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Little Alice needs a Mommy

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    i have been informed a sissy named Alice will join the Nursery to “learn” how an adult baby should be. i am assigned as her Mommy  and i need to train/transform her to be a good sissy adult baby. Or, i will be punished if i fail to care her good.

    i take up a small purse and walk to reception counter to seek if Alice has arrived or not. i just hope that Alice does not feel scare when she see my false prengency outlook.




    I walk to the reception counter, and am greeted by the sight of a slender and very gorgeous Asian woman carrying a small purse.  despite her slender limbs, her floral dress betrays the rounded bump of her belly, hinting at pregnancy.  I approach her hesitantly feeling a bit shy.  ”Um… excuse me miss… My name is Alice… and I’m supposed to be reporting to the nursery… they didn’t really tell me what for though… Is this the right place?  and do you have any idea why I’m here?”

    The woman looks nice enough, and I’m hoping that she’ll be kind to me.  but one never knows in a place like this.


    The girl, Alice approaches me and gives me a greeting. The girl…ummm… she should be a sissy in fact, i tell myself, though her figure is very femme and she is so cute for me.

    I look her from her head to the toes, to give her a fast check. She is about 5’1 and she seems quite slight. i particularly find that  she does not have the breasts. O! Yes, she should not have breasts as she is still in my belly, i wink to myself.

    She gives me the greeting with shy,

    <p style=”background: #FBFBFB; margin: 10.2pt 0cm 10.2pt 0cm;”>”Um… excuse me miss… My name is Alice… and I’m supposed to be reporting to the nursery… they didn’t really tell me what for though… Is this the right place?  and do you have any idea why I’m here?”</p>

    i almost laguh as she said she did not know why she is here. Nobody will know why they are here. Only her Sponsor knows what she will go for. i can feel her anxiety and i almost give her a warm hug to secure her. YEt, i remember my role suddenly. i need to develop a firm image to guide her. my Teacher tells me that a good mommy cannot spoil her kid. Thus, i stop my extended arm silly and make my face as firm as possible,

    Do you know what mistakes you have made? You have not given me curtsy. And… you should not address me Miss… you can call me Mom…. ummmm

    i almost speak out of tongue my role as a mommy to her which may shocks her so much. i know i need to take a slow pace. i thus change my words,

    You should address me Madam… and …and… will have perfect life with me here…giggles…

    Finally i cannot help but giggles to her . i just hope that this is not a demerit as a good mommy. i guess a good mommy can also be kind to the adult baby.

    Giggles… ok.. Give me a good curtsy and follow me to the inner room for a hot chocolate. OK? giggles…


    As I talk, the gorgeous Asian woman starts to reach towards me, as if trying to give a hug.  I hesitantly move towards her, but then a look comes across her face, I can feel her harden, and I shrink away.  She tells me that I made mistakes, chastising me for not curtsying to her, and addressing her incorrectly, she starts to say that I should call her Mom, but then falters, and changes her mind.  I look at her with some confusion, as the hardness in her face melts away, she tells me to call her Madam and give her a curtsy.

    I feel slightly more comfortable around the giggling woman, than the hard faced authoritarian she had tried to be, and manage to find my voice again. “I’m sorry Madam… nobody told me what the rules are, so I didn’t know I was supposed to curtsy or call you anything” 

    I awkwardly grab the sides of my pants, and pull them out while crossing my legs, and bending forwards, dipping down in a curtsy.  it almost certainly looks awkward but I’m very unpracticed and feel clumsy going through the motions.  “H-how was that?” I manage to squeak out quickly remembering to add on “…M-Madam?

    I nod and give a small smile at the prospect of hot chocolate, my favorite drink after all, and follow the beautiful woman into the “inner room”  keeping a small distance between myself and her, fearing that she hardens again, and gets angry, scary, or loud.


    Alice drinks the hot chocolate without any hesistations.  Alice grabs sides of her pant. PANT!  i cannot help but shaking my head.  She makes her curtsy very silly.  Once,  i lock the door then i sigh with my keft hand patting her head,

    [Color=deeppink] you are so poor girl… Only spoiled girl act like you… And,  hoe ugly the pant is…. luckily this is me be yout Mommy,,.  I MEAN your teacher,  otherwise you are spanked already.  But,  you need not worry as Mommy will teach you hood. [/color]

    i then sit on the only comfort chair and thrn say to Alice,

     Be yourself… and sit freely and i will tell why you are here.  O! No other seat? Ok,  dont worry,  sitting on my laps is fine.   Do you feel dizzy,  giggles…Come on…. dont be silly.. sit on my laps,  my girl..

    I say with smirk as I guess the drug in the hot chocolate should be in effect now.

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    • This reply was modified 4 months, 3 weeks ago by  hatsue.

    OOC: Should probably mention that my character currently looks like this

    my avatar is the eventual goal look for my character.  Sorry for any confusion.
    The Asian woman frowns when she notices that I’m wearing jeans, I look down at the rest of what I’m wearing, and see a black, somewhat form fitting, long sleeved t-shirt, white socks, and a pair of tennis shoes.  I hope that she won’t find the rest of what I’m wearing to be distasteful as well.

    I take the offered mug of hot chocolate when the beautiful woman gives it to me, and take a sip.  It’s rich, and creamy, and delightful, but I notice a strange after taste.  I turn to the woman with a smile as she pats my head.  “Thank you Madam… um… what’s your name?  I don’t think you ever told me

    The woman shakes her head, sympathetically calling me a poor girl, and spoiled, remarking on my pants being ugly, and then saying that I’m lucky to have her as a Mommy…teacher or else I would have been spanked already.

    I scrunch down feeling guilty when she calls me spoiled and my pants ugly,  but then give her a look of curiosity when she calls herself my Mommy, and then corrects herself to teacher.  I flinch in fear when she mentions a spanking.  “A-a spanking?”  I manage to sputter out  “w-what for?  a-and teacher?  what am I supposed to be learning?”  I pause for a moment then mumble  “I-I wouldn’t mind y-you being my M-mommy”  Hoping both that she can and cannot hear me.

    I take another sip of the hot chocolate, as The woman goes and sits down on a chair,  I look around for somewhere else to sit when she tells me to sit down as well.  a strange feeling comes over me, and I see that there are no other chairs or couches, as I start to feel dizzy and unstable on my feet.  She tells me to come sit on her lap, then giggles asking if I feel dizzy.  “O-okay”  I mumble, then take a few steps forwards, feeling off-balance I find myself spilling some of the hot chocolate, and quickly grab it with my other hand to stabilize the mug.  I nod in response to her asking if I’m dizzy, and continue to make my way to her, managing to climb up onto the chair and her lap, bringing the chocolate to my lips for another sip.

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