oh and there was the whole car crash thing too... but we shall not speak of that...

Crash and Burn

So... I know I've been gone... I know I left a lot of stuff up in the air...

We've been going through some challenges in the last few months and there just was not any time to come up for air.

I've been trying all week to just push myself to login and pick up the pieces and it has felt overwhelming and almost soul crushing.

But I'm here... Please be patient as I sort through things and try to get the entropy monster moving again.

Progress Report

So in case you have not been paying attention, I've been trickling out little dribbles of information about ... ...something...

It is something that has been a long time coming... and it is a lot closer to being here than it has ever been.

Chat fixed

I did disable a few of the buggier aspects, but I think it is back up. Please test...

*NOTE: Chat is now only available on the chat page (and no longer on the front page). You can access it by using the drop down forum tag in the main menu and selecting chat, or by going directly to the link:

Chat Brokey

UPDATE 4: Nope. Still broken...

UPDATE 3: After multiple failures, I have the database repaired and a stripped down version up and running. This should let us know if the issue is arising from one of the bells and whistles or from the chat module itself. Observing as we speak...

UPDATE 2: Every attempt to reinstall / re-enable chat leads to badness... I need to do some database repair, but lack the time today and tomorrow. Hoping to tackle it tomorrow night.

UPDATE 1: Welp... this is not getting fixed tonight. Will attack it again tomorrow morning.

I found another one...

Seems like these keep getting smuggled out somehow... Don't worry everyone. We will find the culprit and they will be ... dealt with... Judging from some of the stains on it, it is very clear these are being used for enjoyment from someone not in a Sissy-Link belt. We should fix that. After all, we do NOT want the 'girls' reading about what is happening to them after all... do we? *evil grin*

A little piece of something I've been working on...

UPDATED: Wrong version was uploaded. File has been corrected.

I know I've been quiet for a few days... been working on something...

I also know people get antsy when I'm silent, so here's just a little peek of something much bigger... Not ready to talk about it yet, but thought you would all like an update.

Looks like some Sissies got their hands on a Sissy-Link brochure... Some of these ads you may have seen in the Motivationals... but it seems like this brochure is leading to something else, doesn't it? Curious...

Click Here to read the contraband Sissy-Link Brochure


So thank you very much for all the patience this last week as we restored some much needed functionality and poked at some long standing bugs.

A few of the things accomplished this week:

  • Restored functionality to image upload
  • Solved the error timeout when posting
  • JQuery updated (which should solved a lot of our scrolling and interactive button issues
  • Much needed update to the front index page of the site.
  • oh... and we migrated to a new, faster server. Woo!

I'm going to spend this week continuing onward with fixing some functionality of the site and trying to determine what needs works. Remember, this is being discussed here! Then it's back to M&R and the goal of getting that playable...

If you would like to be of assistance... I could use a few intrepid adventurers to go to the BUGS page and do some testing. Any volunteers?