The Nursery

The Fall Of Andrew McArthur (For Stephanie Suckswell)

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    I leaned back into my Corinthian leather chair and locked my hands behind my head.  Sighing contentedly, I watched Daisy (my newest secretary) gently zipping up my pants and delicately dealing with her dripping lip.

    “You’re such a good girl”, I tell her gently.  “Can you go and get my diary for me please sweetie”.

    She stands, looking ever so demure in her tailored grey pant-suit.  The hint of a giggle as she licks her lips.  “Of course Sir”.   Off she totters on her 6 inch strappy heels (my insistence as a permanent accessory to her work attire) and returns with my diary.

    Looking down at her pretty toes encased in nylon.  I smile.  “I approve of your choice of nail polish today”

    I feel a stirring in my groin as I stare at her pretty toes.   “Stop teasing me sissy – go and make me a coffee”.

    She giggles once more as I playfully swat her butt as she leaves.

    Life was GOOD.

    Thumbing through my diary revealed an interesting addition.  Simply titled “Nursery Inspection”.   Absent-mindedly tapping the entry with my finger I tried to think….

    Nursery….nursery.   Aah yes, one of Jack Watkin’s old departments.   What with the miserable old bugger retiring last month, it had been passed onto me to deal with maintenance and inspections.

    To be honest, I didn’t know a lot about The Nursery.  Only really the image it conjured – lots of sissies dressed as babies.   I shuddered….

    Not my bag…. not my bag at all.

    Daisy interrupted me with my coffee.

    “Daisy, my darling, what do you know about The Nursery?” I asked.

    “Errr… not a lot”, she replied.  “I think it’s kinda where the sissies who aren’t great at other things go…”.  She paused.  “It’s got a bit of a reputation…”

    I close my diary and catch her wiggling her nylon toes in her heels.

    “Stop teasing me!” I say, giving her a fake look of annoyance.  “Don’t you have PRODUCTIVE work to do?”

    That giggle again, “Yes Sir” – and with that she was gone.


    30 minutes later.

    I shut the door to my office and walked out into the corridor leading down to the elevators.  Having so many admin staff and secretaries on this floor, the air (as usual) was thick was the heavy scent of perfume.  I wrinkled my nose and made a mental note to have someone turn the air circulation up a few notches.

    Reaching the elevators, I pushed the button and waited for a few seconds before the doors opened to two maids laughing about something..

    “You should be using the service elevator.  You know that”, I say quietly – as the giggling stopped.  “And blondie… your left stocking seam is crooked. ”  The sissy blushed and immediately went about fixing it.  “Yes Sir, Sorry Sir”.

    I smiled.  “Don’t worry about it.  I just don’t want you getting in trouble with your supervisor.  Appearance is everything – remember that”.  Subconsciously I straightened my own tie in the mirrored wall and fussed with my hair.

    I pushed the button and the elevator started descending once more.


    10 minutes later

    I was getting annoyed.  I must have been walking these corridors for ten minutes.

    “Where the fuck is this place?” I muttered under my breath, cursing that I should have checked the floor plans before I left my office.  “Who the fuck comes down here anyway?”

    Reaching an intersection I spy a sign at the far end of the right hand corridor.  A sign in big infantile lettering.


    “Finally….” I mutter, trying to compose my thoughts as I walked down the heavy carpeted corridor until I reached a set of bright pink double doors painted with pictures of teddy bears and dolls.

    I inwardly chuckle as I forcefully push them both open – Daddy’s Home!


     Stephanie Suckswell 

    Another day, another humiliating costume, and another potentially humiliating job to do.

    God, I fucking hate working down here in the nursery. Why can’t they just get girls who want to be babied to do this. I have to sit here all day, and help the dumb guests in this dumb outfit.

    Stephanie fights with her outfit, the enormous bow weighing her head down. The frills and extra bows causes her to itch. The massive diaper, and even larger plastic panties, forcing her legs apart making her waddle like an actual….baby. Although, she never fought too hard, the cameras were always on. Her sponsor always finding new ways to humiliate her.

    She was even forced to carry a pink bag in her left hand, with just her thumb and one other finger. And in her right hand, was a large pink rattle, embroidered with her full name.




    Today she was tasked with giving tours and anything else a guest may want. It was the second part of that sentence which truly made her worry. Thankfully, she only had fourteen hours left on her shift.

    While some girls were forced to live down here full-time, Stephanie was just supposed to stay here for her shift. But anytime a sissy is down here, they must wear the standard uniform.

    So. Stephanie sat, on the way too small pink chair, and waited at the front doors for her first guest.

    Suddenly, a cocky young man bursts through the Nursery doors he was carrying the same sort of confidence that Stephanie grew to fear.

    Stephanie stood instantly facing him, and dipped into a full curtsey. Though the diapers and panties made it far more difficult and awkward than normal.

    “Hello, S-ir. Welcome to the nur-sery. How may I s-erve you?” Stephanie asks in her best lisp-filled voice.



    Pink…. a disgustingly overly cutesey pink.  It dripped from the walls, the ceiling, the furniture.  Even the floor was pink.

    A tinny nursery rhyme played over the tannoy speakers in the ceiling, and my nose was instantly assaulted by the smell of baby powder and cotton candy.

    What the actual fuck?

    As I stepped through the doors there was a gentle hiss and click as they locked behind me.

    Fuck it’s hot in here.

    I stared at the ceiling.   Mk 3 WyndAire aircon units.  That’s why.  We replaced them all 5 years ago.  Clearly not down here.

    I’d barely had chance to take everything in and I heard a voice.  “Hello, S-ir. Welcome to the nur-sery. How may I s-erve you?” A lisping candy coated infantile voice.  I looked from the ceiling to the voice and my eyes widened.  The creature in front of me was a mass of ruffles, ribbons and bows.

    What the fuck is the protocol for down here?   I felt out of my depth.

    “Err hi….”, I stumbled, being momentarily caught off guard.   Peering at the rattle in this sissy’s hand I took a longshot.

    “Let me guess… you are Stephanie”.   I smiled.

    Talk to her like a kid.  That’ll work.  My eyes scanned the foyer for an adult (well a non sissy adult at least).  Nothing.

    “Hey sweetie”, I said slowly, bending down a little so as not to scare her.  Do they get scared down here?

    “My name’s Andrew and I work upstairs”.  I point upwards for good measure.

    I scan around again, looking for an adult.

    “I do….err….” No she probably wont understand ‘Facilities Management’. “I umm… make sure everything in your pretty nursery is all nice for you sweetie.   Do you think you can be a big girl for me and show me around?”

    I gently poke your nose for good measure.



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     Stephanie Suckswell 

    “Err hi….”, The man says a bit surprised. He looks her outfit up and down.

    “Let me guess… you are Stephanie”.   He smiles at her.


    I’m never getting used to being a sissy like this. Every man just looks at me like I’m a fucking joke. I hate playing the part of this cutesy baby sissy even more than a regular slutty sissy.

    “Hey sweetie”, He says slowly, bending down a little so as not to scare her.

    “My name’s Andrew and I work upstairs”.  He points upwards to add to the humiliation.

    She fakes a giggle, and smiles.

    Fuck you man, I’m only like four inches shorter than you, and like 4 years younger.

    “I do….err…..I umm… make sure everything in your pretty nursery is all nice for you sweetie.   Do you think you can be a big girl for me and show me around?”

    To finish the humiliation, he pokes her nose.

    I bet Molly(Stephanie’s sponsor) saw that, and fucking loved it. Put on the act, just a few more hours. Just a few more hours.

    “Oh, s-sir, I don’t think I can be a big girl, but I can be a help! I would just LOVE to show you around.” She says as she dips into a quick curtsey.

    Looking up at her hands, the rattle in one hand, her tiny bag in the other.

    “Um. Sir. I’m not allowed to walk anywhere unless I hold an adults hand. And my hands are full. And I’m not allowed to leave my stuff lying around or else I get punished.”


    “Would you hold my rattle for me, I don’t think you wanna have to hold my purse. Since you’re a big strong man and all.”

    She holds up the rattle, seeing if he will help her out.

    “If you can hold it, we can hold hands and start walking down this long hall way here.”


    I smile at how adorable you are.  “Come on then sweetie.  I’d love you to show me around.”

    I gently take your rattle from you and detect a strange weight.  Obviously designed so it can only be held upright as you did.  It doesn’t escape your notice that your name, Stephanie, is facing outward in my hand.

    We start walking and I let you lead.  I’m taking in the particulars as we proceed.  Sockets on walls, fixtures on ceilings.  Walking nice and slowly so I don’t rush you.

    I spy a storage cupboard on the side of the wall with a tiny plaque next to the handle.  “General Storage”.   I slip out of your hand.  “Wait here honey.  There’s a good girl”.

    I step inside and automatic light comes on.  There is an array of various adult baby accessories in here, all neatly stacked up in boxes.   I chuckle as I spot a box of pacifiers and imagine my Daisy walking around the office with one in her mouth.   I root around the box until I find one with the name “DAISY” on it.

    “Perfect” I say, holding it upright.   I push the box back, neglecting to see the label on the side of the box.


    Infused with Psy-Chem VII-a. 

    I step out of the closet and shut it.   “Nothing in there”, I say cheerily.  I go to pocket the pacifier and not noticing how in proximity to the rattle, the pacifier’s name has changed to STEPHANIE too

    I go to pocket the pacifier once more but you’re already reaching for my hand and have gently taken it from me so as to fit your hand into mine.

    “Do you want to give that back to me sweetie?” I say gently, bending down again  so we’re face to face.


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     Stephanie Suckswell 

    Stephanie playfully walks along with the man. Oblivious to the world, holding his hand brings a comfort to her.

    They finally reach some closet, where the man stops. Let’s go of her hand, and he searches for something.

    Unsure of what is happening, Stephanie just nods along. She then takes the pacifier from his hands as she tries to hold his hand again.

    “Do you want to give that back to me sweetie?” He asks as he bends down to her height again.

    “The Paci?” She asks, as she playfully holds it away from him.

    “Sir, this is for Babies only, sir. Trust me.” She says, her voice almost normal.

    Almost telling him the truth.

    She then looks up at the cameras, and understands just what is happening now.

    This won’t end well for you, dude.



    She’s so adorable

    “Come on sweetie, give it back.”   I lean in closer with a little laugh.

     Stephanie Suckswell 

    Having received an order, from someone who was still a superior for the time being, Stephanie dipped into a quick curtsey.

    Dont say I didn’t warn you

    She then handed over the pacifier to the obviously confused man.

    She holds out her hand, and starts to walk back down the hall.


    “Good girl”, I say when you hand it over.   You watch me put the paci in my top shirt pocket… totally oblivious to how “dangerous” such an innocuous looking item is.

    I gently take hold of your hand once more.

    “I have a special sissy upstairs who would love this paci”, I say softly – conscious I may have been a little mean.   “It’s not that I didn’t want you to have it sweetie.”

    I smile warmly.  “Come on, no pouty face”.   I give your nose a little boop again.

    “So, what are you going to show me first?  You’re being SUCH a good girl.”

    I think I’m getting the hang of this.  Dealing with sissy littles is ridiculously easy.  I can’t wait to tell Daisy about this little cutiepie.

    We wander down the corridor a little way, as I take in more of the aircon units that need fixing.  “Tell me if you need your diaper changing or you need a rest sweetie.  Perhaps there might even be some candy we can find for you”.

    I give your hand a little squeeze as we walk.


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     Stephanie Suckswell 

    Stephanie smiles as the man takes her hand and they begin walking down the hallway.

    The man talks down to her, like all men do, explaining how he has some sissy upstairs. Stephanie just nods along.

    He boops her nose, and Stephanie gives a playful giggle. A giggle learned after hours of babified torture. Ten spiced enemas it took before she relented. A painful memory.

    The man seems eager, over eager when he asks “So what are you going to show me first?”

    Stephanie giggles again, looks up and gives him a soft smile.

    She just turns back and leads him down the hallway.

    A hallway covered in TeddyBears, Princesses, and the Muppet Babies.

    Every ten feet or so on either side of the hallway is a door, each with a theme signified by the cartoon character that adorns it.

    Halfway down the hallway, in between a Babied Mario on one side, and a Babied Peach on the other.

    He stops and tells her to tell him if she needs a changing, or a rest. Offering candy as a reward.

    Stephanie pouts, just the way she was trained.

    “Daddy? I’m not allowed to ask for a changing, I’m not even allowed to ask to be checked for a changing. Those are the rules, Daddy. If daddy wants to check, he can check, but he gets to decide.” She says with an adorable little stomp on the ground.

    Her diaper wasn’t wet in fact.

    “Perhaps I could show you one of these two rooms? They are both single rooms, one big crib and a lot of other fun things to see. You pick daddy.”


    As we walk down the corridor past the infantile but strangely cute doors, I’ve probably missed around 50% of the things I’m supposed to be down here checking.

    You can tell that your super cute sissy act is having an effect on me.  I have gone into full-blown caregiver mode rather than the arrogant Dom that burst through the doors.

    Perhaps it’s the way I’m slowing down to match your walking pace, or how I’m stroking the back of your hand with my thumb.  Perhaps it’s how I’m looking at you more kindly.

    She called me Daddy.  So precious.

    “Well sweetiepie we’d better check hadn’t we?  We don’t want you being a wet girl and being sad do we?”  I let go of your hand and gently run it over the back of your bottom.  Not in a sexual way but to check for external “leakage”.   It doesn’t escape me how silky, padded and very soft your diaper and panty cover is.

    I make a mental note to check her at the first diaper change station or mat we come across.

    I look at both of the two doors.   “How about we go and look inside the Peach room first?  Shall we do that?  You’re being so helpful”.   I stroke the back of your head before taking your hand again.

     Stephanie Suckswell 

    <p dir=”ltr”>Stephanie notices a clear change in the mans demeanor. He’s already losing is alpha male side, and slowly slipping into a more submissive caring role.</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>But strangely enough, this doesn’t make Stephanie like him or care about him. Rather, she resents him even more. His whole life he’s been pretending to be some alpha male, and at the first site of a diapered sissy, he’s gone spiraling down.</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>Good riddance. You’re going to be my bitch soon enough. You poser. Fake. You’ll be sucking my thumb in no time. </p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>But at present, he still controlled the situation. Even though behind Stephanie’s eyes was clear contempt.</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>His hand brushed against her diapered bottom, seeing if she is dry. His hand lingered, clearly loving the soft fabric more than her ass itself.</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>Oh honey, just give in already. A real man would feel me up, not feel my panties up!</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>The man makes a decision to go into the Peach Room.</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>Im surprised you had the balls to even make this decision. Baby.</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>Stephanie follows as the man leads her into the Peach Themed Nursery room.</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>The room is an explosion of pink, with a Baby Peach motif readily apparent on the walls, bottles, carpet, etc. Everything themed and labeled.</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>A changing table on the left, a crib in the center, rocking chair, mountains of powder, outfits, diapers, enama tubes, paddles and restraints. Everything you could need.</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>Stephanie let’s the man take in the sight. But remembering he was still technically “in charge” until he was in a pair of diapers.</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>“What would you like to see first, Daddy? I can’t ask for a change, but…” She bumps her pantied butt up against his leg twice with a flirty smile.</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”></p>


    As we enter the room I’m taken aback.  I’d never realised how well-equipped the Nursery was.  This room seemed entirely self-contained and obviously geared towards the ultra-sissy babies.  It was almost as if this was a sissification centre within a sissification centre.

    Looking around among all the baby paraphernalia I spy the sissylink chastity belts racked up on the wall.  Even they’d been customised and sprayed baby pink.   A key-coded medical fridge was a glass door was also present – making it obvious that this is where the “baby sissies” were made.   I’d heard about some of the methods and chemicals used, but up in the boring world of “Facilities Management” we never got to see “the process”.

    I am distracted from my wonderment by your padded butt bumping me.

    I chuckle at your flirtation and boop your nose again.

    “Come on then sweetie – lets check to see if you’re a wet girl”.

    With strength that surprises you, even based on my caring demeanor, I effortlessly pick you up and gently place you on the changing table.

    “Up we go!”, I smile.

    I pause a moment.  How the fuck do I check or change a diaper?  I’ve seen it on TV but never done one.  Ok this cant be too difficult

    I look at your cute little shoes…

    …and begin to unbuckle them.   It’s obvious I’m clueless.

    Pulling one off your foot I smile.  “There we go. There’s one shoe.”   I go to put it down on the adjacent table.   “Well what do you know…. you’re the same size as me sweetiepie”.    I can’t even imagine this cute little babygurl being anything OTHER than what she is now.

    I take off the other and place it on the table.

    “Daddy’s not very good at this”, I chuckle looking at your socks.

    “I think they can stay on… don’t you?”

    I smile and take your little bag, putting it on the table by the shoes.  “Come on pumpkin… lie back for Daddy so we can check”

    I watch as you do as asked.    “Good girl”

    I approach you and gently hook my thumbs under the waistband of your panties – and slowly lower them over your diaper.  I’m surprised at how silky and soft they are.  I chuckle at how your name is written inside them.

    “Good girl” I say again, as you continue to lie there.

    Placing the panties on my growing pile of items I return to the diaper – which appears to be made by engineers and needs a PhD to understand. There appear to be velcro tabs as fasteners.

    The huge amount of padding doesnt escape me.  Wadded at the centre to promote a waddling walk – and an obvious amount of padding at the rear.    I begin pulling at the tabs closest to me.

    “There we go…..”

    I reach over a little bit.   “Let’s do these ones sweetie…..”

    I have to lean over…

    …as you twist your body the opposite way so I have to lean more…  your eyes watching my shirt pocket.

    “Stop wriggling sweetie”, as you turn just a bit more.

    “There we go….”, and as I reach for the velcro tab the paci harmlessly rolls un-noticed onto your tummy, inches from your hand.

     Stephanie Suckswell 

    Stephanie playfully squeals as the man lifts her up onto the changing table. Even with how she currently felt about this man, and even after all the abuse she has suffered here, she still felt a girlish glee when a man exhibited his strength like that.

    A small bit of arousal leaked into her diaper, the first of the day. A small damp spot, resting on her SissyLink.

    The man takes her bag, and helps her lie back onto the table.

    She rests her head on the cushion, and keeps her knees bent. Her stockinged legs swaying playfully.

    The man has clearly never changed a diaper, especially not a sissy diaper.

    What is he doing with my shoes? 

    A wicked smile and a mischievous snort lets out of Stephanie’s mouth.

    Now he’s touching my socks?

    Stephanie playfully twists and turns knowing this caretaker doesn’t have the balls to punish her like any of the others would for wriggling.

    He eventually manages to take off her panties, and then is confounded by the diaper.

    He leans over and his new pacifier drops onto Stephanie’s belly. Caught in the drills of her pink dress.

    Stephanie lifts her hand and grabs the pacifier.

    She looks up at the man.

    “Mine?” She says as she almost places the paci in her mouth.

    “Or Daisies?” She quickly shoves the pacifier back into the man’s open mouth. A loud giggle escapes her mouth.

    “You know, you can take the shoes, and socks too…daddy….ya know….for Daisy…” She says continuing to wriggle side to side.


    Your wriggling and giggling amuses me, and is only increasing my affection towards you.

    I don’t see the paci drop, and am already laughing when I turn to see you with it in your hand.  Lost in the moment of what seems like totally innocent fun.  I have no inclination as to what happens next.

    As the paci enters my mouth, in a microsecond my brain has already sent the impulses to my mouth to close my lips around it.  A spontaneous reaction which is enough for my saliva to come into contact with the invasion to my mouth.

    A simple molecular conversion…

    The dissipation of a membrane…

    and the merest quantity of a clear, tasteless liquid mingles with my saliva.

    In that split second it takes me to remove the paci and laugh to call you a brat, the chemical is permeating through my mouth’s mucous membranes.

    In mere seconds – the time it takes to playfully swat your butt, it’s in my bloodstream.

    “It’s for Daisy!”, I say, waving the paci in front of you.  “Behave!”

    Perhaps I should take the socks.  I look at the shoes already on the table and back again.

    I gently begin to pull them down your ankle. My hands lingering on the ribbon decorating them.

    “Perhaps I should take the shoes and socks for Daisy”, I repeat smiling, the suggestive nature of the chemicals already starting to take effect.




     Stephanie Suckswell 

    Stephanie nods with him, matching the pace of his head bobbing up and down. Sensing the chemical reaction. Knowing exactly what happens next.

    Stephanie squeezes her cheeks together, pressing against the floor, the friction of the diaper, her leg, and the table, and the man’s inevitable doom causing several streams of arousal to leak into her diaper.

    She bites her tongue as she looks back up at him.

    ”Yes…you should take them for daisy.”

    Stephanie watched the man’s reaction.

    ”Are those the right size for Daisy? It would be a shame to grab the wrong size.”


    I look at the socks intently as I remove them from your feet.

    “I’m not sure”, I say, looking at you strangely.  “I think they might be.  There’s no size on them.  I can’t tell”

    I’m so lost in trying to work out the sizing of the socks I completely miss your arousal.

     Stephanie Suckswell 

    Seeing that the man was basically entranced, and no longer going to do her diaper change. Stephanie sits up and swings around. Her body facing out, off the table, but next to his.

    “Well. Try them on. How else would you know?”

    She looks up at the camera.

    “In fact, just for your sissy, I’ll let you try on anything you want her to have. All on the house. No payment at all. As long as you promise to get the right size.” Stephanie says, her bare foot playfully rubbing the man’s leg.

    “Look to your left, that whole shelf was everything you could need….for Daisy.”


    I look up to you and then the socks.

    Why would I want to try them on?  They’re sissy socks for sissy baby gurls. 

    My eyes meet yours as I slowly slip out of my shoes.  First one, then the other.

    No no, wait, what the hell is this?   

    Your bare foot with your cute pink toes are positively entrancing.  “Stephanie, you’re being a BAD girl”…. My hands reach to my own black socks and begin removing them.

    My confusion is evident.  I am clearly torn.  My personality and dominance vs you and the drug.  I pick up a sock.  “Daisy would love these”, I say with a smile. “Daisy loves cute, pretty socks”

    Yes you do.  Put them on.  They’re so adorable.   So soft and sissy just like Daisy.

    You continue to rub my leg, gently smiling at me.  “Stephanie, you’re being naughty….”

    My toes just slipping inside the white cotton fabric.  Slowly over the top of my foot. I pause for a second, as if coming to my senses.  “No…I….”

    My hands pulling it over my heel and ankle.  Straightening the bow so it looks pretty.

    Perfect socks for Daisy

    I pick up the other sock.  Your smile, the softness of your bare foot against your leg.

    “But I’m not a sissy!” I tell you.  My toes slipping into the other.

    Such a good girl doing what Stephanie tells you

    What is happening to me.  I can’t wear these!

    Over my heel and up my ankle until my feet look as adorable as yours did. I look horrified but pleased with myself. That phrase, over and over in my head.


    I’ll let you try on anything you want her to have.

    I’ll let you try on anything you want her to have.

    I’ll let you try on anything you want her to have.


    I try to stop myself but my head turns to the sissy chastity belts all lined up on the wall.  All categorised.




    I turn back to you not saying a word.  Lifting up my feet to stare at my socks.

    This is a nightmare.  It’s so humiliating.  What the hell is going on?

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     Stephanie Suckswell 

    Stephanie leans into the man as he leans down to take off his black socks.

    ”Oh, yes. Daisy would love these.” Stephanie says, mimicking the man’s words and rhythm.

    ”Daisy would love these pretty pink socks. So soft, so girly, so smooth.”

    The man pauses for a second calling her naughty.

    ”Think about Daisy, think how cute Daisy is going to look.”

    The man slides the sock up, and then fixes the bow.

    Another spurt of arosual, and an audible moan from Stephanie.

    Stephanie then sees nirvana, the man has spotted the SissyLink belt. No time to waste now.

    ”Put on Daisy’s shoes, Daddy. Make sure they fit. Your pants and underwear need to be off to get an accurate reading.” She lies. Her hands gently rubbing his crotch.

    As he obeys, she steps over and grabs the “Baby” Version of the SissyLink Device. The meanest and cruelest of all sizes. The wickedest of the wicked.

    She walks back, holding the device out. Seeing if he is ready.


    I watch you go and fetch a “baby” version of the SissyLink Device.

    No no no no no! Put it back.  I’m not a babygurl.  My eyes widen in  horror.  I’ve heard about these belts.  The designation.  The utter regression to total babyhood.  They are spoken of in hushed tones.  Half truth – half rumour about the abject misery the poor wearers of these belts have to endure.  They are for the “worst cases” and rarely used.

    Inwardly I’m screaming until my eyes catch the pretty pink shoes.

    Daisy loves pretty shoes.  Pretty shoes are Daisy’s favourite shoes. I shake my head, trying to think clearly.

    As Stephanie asks me to remove my pants and underwear my hands linger over the button.  This has to stop.

    Such a good girl

    My fingers unbutton my pants and start to lower them

    Aren’t you a good girl for Stephanie

    I’m not a good girl.  I’m not a girl or a sissy.  How the fuck is this happening?

    I step out of my pants and hook my fingers into my shorts.  Slowly pulling them down.  I’m clearly embarrassed being exposed in front of you.

    Make this stop!  Make her stop.  I helplessly watch you prime the belt, touching it in ways I can’t see properly.   When you are happy, you place it down on the table for when it’s needed.

    Daisy needs her pretty shoes.

    Ask Mummy for help

    Mummy will help you just ask her

    I shake my head, sitting.  It’s as if my body is working by itself.  All these thoughts.  Infantile ridiculous thoughts.  I’m a grown man!

    Just ask her.  You’re too little to manage the buckles.

    Ask Mummy nicely like a good little girl.

    You’re looking at me biting my lip


    Ask Mummy for help

    She’d love it if you used your best little girl voice

    I start rocking back and forth a little. Scrunching up my face.

    You know what to say.  Can you help Daisy put her shoes on Mummy.  Daisy is too little to manage the big girl buckles.


    I’m trying to fight it.  I’m a grown man.  I’m a grown man.

    “Can…can….”  I look up at you, watching you smiling at me.  “Can you help Daisy put her shoes on Mummy.  Daisy is too little to manage the big girl buckles.”

    You idiot.  You fucking idiot.

    I turn scarlet – holding out the shoes.


     Stephanie Suckswell 

    Stephanie smiles.

    Well that was quick. Just the sight of the device did the damage. 

    “If you put this on, then I will help Miss Daisy with her shoes, her pretty little shoes.” Stephanie says in a sing song voice as she steps toward him.

    His cock, sticking straight out. His already girlishly smooth and pale legs shining in the light.

    ”Does Daisy know what this is?” She asks as she reaches the man, slowly slipping it between his legs.

    ”This will make Daisy feel so happy.” She secures the loops between the back and front.

    ”Daisy is going to love it.” She says as she attaches the sides.

    “Daisy won’t be able to live without it soon.” She closes the lock.

    ”Just one second, we can put on your pretty pink shoes in a second.” She leans back and finds the controller.

    ”Does Daisy want to know what happens if I click this button?” She asks, her hands running up and down his thigh.

    “Well, time to find out, bitch!” She activates the device.

    Three powerful waves of pleasure run through the belt.

    Followed by three powerful waves of pain.

    Stephanie merely steps back and watches the show.



    Woman’s voice:   “Hello?”

    Man’s voice:  “Are you in front of a monitor?  I suggest you look at Camera #622

    Woman’s voice:  “Just a second”


    A pause


    Woman’s voice:  “Is that who I think it is?”

    Man’s voice:  “It is.   Subject 99532 is having a….. tantrum.   Shall I send in security and a med team to extricate?”




    Man’s voice:  “Are you still there?”

    Woman’s voice:  “No…… let it run its course”


    The woman sighs, slipping out of her strappy heels and begins massaging her sore toes.  “Let the bastard get what’s coming to him”.


    “Pretty shoes”, I say smiling.  Was that nearly a giggle?

    I watch you approach me with the sissylink.  My eyes widen.

    No no no no.  Don’t.  You can’t do this to me.  You can’t.  I will have you cleaning the warehouse bathrooms with your tongue before the day is out.   I’ll send you R&D and have you tested on…. don’t you fucking dare.

    I smile.  Your voice sounds so happy.  It’s soothing.  Calming.   I feel the metal slip between my legs and I shiver.

    Your body presses into me and I can smell your perfume, as I feel you pull around the sides.  I simply stand motionless. Calm and obedient

    You stupid fucking sissy.  Don’t you dare….

    You pull the sections into place and get ready to lock it.  You watch my face… my eyes starting to water.  A mix of horror and sadness.   The merest shake of the head.  Pleading…..


    I watch your smile. Your reach for the controller…slow…deliberate.

    Baby Daisy is going to be so adorable

    Such a cute baby

    I don’t even you curse at me as waves of pure pleasure wrack through my body.  In that split second it’s like my mind explodes in a mass of silk and satin and frills.  Softness everywhere, arousal, comfort, knowing I am a sissy gurl, pure ecstasy.

    The second wave of pleasure.  Lying in my cot with all my stuffed animals.  So calm with my pacifier and lovely soft diaper.

    The third wave of pleasure.  Being cradled – a bottle in my mouth.  My tummy full of warm milk


    The sensation is short lived.

    I cry out as the first wave hits.  My bottom burning like it’s on fire.  It brings tears to my eyes.

    The second wave of pain.   I’m in my cot, crying my eyes out and nobody is coming.  I can’t talk.  Why cant anyone understand me?

    The third wave of pain brings me to my knees.  My calves are burning and my thighs.  White hot pain as I shudder.  I fall backwards.  Landing on my bottom with a plop looking up at you.

    I look at you pleading, tears rolling down my face.

    “Baa baaaaa maaaaa.”  My eyes widen in horror.   “Daaaaaaaaa”.

    I try to speak again.  “Daaaaaa oooooo eh”

     Stephanie Suckswell 

    Stephanie works quickly as soon as the device has done its introductory shocks.

    Daisy sits crying on her bottom. Her whole body sure to be sore, aroused, and incredibly sensitive.

    These next few minutes were key, Stephanie knew.

    Just as the device gave the victim its first shocks, the device was also quickly doing damage to the victims bowels and digestive tract. Damage that would be apparent to it’s victim within ten minutes. Damage that would bring irreparable harm to Daisy, and endless amusement to his Sponsor.

    Stephanie swiftly approached Daisy, and calmly let her lie down on her back.

    “There, there, Daisy. I’m here to take care of you.” She says as she slowly removes her last remaining male clothing.

    Stephanie than softly places a new pacifier into Daisy’s mouth. This one also adorned with Daisy’s name, but this one laced with even stronger chemicals.

    Stephanie then slides a diaper up Daisy’s legs, velcroing it shut.

    Pink plastic panties come next. A small padlock securing the waistband on the right and left side.

    Stephanie makes sure Daisy’s socks and shoes are still in order.

    Then come the lockable mittens, ensuring the victim has no thumbs or fingers for escape.

    Lastly, the bonnet. Tied in a big bow at Daisy’s chin.

    Stephanie then leans forward and plants a big kiss on Daisy’s lips.

    “You look beautiful, Daisy.” Stephanie says as she helps the sissy to sit back up. Her likely adjusting to the massive diaper and panties.

    “Now. You’ll learn a lot about how this device works over the next couple weeks. Some ground rules, to keep you from getting hurt.” Stephanie instructs the new sissy.

    “If you disobey any of these rules, you’ll be shocked much worse than you just were. The staff is always watching, I can assure you of that.”

    Stephanie flirtatiously rubs her hands up and down the sissy’s legs.

    “You’re only allowed to crawl, sit on your knees, or anything lower than that. No standing or extending your knees. Understand?

    No big person words allowed anymore either. I can use a little bit bigger words cause I’m a toddler down here. You’re just a baby.

    And well, the rest of it, you’ll find out soon.”

    Stephanie turns the sissy around, and opens the gate on the crib behind them.

    “Up you go, Daisy.” She says as she helps the sissy into her crib. Letting her lie on her back.

    The cribs walls short enough that Daisy could just maybe read the top if she were standing.

    Stephanie locks the crib shut, and then leans down so her face is next to the new sissy’s face through the wooden bars.

    “You’re already their bitch. You’ll also be my bitch after tonight, sir.”


    Why can’t I talk, why can’t I talk?

    I try to communicate again, but all that comes out is a stream of nonsense.  I feel disorientated, confused, angry, hurt.  Then her arms gently laying me down and telling me it will be ok.

    Mummy will take care of you.

    I feel utterly humiliated but somehow her touch is comforting.  Safe as she gently and slowly removes my clothes.

    She leaves me for a moment, opening cupboards on the wall, looking for something.  I catch the sight of small boxes.  Two pacifiers in her hand, weighing each one up.  That smile again.

    Out of sight, the label on the box “WARNING:  Causes gentle, painless erosion of all adult teeth within 24 hours.  Use only under strict supervision.”

    I watch you examine the paci a little more before you come over and gently place it into my mouth.

    Daisy is such a good baby.

    “Diaper next sweetie”, you say as you go and find what you want.  “Newborn” – you grin evilly.  “Extra arousing material and extra padded.  I think you’ll love it”.

    That look.  It’s going to be bad.

    I dont need a diaper.  I don’t want to be diapered

    The second you slide the diaper under my bottom I can tell why.  It feels warm but silky.  Each mere movement like a thousand gentle caresses. From silky to cottony, to a feeling of almost lace.

    What the fuck is this?!?  No no don’t pull it over me.

    As you reach between my legs and pull it up my brain explodes in pure arousal.  In mere seconds I can feel the warm feeling of sticky pre-cum in my groin.  Wet…oozing….

    I let out a gentle moan as you fix the sides of the diaper.

    No no no I cant be like this!!  Take it off

    You can clearly see the arousal in my face as you lean in and whisper into my ear… “That will never stop…ever….oh yes baby girl.  First the arousal, then the addiction.”

    I whimper softly as she explains about the device and how my motion and movement are now limited.

    I can’t be regressed to crawling.  I’m a grown man.  I want to be…

    My thought blows away in the breeze as the sensation of the diaper becomes prominent

    I want to be… a good baby girl for mummy.

    You finish dressing me. The ruffled plastic panties, bonnet and mittens exponentially increase my humiliation.  I desperately want to tear them off but my hands are rendered useless – unusable.

    I hate you, you fucking bitch

    I love you mummy



    Woman’s Voice:   “Hello?”

    Man’s Voice: “I take it you are still watching?”

    Woman’s Voice:  “I am….”

    Man’s Voice:  “Subject 99532 has exceeded safety protocols.  I’m going to go down there and put a stop to this.”

    Woman’s Voice:  “We’ve never had a situation like this before.  We have no statutes on how to deal with it”

    Man’s Voice:  “Remember Subject 188343?”

    Woman’s Voice: “You can’t be serious?  Subject 99532 is a sissy.  It’s unheard of.   Management will go insane.  There’ll be repercussions.

    Man’s Voice:  Let me deal with the board.

    Woman’s Voice:  “But Subject 99532 is a sissy!  You can’t make her responsible.  You can’t make her a mother”

    Man’s Voice: “Watch me. Call Dr Soames and get him to meet me at The Nursery.  Tell him to bring Bonding Agent 34A.   50cc will be enough.  I want to set an example to any other sissy in this building if they ever try pulling shit like this.”

    Woman’s Voice: “…. yes Sir.”

    Man’s Voice: “And Daisy, keep this up and I will recommend you at the next gender reassignment board.  You’re doing good work”

    Woman’s Voice:  “Thank you Sir”



    No no no, I can’t sleep in a crib.

    You gently guide me inside.  The soft mattress so inviting for my aching body.  Warm blankets.

    Instinctively reaching for the stuffed bunny and pulling it into me.

    Why?  What are you doing that.  Throw it out.  Scream.  Do something

    I watch you lock it.

    “Mamama ooooo maaaaaaa”

    The chemicals in my bloodstream mixed with exertion…. so tired.

    Baby girls need their sleep

    So…very tired.  Must stay awake.  Can’t….

    Rock-a-bye baby on the tree top…


    I barely hear your words as my eyes close.



    The door bursts open and I wake with a start – and in a microsecond start screaming and crying.

    Four huge security guards flank a stern looking man in a black pinstripe suit with a man in a white coat following behind.

    He takes a controller from his pocket and pushes the red button as white hot pain courses through your body as if you have been tasered.

    “Cuff her. Gag her. NOW!”

    You’re writhing on the floor as you’re forcibly forced onto your front as heavy cuffs are placed on your wrist and a ball-gag is placed into your mouth.

    The pain is agonising as you are dragged into the furthest corner of the room away from me and surrounded by all 4 guards.

    The doctor rushes forward unlocking the crib.

    I am terrified and screaming – losing control of my bladder and bowels simultaneously.

    A hand-held device is produced and ran over my body.

    “68% damage to the stomach, 71% damage to the intestinal tract and colon.”

    He pushes a button.

    “59% damage to the frontal lobe.” He shakes his head. “She’s fried his Broca’s area. He’ll have minimum speech at best. Best case scenario… a 3 year old.” He shrugs.

    “24% damage to motor function. 61% damage to quadriceps, soleus and hamstring – she overset the strength – she’s fried them. He wont be walking upright again”

    He doesn’t even concern himself with my screaming as he walks over to a cupboard and pulls out a small machine – to which he attaches a needle.

    Returning to me he jabs it into my skin and watches the LED screen.

    “Traces of Psychem VII-a, HRA-IV and MLA-IV.” He turns to the man in the suit. “There’s no way we can bring him back. Best case scenario… I can administer SDA-VI and complete the sissification process so he has SOME quality of life but at the moment he’s going through a living hell.”

    The suited man sighs and rubs his forehead.

    “Add SDA-VII too. At least make wearing baby attire a pleasurable thing for him. And SDA-XII… let him enjoy being a sissy baby.”

    The Dr turns. “SDA-XII will work to some degree. He’ll still have memories. Resentments….”

    “But will they be less…”, the suited man replies.

    The Dr nods. “Less pronounced”

    The suited man replies. “Do it” – before sighing and walking over to you.

    “Well Stephanie…what am I going to do with you? I hear R&D are having some results with human/animal gene splicing at the moment. What’s their next project…. aah yes. Pigs if I remember”

    “I also had a request a couple of months ago from a rather unsavoury sponsor who was looking for a human toilet. Of course we refused… AT THE TIME…. but I can ask my secretary for his details again I suppose”

    “We could lobotomise you I suppose. Ship you to our facility for those who don’t take to the sissification process. Find you a nice padded cell to live our your days”.

    He lifts your chin…

    “What the fuck did you think you were doing? Did you really not think we’d see? Did you really think you’d get away with it.”

    He turns round and walks away

    “No…. I have a better idea. This is your mess. YOU are going to clean it up.”

    He takes a syringe out of his pocket.

    “Bonding agent 34A…. fun little drug. We’ve been marketing it to zoos and wildlife parks for a while. It instills a maternal instinct in mothers who reject their offspring.”

    He tips the syringe this way and that in front of your face before removing the cap.

    “Oh you’re going to LOVE the responsibility of looking after baby Daisy forever. Oh don’t worry, it takes about 30 minutes to work so you’ll get to experience all that seething hatred for what I’m about to do. You’ll get to experience yourself changing. From hating Daisy to absolutely adoring her.”

    He laughs.

    The Dr turns. “I’m done. I’ve also given a sedative.   I’ll be back to check again in 8 hours.”

    The suited man approaches you – jabbing the needle in the side of your neck. “There’s a good girl. You can uncuff her and remove the gag now.”

    He turns to walk away. “Perhaps I might keep you working in the Nursery too. So you can keep an eye on your “daughter” all the time.” He laughs.

    “We’re done here”

    Security begin to walk away.

    “Oh one more thing Stephanie…..”

    He presses the red button on the controller so the pain sears through your body.

    “There won’t be a next time. This is your final chance”.

    From your place on the floor you see them walking away as the automatic doors close once more – leaving you alone with Daisy and the bonding agent working its way through your bloodstream

     Stephanie Suckswell 

    Stephanie turns and a rush of fear envelopes her.

    She knows she has messed up, know she is in trouble. She’s been used as a pawn, in some strange political game between the powers at be in the Corporation.

    The fact that she was ordered to change this man into a baby doesn’t negate the fact that she exhibited dominance over a Superior, an unforgivable offense. Disobeying the order in the first place would have resulted in punishment, and now obeying the order is resulting in even worse punishment.

    She knew this was always a possibility going into this assignment, but that doesn’t make the punishment any less severe for her.

    She steps back, as the men rush in.

    The next few minutes are a blur.

    They check on the poor victim, thankfully Stephanie had done enough damage that the effects were irreversible. Stephanie wasn’t going to be punished for failing her assignment, as well as for attempting her assignment in the first place. A small consolation.

    Stephanie is forcefully gagged and cuffed, and then dragged into the corner of the room. She watched as the men did their work.

    The man who seemed to be in charge finally looked at Stephanie, “Well Stephanie…what am I going to do with you? I hear R&D are having some results with human/animal gene splicing at the moment. What’s their next project…. aah yes. Pigs if I remember. I also had a request a couple of months ago from a rather unsavoury sponsor who was looking for a human toilet. Of course we refused… AT THE TIME…. but I can ask my secretary for his details again I suppose”

    Stephanie struggles with her cuffs, and tries to yell. Only a small muffled girlish moan comes out.

    “We could lobotomise you I suppose. Ship you to our facility for those who don’t take to the sissification process. Find you a nice padded cell to live our your days”.

    The man lifts her chin…

    “What the fuck did you think you were doing? Did you really not think we’d see? Did you really think you’d get away with it.”

    He turns round and walks away. Stephanie looks at him resentfully.

    “No…. I have a better idea. This is your mess. YOU are going to clean it up.”

    He takes a syringe out of his pocket.

    “Bonding agent 34A…. fun little drug. We’ve been marketing it to zoos and wildlife parks for a while. It instills a maternal instinct in mothers who reject their offspring.”

    He tips the syringe this way and that in front of your face before removing the cap.

    “Oh you’re going to LOVE the responsibility of looking after baby Daisy forever. Oh don’t worry, it takes about 30 minutes to work so you’ll get to experience all that seething hatred for what I’m about to do. You’ll get to experience yourself changing. From hating Daisy to absolutely adoring her.”

    A man then comes and shoots up her neck with the drug.

    Stephanie’s arms and legs go numb. She falls to her side. Her face towards the center of the room.

    “Oh one more thing Stephanie…..”

    Then searing pain, and then blackness.

    Stephanie wakes back up, her outfit still on, but her hair disheveled from lying down on her side.

    Unsure of how much time has passed, Stephanie tries to stand. The pain in her body making it difficult.

    She finally is able to stand on her Mary Jane shoes, and she looks up at the crib in the center of the room. The sissy baby remained with her in the room.

    “Fuck you.” She says out loud. “I guess the serum hasn’t been activated yet. What a bunch of assholes.”

    She steps forward, still awkwardly balanced.

    She reaches the crib, looks up at the cameras, and pinches the man’s nipples. Hard. Twisting them tight. Before she slaps the boys face, and then smacks his crotch a few times for good measure.


    The change.

    Her face suddenly changes. Her whole demeanor transformed.

    “Ohhh! My sweet baby! LOOK how cute you are!” She then begins to fidget with the dress, and the boys diaper.
    “Soo so so cute. I just wanna cuddle you and let you suck out all of momma’s milk. Wouldn’t that be nice!”

    Stephanie then looks down at herself, and frowns.

    “Why on earth am I dressed like a baby? In diapers! Oh my gosh! I am such a terrible mother!” Stephanie turns and heads to the clothing rack.

    She wonders aloud. “If I am a caretaker now, do I get to take the diapers off? I must if I am to take care of the little one!” Not even thinking if consequences were possible.

    She finds a suitable dress, and then restyles her hair, and entire wardrobe.

    She finally returns to the babies bedside. And undoes the locks.

    “Crawl on out, little one. Time for a change, and a feeding.”

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