Help Wanted: Images

I am in need of high rez, super erotic images of makeup, hair and salon work for a new pamphlet for the Corporation.  I’m looking for images of girls being made over… of long hair and lucious lashes… of lipgloss and eyeliner… images that make your little sissy hearts swoon.  You can post links below.  I need them as large images and most importantly, I need them to have some sort of eroticism to them.

I look forward to seeing what this wonderful community comes up with.


  1. Alison Anderson 11 months ago

    I’ll start this one off.

    This one is pretty basic but she has nice glossy lips.
    [img]ult/files/styles/program_hero_image/public/CE/Images/Hero Image-Applied Cosmetics-ThinkstockPhotos-157868673-resized.jpg[/img]

    Some nice smoky eyes.

    Colorful combination of eyes, lips, and nails.


  2. Alison Anderson 11 months ago

    Even though these are faked, this flickr site has some nice images of what might happen to those less than cooperative:

  3. [img][/img]


  4. Author
    Renee Carter-Daniels 11 months ago

    Wonderful stuff! Keep them coming!

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