people for cash - and I don't know about you, but that puts me on edge.
She's completely ignored my warnings and attempts to talk to her. A professional, respectful and experienced mistress would understand such concerns and be keen to discuss it. But this individual has remained silent, even though she's continued logging in. So, to be safe, I suspended her account and sent her an email explaining the situation, which has also been ignored.
Instead, she is now attempting to register again under different names. So please be very careful. If a complete stranger claiming to be a mistress approaches you out of the blue, offering to give you training, DON'T respond to them or pay them anything, no matter how persuasive they try to be. No genuine, sensible, trustworthy mistress would try and recruit slaves in this way. Instead, let me or another moderator know so they can be checked out.
UPDATE: I've now added this post to the Real Life Adventures forum with advice on finding a professional mistress. Hope it helps people! :)

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Maidenhead - Chapter 6

Good evening, girls. I hope all of you are having a wonderful Sunday evening. Now go slip into something slinky, pour yourself a glass of wine and sink into a new chapter of Maidenhead. I believe this was the last chapter that people have been privy to see from way back in the day in the old OOC area, (correct me if I'm wrong long-timers). So, we are about to enter new and uncharted territory. Are you ready? Can your little, Sissy hearts take it?

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Maidenhead - Chapter 5

A day late with the new chapter. Apologies. An unexpected trip out of town took some precedence and delayed things a bit. Hope you enjoy.

Oh and just a reminder: Ren is knocking the layout of this book out of the park, but all of the images in this book come at a cost. If you're enjoying this, please remember to chip in towards the completion.

Remember: feedback is always welcome!

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Maidenhead - Chapter 4

And with this chapter we are now both one month AND one hundred pages into the book. One hundred pages is generally what I give a novel to catch or dissuade my interest. I expect this to be the dropping off point for those that are not interested in continuing. Because I'll tell you friends, it does not get easier from here for poor Mark. *maniacal chuckle*

Only 18 chapters left. Can you just taste the tease and denial? :D

As always let us know what you think!

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