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    I wander into this strange place . I stop and look around and I notice these people are really short. I get a closer look at them. I ask one , “would you like me to help you color?”



    this beautiful lady comes in and I cannot keep my eyes off her as I try and color

    the distraction makes my coloring even worse out of the lines

    and then she comes up to me and asks

    “would you like me to help you color?”

    and I feel my body quivering hoping she does not realize I am not as young as I look

    and maybe I fool her into thinking this boy is a toddler

    looking up at her I say

    “yes Ma’am that would be so nice of you

    I have trouble keeping in the lines”

    as I feel myself stiffing in my panties

    I mean pants


    I hear the tiny person speak. So I get down on my knees and take mike’s hand. “Now lets get you a new picture to color. Shall we?”  I ask as I grab a new picture and retake mike’s hand

    “Now lets color slowly”, as I help guide the hand slower and in more control.  “See you are doing a lot better.”  as the coloring is staying more in the lines.  “See it is almost perfect” as I continue to help the tiny person color.


    this lady get down on her knees to help me and gets a new picture to color

    as she gets down I cannot help but notice her huge breasts … blushing

    and she takes my hand and helps me stay in the lines telling me to color slowly and telling me how good I am getting at

    this treating me as if I really were a toddler …. glad she does not realize I am really a man …someone who would

    love to bury his face in her breasts


    I continue to help little mike color and I move closer and behind mike. Not realizing my breasts are pushing up against the back of mike’s head.

    “See How good you have gotten, in such a short amount of time.”  I say then I see were my breasts are.  I move back . “Now you try all by yourself. See if you can do as good.”  I move over so that I am beside mike.


    as you help me color I feel your breasts against the back of my head

    wishing I was turned round. blushing

    you say see how good you have gotten and lets see if you can do it yourself

    as you move to be beside me … all I can see out of the corner of my eye are your breasts

    and my coloring starts to go wild


    and my teeny dickie is rock hard



    I see little mike go crazy with the coloring. “Now slow down”, as I move closer and place my hand over mike’s. Once again I help guide the little hand in a more even motion.

    “See if you just slow down you can stay in the lines.” I say as I gently guide the little hand. I smile at mike. “There that wasn’t so hard was it?


    as I start getting worked up and my coloring gets wild you say

    “Now slow down”

    and you put you hand over mine and make me go slow saying

    “See if you just slow down you can stay in the lines.”

    as you guide my hand saying

    “There that wasn’t so hard was it?

    “no Ma’am” … but you have made me so hard I hope I do not have an accident

    in my training pants

    realizing that since I was put thru that silly machine no one thinks of me as a man anymore I am so small

    and being dressed like a widdle sissy baby girlie girl in a dwess and ruffles panties who would think

    it would humiliating if anyone found out and then I would diffidently have an accident


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    I hear the comment about having an accident. “If you have to use the potty you may go tinkle.”  I say looking at mike.  You go and use the potty and I will go look for something, ok?” I get up and walk away to look for some more papers to color.    As I am looking I see some files laying out in the open, but high up so that the tiny ones could not get at them. I flip through them and notice one that says , ‘Mike’. so I look in there and find out something very interesting. It appears Mike was full grown before coming here. And I thought she was just small.  I put the file back and find some more coloring books.

    I go back to the table. and wait for mike to come back. From the tinkle, I smile.


    after I come back and see the nice lady  at the table with new coloring books

    wondering what kind they are I walk over to her and sit down

    feeling a little better just hope my teeny dickie does not hard again

    the humiliation of anyone know who I am or what I was is just to much for me

    howe did I end up like this

    how did I allow this to happen

    not only try the convertor and made half my size

    how did I allow them to dress me like a widdle girlie girl

    why not at least a boy no one can know I would die of humiliation


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    I spread out the books in front of mike.  “I even found more crayons for you. ” I really look over mike sitting there. I can’t help but think how they did it? I finally ask.

    “So  how long have you been like this, mike?”  I ask wondering .


    you spread out a couple coloring books and more crayons

    and as I sit there wondering what color to use you say

    “So how long have you been like this, mike?” 

    my whole body freeze and my mind swirls about

    o no how does she know … who told her … as o feel my dickie immediately get rock hard

    and throb due to the humiliation I am feeling as I stammer

    “w w w hat did you say …blushing… like what????…blushing

    OOOOOOOOOOOOO”  she know all about me.  blushing



    “I know you were once full grown. So how long have you been like this? ” As I look the tiny person over. I grab one of the books and start to color . “I to went through some changes, so it is not all that bad. It may be nice to talk about some of the things that you are getting used to.”


    “you know in was once full grown…. how do you know?????…. I have been wike this for only about a week…blushing

    this is all so new to me”  as I feel my dickie throb from the humiliation that she knows I was once full grown

    hope she does not know I am weally a man or a boy …blushing…that would be to humiliating

    “I am trying to get used to this it is berry strange”



    I take and start to fix some of the ribbons in little mike’s hair.  “Aside from the height thing not being able to reach things . I looks like your hand eye coordination may have been effected to. So I think you need to keep practicing coloring , it may help.”

    I finish up with fixing the ribbons. “I bet it is awkward going from a man to a sissy girl? Yes your file is over there laying out so I peeked at it. ”  Smiles as I look over your clothes.


    as you begin to fix the ribbons in my hair you tell me that the machine shrunk me in size and also effected my hand eye coordination and that I need to keep practicing my coloring to help it…wondering what else it effected… I do feel very vulnerable and needy and insecure now…. but then as you finish fixing my ribbons and making them look so pretty you hit me with

    “I bet it is awkward going from a man to a sissy girl?”

    BLUSHINGGGGGG as I feel my dickie twitching and throbbing and feeling totally humiliated…unable to talk for a moment as you continue

    “Yes your file is over there laying out so I peeked at it. ”  

    “where I did not see it…o must be on top of that high table over there”

    as I see you smiling down at me and the pwetty girlie clothes I am made to wear

    “wes it is hard being dwessed this way and I am trying to get used to the frilly ruffled panties and petticoats and satin dwesses…BLUSHING”

    suddenly a wave of total humiliation comes over me once a powerful business man now just a widdle sissy baby girlie girl and I feel my teeny tiny dickie suddenly explode in and intense orgasm


    as tears well in my eyes…. I am so sorry ma’am mes had a big accident in my panties

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    I look at you and can only guess what happened.  “I sissy make cummies in her panties?”  I ask as I see the tears start to well up.  “Now it appears you may have to learn some other things again to. ”  I pat her little hand.

    “Maybe you should show me your clothes?”  As I think it must be awkward to have cum filled panties.


    a I start to cry you look down at me almost giggling saying

    “I sissy make cummies in her panties?”  


    as you also tell me as you pay my hand

    “Now it appears you may have to learn some other things again to. ”

    “mes does not knows what happened so quickly….blushing….mes feel so ashamed and humiliated”

    “mes have only the clothes I have on…mes know not where anything is

    big people do that for mes”


    “Well maybe if I get up and look I may be able to find something for you.”  As I get up I can feel the little eyes follow me.

    I kind of smile as I think of the comment. ‘big people do that for mes’  I do think I qualify as a big people?  I begin to look around and I come across a door. A closet full of frilly clothes.  I pull something out.

    [/img]This looks like it might fit.  I find some tiny panties to go with it to.

    “This looks like it will fit, now all we have to do is get you changed”  I say standing there holding it .


    as I sit there totally humiliated and looking around to see if anyone see me…you get up and say\

    “Well maybe if I get up and look I may be able to find something for you.”

    and I watch her every move hoping you does not leave me here in this mess alone as I watch her cross the room

    you come to a big door and open it and inside is racks of clothes and you pull out this ultra frilly pink satin dress and a pair of the frilliest ruffled panties to go with it and say

    “This looks like it will fit, now all we have to do is get you changed”

    I see the outfit and almost begin to cry again thinking will look so silly in that…what have they done to me…they have made me into this widdle sissy baby girlie girl and I cannot stop them anymore as I look around hoping no one sees and that you find a private place to allow me to change… glad at least that you did not find any fluffy cloth diapers



    I put the dress on the table . “Now lets get this old one off of you. ” I begin to take off the old dress. then get up and spy a little tub I run some water in it making sure it is warm.  Then I look back at you.

    “We can’t just put clean clothes on you with out cleaning you up first now can we? Come closer and lets make you clean again.”


    you put the dress and ruffled panties on the table and say

    “Now lets get this old one off of you. ”

    as you begin to take off my old dress and messy panties leaving me standing there naked

    hoping no one comes in and see my dickie…. blushing

    then I see you putting water into a small tub then you look back at me and say

    “We can’t just put clean clothes on you with out cleaning you up first now can we?

    Come closer and lets make you clean again.”

    and I meekly now walk over to you as you pick me up easily and put me in the tub as if I really was a widdle baby

    and take a cloth nd some sweet scented soap and scrub my body clean…. making me shinny clean and sweet strawberry smelling as I feel my dickie get hard again all 1 ” now when totally hard and poking straight out

    I then look over to the table and see the frilly baby girl dress and panties and the macho man (I was a manager of 20 ladies) in me feels humiliated that all this is happening but yet very very excited from the humiliation and for some strange reason something in me  just wove the dress and ruffles…no no this cannot be happening…. I cannot really wove this dress….blushingggggggggggggggg

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    I grab a towel and help dry you off. “Now isn’t that better, a nice clean sissy. ”  As I dry mike off I can’t help but notice the hard 1″ erection.  I smile at how tiny it is. I get down on my knees in front of you and grab your new panties.

    “Now place your leg into it.  Now the other one.”  I pull them up with a little ‘snap’ at the waist band. Then I grab the dress and slide it over your head and pull it down. Placing your hands and arms in the proper holes.  “It wasn’t to long ago I had to have help getting dressed to. ”  I giggle a bit at my remark.   Then I readjust the hair and make sure the ribbons are in the right place.   “There such a pretty little sissy. ”

    I look around and get up and start to look for something.  Then I come back with carring a tray with some things on it.


    “How about we have a tea party?”


    after my bath you grab a towel and dry my all off humming as you go

    then is see you notice my hardon… which bring a big grin and giggle from you

    and making me blush…then you get down on your knees in front of me and hold out my new ruffled frilly pink satin panties saying

    “Now place your leg into it. Now the other one.”

    then you pull it slowly up my wegs and nicely in place and then “snap” the waist …I quiver and feel my dickie throb

    as you look and make me realize that nothing is showing as you giggle and point at it…OOOOOOOO i am so humiliated and excited at the same time… next come the dress and there petticoats.. which make the hem of the dress stick almost straight out exposing my ruffled panties…. then you brush my hair and re do my pwetty ribbons saying

    “There such a pretty little sissy. ”

    head bowed blushing feeling pangs of humiliation cause no real man would ever allow himself to be dressed like this and loke it and happiness for being called pretty and wanting to be so pweety for eberyone

    you then get some things tea cups and a fake cake and say \lets have a tea party


    me a man dwessed like a widdle sissy baby girlie girl and now having to have a fake tea party with you and my teddy and dollies OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    my teeny tiny dickie is throbbing and twitching and my body quiver nd my head spinning what is happening to me

    why is this all happening why can I not stop this I should be able to just say no but I find I cannot


    “Well I think it only be fair that yo serve every thing.”  As I did seem to notice that mike was a manger so now he can set the places with the plates and cups. I get up and put a little apron on the sissy. “We wouldn’t want you getting your new clothes dirty.”  Before I sit back down I take and make sure the teddy bear and dolly is sitting up straight.  I watch and think it is a good thing that the table is so low.

    “Shouldn’t you clean the table of all the crayons and coloring books before we have this tea party?”  I ask as I think this may be a pleasant change of pace. manger waiting on me.


    as I sit there in this pink satin frothy party dress with so many layers of petticoats under it that is basically sticks straight out showing of my satin pink ruffled panties but due to the fact that I am now not even 1″ with full erect, which I am now I look like a little girl down there I look flat…….blushing…. just happy no one from my office can see me now

    I was such a macho manager and had a couple of sexual harassments lodged against me I would be a laughing stock and they would all just die laughing at my and my predicament, which they would all say was well deserved and would want to make sure I never could get out of it and would volunteer to babysit me every day just to humiliate me, you say

    “Well I think it only be fair that yo serve every thing.”

    as you get up and make things worse put a little fluffy pink apron on me..giggling as you say

    “We wouldn’t want you getting your new clothes dirty.”

    as if plastic cakes and tea cups could make anything dirty

    so there I am sitting with you facing me and teddy to my left and dolly to my right all ready for tea an cake

    when you torment me with

    “Shouldn’t you clean the table of all the crayons and coloring books before we have this tea party?” with a evil grin

    with this apron on making me feel and act like a sissy maid as well as a sissy baby girlie girl and I used to boss around and have at least 20 girls do my bidding I would have then doing this if I could and I always made sure the dress code was short skirts and stockings and high heels so  I always got a good view and a pinch or pat on the butt all the time

    and now look at me short pink satin frothy dress with so much petticoats my panties are showing for all to see

    as I said before if any of those girls were here now they would have there hands all over me…blushing

    as I feel my dickie throbbing and twitching and oozing…. oooo no have to control myself cannot have another accident here now…. but then I thought I saw a girl rom the office and my body quivered and OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    I made cummies again in my new clean panties


    what is happening to me I was always so good at control


    I watch as mike prepares the table and I smile. Clearing away the coloring books and crayons first. “Why you are doing such a good job.”  As I get closer to the table I don’t realize my boobs are resting on the table.  “If you ever return to being full grown I think I may request you in my own suit as a maid.”

    “Now make sure your dolly gets a place set and don’t forget mister bear.”  As I watch little mike . “I think mister bear would like a piece of cake , and dolly might want a cookie.”

    Once again I notice little mike made more cummies, but this time I say nothing about it.  mike will simply have to wear those dirty panties for a while.


    as I was the silly apron you put on and start cleaning up the table my mind is spinning about so many things I cannot control anymore and I loss all control over my body and have another cummies in my satin panties…luckly you do not notice I would have died if you knew as you tell me

    “Why you are doing such a good job.”

    and the man in me things that is so silly anyone could do this but somewhere in me I feel pride that I was doing a good job… as you get closer I see your boobs resting on the table O MY MY so delicious I think but then you floor me with

    “If you ever return to being full grown I think I may request you in my own suit as a maid.”

    “what what are you talking about when I return to full grown there is no way I would ever do a maids job I told you I am the manager of over 20 girls in a big office I do not do house work you are just sill”

    you just act as if you were not listening to me as you tell me to set a place for Dolly and one for Mr Bear and that one will have cake and one a cookie… for some strange reason I do as I am told thinking to myself what am I doing this lady is treating me like a really am a baby then I remembered what happened when i got made small… I lost all hand eye coordination and now twice I have lost all control over my dickie (I used to be able to last all night)…what if that is another side effect of the convertor…oo noooooo what if I also lose control over you know number 1 and number 2

    that cannot happen…can it…… I had better not wets the bed tonight or I will be ruined forever if anyone finds out I will never get out of this condition


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    • This reply was modified 8 months, 3 weeks ago by  mike.

    I get up and move a small potty chair near us, but I put up a curtain. so you have a little privacy. then I return to sitting at the table.

    “You are being such a good hostess, with serving everybody here.”  I smile at little mike.  I think with some work we could still save little  mike. I can see a hostess in the making. I giggle at the thought.



    you get up and retrieve a potty and place it in the corner….blushing

    “I do not need that right now”

    then you comeback and say

    “You are being such a good hostess, with serving everybody here.” 

    as you smile and giggle as you mind thinks something

    “well I am just doing wike you said… I am not weally that good at hostess… well I can manager a buck of girl to the hostess for me if needed. I told you i ma a manger”

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