Womanless Beauy Contest

  • I sob when you have me branded as a sissy fairy with a large embarrassing tattoo.

    Even in chastity the tip of my cock is leaking pre-cum which is doubly embarrassing.

    I hang my head in shame wondering for the first time if I’ll ever really be able to go back to being a man again.

    “Please Chloe, you’ve had you fun, now lets go home”

    I know I…[Read more]

  • “I do want to make sure that you remain a tranny girl even after the contest. Can’t have you trying to get back to life as a skirt-chasing male.   My favorite Tattoo artist joins us.”I want to keep sure she never forgets being a  girl. Please brand her.” I take a good look once she’s done. “Oh that is the perfect thing for a fairy boy”

  • I bite my lip to keep quiet, hopefully this will be over soon and we can go home.

  • I look down at that lovely device. “Well dear, that’s so very good on you. I have other things that will so lovely on you”

  • You redo my make-up when I’d rather you take it off.

    You call me a cry baby now, things are just getting worse.

    “I’m sorry Chloe, it won’t happen again”

  • Feeling sorry for her “Oh dear, it’s the best thing for you. “I’ll redo your makeup/ I wipe her face clean and apply fresh makeup. “You really are such a Cry baby. Maybe I should treat you like one. Get to drink from a bottle, eat baby food, and wear diapers.”

  • I sob as you lock up my cock.

    My make-up is all ruined, I can’t bring myself to look at you, just keep telling you what you what to here.

    “Yes Chloe”

  • I pick out a special device, go over to my pet and lock his male privates  up.”There I don’t want you playing with yourself. You are my pet slut. I expect you to service my pussy and give BJ  s to the men select for you.”

  • Left with no choice I quickly tell you what you want to hear just to get out of this situation.

    “Yes Chloe, whatever you say”

  • She whines just any other sissy.   “I really should have your male sex organs removed and sell you off to some horney middle east businessman. Bet I could get a lot of money for you.  I want you to beg to be my slave girl and bondage bitch, promise you’ll do whatever I command of you.”



  • You stop fucking my ass but that’s only so you can spank it with a hard paddle.

    “Ouch that hurts”

    I beg you to stop but you don’t.

    “Please stop”

    Your so angry and you take it out on my poor backside.

    I’m powerless to stop you as you tie my hands and your girlfriends show up.

    “Wait, please”

    I wine like a bitch as they strip me.

  • <p style=”padding-left: 40px;”>I roll my eyes,  “Really Jezabelle?You must think I’m a bimbo”  I pull the so do out and my paddle on her was til its best red. I dump her on the floor and tie in her hands behind her back. /” I have something special you,” The girls come in and strip my sissy. |”String her up”</p>

  • You stroke my cock while fucking my ass.

    Oh god I’m going to cum again while your talking about removing my ball, what’s wrong with me.

    “No not my balls, I’ll do anything”

    I moan while begging unable to control myself.

    You show me a picture.

    “I didn’t know she had a dick, she tricked me”

    My ass is so sore but I cum so hard for a second time.

  • I reach around and play with her cock and balls- still banging her ass with the dildo.

    “Well, I could fix it so you wouldn’t be a man, have your balls snipped off. I mean you were much of a lover to begin with. ”

    She moans like a bitch in heat. “I do know you like Tranny boys, I have a photo of you fucking one.”


    “That really added insult to…[Read more]

  • “No don’t”

    I plead but to even more shame I cum hard all over the floor and my heels.

    You don’t stop fucking me, the dildo is so deep now.

    “No, no”

    I try to deny.

    “I’m a man, I like women”

    I begin to get hard again.

  • She moans , cries and begs. “Never mind how I found out, I did that’s that matters.  I am going make into fairy, you being having gay men and sissies just like yourself”

    I driving the Dido deeper into her, oh her sissy clit is shooting cum. ” So you are turned on, always thought you were a bit of a fag. Well there are many that will shag your…[Read more]

  • John Coxx replied to the topic Group logo of Womanless  Beauy ContestMiss Tranny in the forum Womanless Beauy Contest 1 week ago


    I sob, how did you find out?

    “It didn’t mean anything”

    My sobs turn to moan the more you fuck me.

    I turn bright red as I leak pre cum onto the floor.

  • Chloe X replied to the topic Group logo of Womanless  Beauy ContestMiss Tranny in the forum Womanless Beauy Contest 1 week ago

    <p dir=”ltr”>I ram the Dido into and out of her ass crack. ” You are a fuck doll this another way you earn points in the contest. Love the you moan. Jezabel is the perfect name for two timing slut. You are going get fucked so many times during the contest.”</p>

  • John Coxx replied to the topic Group logo of Womanless  Beauy ContestMiss Tranny in the forum Womanless Beauy Contest 1 week ago

    “Wait, stop”

    I protest but somehow you’ve become stronger then me.

    “Let’s talk about this”

    You bend me over the table and pull my skirt up exposing my ass.


    I’m reduced to begging as pull down my panties and shove the dildo in.


    I cry in pain.

    “Go slow”

    I sob, tearing up my mascara.

    “It’s to big”

    My ass feels like it’s on…[Read more]

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