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Maidenhead – Final Chapter Posted

So there we go.  MAIDENHEAD

A 514 page pictorial forced feminization novel.  

This is the longest piece of erotica I’ve ever written, hands down and the second longest piece of writing I’ve ever done…  and that includes the interactive office story with all the branching pathways… 

Many thanks to everyone being patient and working through this with me… and special thanks to both Shannon and Shy_christine for their constant editing notes…

…and, of course, to my lovely wife for doing all the layout and graphic editing.

I hope all of you enjoyed it.  I am really relieved to have this monkey off of my back so I can move on to the next big thing… *schemes*

I do plan to compile this whole thing into a pdf/epub… there are some corrections that need to be made based off of the feedback given by this lovely community… 

Speaking of… PLEASE leave feedback.  This is literal years worth of work on and off and I would really like to know what you liked, what you didn’t… and what you’d like to see next.


  1. shychristine 2 months ago

    Congrats to Lissa and Ren for once again raising the bar for forced feminization fiction! It’s a real honor to get to say I got to contribute in teeny way to this story.

    My favorite aspects of this story are how well rounded and alive each character is. They all have their motivations and drivers that really bring the story to life.

    I also really liked how the duality and conflict a lot of us feel is described within Lacy’s mind. And speaking of duality and conflict, I think the way Lacy’s emotions and drives are all conflicted and cross-wired in the last chapter as the consequences of all this start to sink in is so real. And so delicious!

  2. bondage bunny 2 months ago

    thank you so much! this story haunts me…..i can’t get it out of my head sometimes

  3. Shannon 2 months ago

    Happy to help – congratulations on a job very well done!

  4. Bambi 1 month ago

    Love this image so hot

  5. Legion 2 weeks ago

    I have waited so many years for the conclusion to this story and I find that it was well worth the wait. The way that you gradually reveal what is going on at the same time as our heroine really helps to bring out the fear of the unknown and pushing it forward. I did find it a bit contrived that Mark never figured out what the job was, even with some quite obvious hints from Miss Sellars.

    The best part, though, is the relationship between Lacy and Miss Sellars. She is definitely domme, and pushing her sub hard, but she remains a loving wife. So many of these stories, being written by subs, don’t understand what motivates a domme, so they wind up being cruel caricatures. In this one, a lot of the meanness was due to a misunderstanding, which seems more real to me. In fact, the story overall has a verisimilitude that is rare in the genre.

    It doesn’t hurt that I would so love to be in Mark’s shoes, uncomfortable as they are. That post shame spiral can really be a pain, too, I feel Mark’s dilemma.

    The layout was also extremely well done, with the pictures giving just enough of a tease, but leaving the rest to the imagination. Excellent job Ren.

  6. teri gurl 5 days ago

    Simply amazing.
    I’ve been totally captivated by this story from the outset, a delicious love hate relationship that continued to draw me deeper inside with every progressive chapter. The slow drip, drip, drip of the weekly/biweekly releases were as much a frustrating tease and denial exercise as most any I’ve enured and like each and every one before it we survived and were better for it.
    Then this mad banquet of a finish has left me sated, satisfied, shaken, contemplative and oh so grateful for the wonders of this magical place.
    Brilliant beyond description.
    Congratulations and thank you so very much.

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