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The Beginning

Katie Davers, helpless bunny slave and Island escort, snuck a secret message to a new group of arrivals.  Rachel was the first to crack the code and soon discovered that Katie had slipped a strange photograph into her pocket.

The Strange Photograph

The photo contained five girls displaying their *assets* to the camera.  By utilizing the number of girls, the number of assets and adding the date together, the secret code ‘51037’ was discovered that allowed access to a hidden page on the Locked in Lace website.  Where a new puzzle awaited…

Katie's LetterA letter from Katie was found inside the locked area… Scrolled by hand it gave specific instructions of what to do next… if the right phrase could be found.  One of the guests, Tyrone, known at the moment as BEAR, acknowledged a relationship with Katie but refused to say more without a password… and a tribute…  A guest stepped forward, guessing the right phrase, ‘Your servant’, but one of the guests will have to volunteer themselves as a tribute in order for everyone to learn more about the ‘society’.

Tyrone – I ain’t got time for this

As the guests located the ‘Tyrone’ that was mentioned in Katie’s letter, he demanded of them a password and a tribute.

A guest, self identified as Paradise Bird, stepped forward and uttered the phrase, “Your servant” and offered himself as tribute.  Under Tyrone’s direction, Katie Davers led Paradise Bird to a mysterious underground facility known as “The Chamber”.

The Chamber (Michelle Bubbles)

As Paradise Bird was led into the Chamber, he discovered it was a giant warehouse sized storage area for all manner of fetish wear and toys.  Once inside, Katie Davers manipulated a situation wherein the power was temporarily cut off.  During this outage, she managed to dress Paradise Bird up in her likeness, while disguising herself as the male she had been escorting.  Gagging and leashing the fake ‘Katie Davers’, the fake ‘Paradise Bird’ escorted her up and presented her back to Tyrone who accepted the helpless new bunny-girl as his tribute.

Unleashing Katie

Leading Katie (formerly Paradise Bird) up the hill to a clearing, Tyrone straps the helpless heroine into a bondage cross connected to a small terminal.  The terminal requested three separate input codes with the prompt of ‘The First Bunny’.  The group following along, aided Tyrone in discovering these codes which were a reference to the measurements of Marilyn Monroe and her being on the cover of the first playboy magazine.  By inputting 37, 23, 36, the machine sprung to life and caused the bound and gagged bunny ‘girl’ to descend into the mountain.  As the trap doors closed behind her, the rest of the guests were led down the hill to the dining facility to finish out the first day.

The Dining Hall

The dining hall is an erotically disturbing event, filled with tables of ‘girls’ serving as human platters for sushi and vegetables, desserts and fruit.  One of them has a distinctive tattoo on her right hip.

The flora were watching from the shadows.  Three dangerous looking ladies were discovered through their ‘friends’ connection to Tyrone and Katie Davers. R.I.P.  Miss Rose.  Miss Ivy.  Miss Perilla.  Upon approaching Miss Ivy about the serving girl with the “I” tattoo, a message was shared.

Using a simple code of shifting letters, the words:  “Choose your Mentor” was discovered.  Each Flora Mistress demanded a tribute of their own in order to accept the newcomers as students.

Miss Ivy, Miss Rose and Miss Perilla have graciously offered to mentor the new arrivals, but at a cost.  Anyone wishing to mentor must present a tribute of their own to prove both their dominance and willingness to work.

©2020 Melissa Daniels & Renee Carter-Daniels

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