Etiquette Lessons

Yesterday we had a spammer stumble into our site and post in a bunch of places. The posts involved some general spam, and also included a picture of a young looking girl. These posts were reported immediately to the mods and (being awesome) they solved the problem. Yay for the community! Yay for the mods! Yay!

It is always nice when these type of situations occur and they are handled in the correct and efficient manner.

While this was being handled, however, a disturbance in the force occurred.

Chat is brokey!

Ok... before you send more angry notes, I am aware.

It appears that our 'wonderful' chat provider decided to do a software update without letting us know. Chat was becoming more and more unresponsive, and so I refreshed the server at which point the new software went live. My hope is that this will resolve itself as they work the kinks out. I will contact them in the morning if it is still an issue.

In the meantime... play on the rest of this fabulous site.

*grumble mumble grumble*



For those of you living under a rock, our own Miss Amber has been toiling away every week, providing inspiration images for our helpless Sissy community. If you've not been enjoying her efforts, now is the perfect time to jump on board. Miss Amber has graciously agreed to expand her vision, creating semi-weekly tasks for the community. These are role playing tasks for our 'girls' who are eagerly (or in many cases, reluctantly) becoming Sissy playthings.

Mistress Monthly - December 2016

Mistress Monthly - *FULL DECEMBER 2016 ISSUE*

As a special New Year's treat, we have managed to 'scan' in the entire December issue of Mistress Monthly. This thing is full of articles, tips, pictorials, interviews and everything aspiring Mistresses need to know about keeping their sissies in check. Beware: this magazine is not for the faint of heart. Those with weak constitutions should not read it. If you do not like the idea of forced feminization: do not read this. This magazine encourages Mistresses to turn their captured sissy girls into bimbo slut sex-toys. If you do not wish to know about such things, do NOT read this magazine. Do not say you have not been warned.

If you're still here: enjoy! A lot of work and energy went into this and if you want to see more of this kind of thing you need to let us know!


What are your Resolutions?

Happy 2017!

It's time to spill all of those Sissy resolutions. Here are mine:

1.) A Special Surprise Release coming this week.
2.) Maidenhead's final two chapters pushed through editing and uploaded.
3.) The M&R Roleplaying game playable by summer.

Now it's your turn.

Girls: I expect to hear three things you legitimately plan to do this year to make yourself more submissive and feminine.

Fellow dominants: What's your three goals for torturing the toys around here?

Waiting for the first kiss...

Happy Holidays - Let's all kiss under the mistletoe!

All I want for Christmas is a reluctant little slut, who is forced to do everything I ask of them. Is that too much to ask? If only there was a site that could find and then train fellas into becoming feminine little sexpots... oh wait... we have a site like that!

Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad and Happy Holidays to all from Locked in Lace!

*hangs mistletoe over the door*

Brief site shutdown tonight at 11PM (CST)

Our server company is shutting things down temporarily in order to initialize our new hard drive. Our database has just grown too darn big... you girls must be doing something to to it... what did I tell you would happen if you rubbed up against it like that?

This should be a very quick and easy turnoff and restart. Just giving you a heads up!

Some updates...

So in case there have been screams and shouts, you may have noticed the site has been intermittently down over the last two weeks. I've tried to time these outages to off hours where we have the least amount of traffic. Sorry for the inconvenience. These takedowns have been intentional to try to get ourselves back into good shape with our database, modules and backup cycles. As always, module updates bring with them a new set of bugs and 'features'. We need these things updated to keep the site secure, but being open-source software, the updates are not always reliable.

A plea for assistance

Work has begun on getting this place back up and running...

... and one of the first things that had to be done was the renewal of domains and certificates... *shudder*

This led to a good look at how this place is doing financially and it seemed like a good place to start asking for help. (and yes, we really need help) So it's time for the annual, please give us some money speech. (sing along if you know the words).

free falling

Coming up for Air

*peeks into the room*

Yep. Everything is still here. Good good.

Apologies for the long, unintended absence. The perils of having three active jobs is that any and all hobbies end up taking a back seat.

I hope everyone is happy and well...

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Most Recent Updates


Content type and structure created for AMBERVision


Woot! 200 GB of added SQL Database Storage installed!


Core drupal updated significantly by several version numbers.

Lots of module updates... predominantly

  • adaptive theme
  • admin-menu
  • colorbox
  • ctools
  • drupalchat
  • entity
  • features
  • field_permissions
  • fivestar
  • analytics
  • honeypot
  • countdown-timer
  • libraries
  • media
  • message
  • nodeviewcount (*this is the culprit)
  • organic groups
  • panels
  • publishcontent
  • quiz
  • recaptcha
  • scheduler
  • views (*this may also be the culprit)
  • and about a dozen more not worth mentioning

redid how the site saves backups and when...
Established a better site analysis messaging
removed some nasty malware
upgraded chastity belt software
integrated twine (somewhat)
confirmed correct installation of bakery for corp
removed several unused and outdated modules from the database