The Nursery

Jim Sneaks Into the Nursery (IVT Stephanie)

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     Sissy Jessica 


    My name is Jim, and I am a freelance investigative journalist. I am sitting alone in my studio apartment, having just got off the phone with Sally Fitzgerald, the editor-in-chief of one of the larger newspaper companies in the city. She asked me to investigate some rumors regarding Melandren. She had heard rumblings that the company has been developing some sort of treatment for men, and wanted to break the news first. I managed to negotiate twice my usual fee, seeing as this is a huge company and it would take a lot of work and research.

    What Sally did not mention, is that she has already “sponsored me” and paid the fees. She put in a request to transform me into a submissive sissy baby for her own pleasure. Sally has been career-minded since college. She is single and in her mid-40’s. She believes it would be better to have an adult sissy baby to have fun with, and she has the perfect target. She knows I live alone, and have no close family or friends who would miss me.

    Once I am off the phone, I start doing research into the company. After a couple hours of research, the company’s website doesn’t make any mention of any sort of treatments. What I do find are recommendations to take a tour of the facilities. I sign up for the final tour on Friday, which starts at about 4 pm. I input my name and email to register. I receive an email confirmation for the tour.

    Sneaking into the Nursery

    I arrive about 30 minutes before the tour begins wearing a polo shirt, dress slacks, black socks, and black shoes. Before I enter the building, I spy a couple employees leaving for the day. As I walk by them, I manage to lift one of their ID cards off of them. I kneel to act like I am tying my shoes, but I am really sliding it into my sock. Before I can join the tour, I have to turn in everything in my pants pockets; cell phone (no pictures allowed), wallet, keys. I am told I will get everything back at the end of the tour. What they didn’t know is that I hid a small camera in my pants.

    The tour group is about 14 people, including me. The tour guide is friendly and dressed professionally, but something doesn’t seem quite right about her. In the middle of the tour, I look for an opportunity to sneak away. When we reach an intersection, I see a pair of elevators and no one else around. I bend over to tie my shoes again, letting the tour group get several yards away. I pull out the swiped ID card, and use it on the closest elevator. The hallways are deserted, everyone leaving early on Friday, I suppose. I decide to start my investigation at the bottom, and punch in for Sub-basement 2.

    The elevator ride is fairly short, and the doors open to a small waiting area with a pair of pink doors right in front of me. Above the threshold reads “Welcome to the Nursery.” What the hell is this? I slowly open the door to see if anyone is around.

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     Stephanie Suckswell 

    Stephanie smiles wide as she hears the elevator ding outside of the nursery. In a few seconds, she would have her first visitor of the day.

    She had been told that this new visitor was one of the more reluctant participants in the program. Which excited her, the reluctant ones always end up loving the transformation the most.

    She harkened back to her days before she was transformed, all those memories still vivid in her mind.

    She sighed.

    This new visitor thought he was going to bring down the program, or something stupid like that. Did he really think exposing this program would fix anything? The Feds are the ones who started this whole program in the first place as a research and development operation into psychological warfare against the Russians. A universal gag order on information about the program had been in place since its inception. Any journalist caught writing about the program would be silenced…or gagged.

    This journalist would find all that out, either the easy way or the hard way.

    A few seconds later, the doors open. A man walks in who is 6’0. With short brown hair, blue eyes. He is athletic, about 190 lbs. He has little body hair, just like so many men who show up here.

    Stephanie stands up, and giggles a VERY girlish giggle.

    “Hello, Sir!” She says, “Welcome to the nursery. We are so happy you are joining us here.” She says with a deep curtsey. Her fingers lifting her skirt high and wide, exposing her plastic panties and diaper.

    Her small tits, showing when he bends forward. Her make-up giving her the look of a pristine doll.



    She rises from the curtsey. Her eyes linger on the man’s crotch.

    A camera, oldest trick in the book. Remember, he probably thinks you want his help to get out.

    “If you would be so kind, please walk with me and I will take you to a more private room where I can be more…honest with you.” She says as she darts her eyes towards the camera in the corner of the wall.

    She grabs the man’s hand, and whispers into his ear. Her outfits ruffles and lace brushing against his body. Her soft hands, gently intertwined with his.

    “I can tell you everything you need to know. Just promise to help me out.” She says innocently.

    They walk down the hall, further into the depths of the nursery.

    Halfway down the long corridor. Stephanie stops and gestures with her body for the man to enter the room.

    A sign on the door indicates it is the “Introduction, and interview room. No submissive’s allowed with proper authority.”

    The door opens, and the lights turn on.

    A relatively large room, with a large crib, changing table, rocking horse, sink, and tons of outfits, diapers, and other materials. The air filled with the distinct smell of baby powder effectively hides the other “sweet” smelling toxins which produce a calming effect on its victims. The calming agent working to create docile victims.

    Stephanie gestures towards the small table in the center of the room with two accompanying seats across from each other.

    “Shall we talk?” She says as she sits down, folding her skirt underneath her bottom.

    “What questions do you have?”


    OOC: Sorry if I wrote in a way that assumed to much of your character, I just wanted to get the story going. Also, I hope you’re okay with the use of mild calming drugs, it will help give your character an excuse to ever try on diapers. Lol. That’s always the hard part with these stories, the actual getting a grown man into diapers. Let me know in our PMs, if you have suggestions or hard limits about my methods to get you transformed.

     Sissy Jessica 

    As I open the door I am greeted by a beautiful woman standing in the reception area wearing a frilly pink satin dress. Oh shit, I’m made. I thought everyone would have gone home for the weekend by now. I wonder who she was waiting for. She curtsies for me and reveals her panties, and… Is that a diaper!? Is she really wearing one? Is she a victim here? She greets me, and welcomes me to the Nursery. She bends over slightly to reveal her cute breasts, and her make-up is pristine. She kinda looks like an adult-sized doll, very beautiful.

    I blush and my heart races. I sputter out a lie: “Oh, uh, well you see. My name is Jim, and I was part of a tour group and got separated. I somehow ended up here.”

    Before I can get another word out, she tells me she would like to take me to a room and talk in private. I see her eyes dart to a corner of the room. Security cameras, dammit. She must want to get out. Before I can tell her that I think she has the wrong person, she approaches me and takes my hand. Her dress swishes, and her diaper rustles as she moves toward me. She presses her warm, soft body into mine, and my manhood awakens. A noticeable bulge forms in my slacks. Definitely not a good day to have been wearing boxers.

    She then whispers in my ear that she can tell me everything if I promise to help her out. She could make for a great resource for my article. I should hear what she has to say. I immediately respond in a hushed tone: “Let’s go, tell me what you know.” She giggles with glee, and gives me a peck on the cheek. She leads me through the reception room, down the hall further into nursery. Eventually, we stop at a room marked for “Introductions and Interviews.” She opens the door and turns on the lights, letting me enter first. She closes the door behind us.

    The first thing that I notice is the sweet smell of the room. Is that smell… baby powder? I look around the room, and see all the different baby furniture and clothes. Wait, all this baby furniture is adult-sized. What is this place? As I look around, taking in the room, the girl goes to sit at the table toward the center of the room. She breaks the short silence by asking me if I have any questions. I look back at her, and join her at the table.

    The calming toxin starts to take effect, causing my racing heart rate to slow and my body feels more relaxed. It allows me to focus a bit on asking the questions. I turn the to girl, looking into her beautiful eyes, and ask: “Who are you, and how did you end up here? Also, what is this place? What can I do to help you?”

     Stephanie Suckswell 

    The man sits down across from her and begins his questioning. “Who are you, and how did you end up here? Also, what is this place? What can I do to help you?”

    Stephanie smiles, her hands sit folded in her lap, her posture perfect.

    Poor man. It’s a shame I have to take part in this.

    “That’s a lot of questions, sir. It’s so hard for a little baby like me to be able to answer them” A tear forms in Stephanie’s eye as she sniffles.

    Just like in training, men love “saving” women, show him you are a damsel in distress and he will be putty in your hand.

    Stephanie looks up at the camera. Just long enough so the man sees her look there.

    “My name is Stephanie Suckswell. I was sent to the Corporation by my Sponsor, Miss Molly. She sent me here because I was caught looking at porn, one too many times, Sir. I was a failure as a man, so I was made into a limp-wristed pantywaist for her amusement.” She finishes confidently.

    “Oh, do you mean, why am I here in the nursery? Or why am I here at the Corporation? Those are actually two different questions.” Her foot slowly slides under the table to reach his. The toe of her Mary-Jane’s gently pressing up against his leg.

    “What else do you want to know?” Her lipstick covered lips seductively smacking.


     Sissy Jessica 

    When the tears start to well up in Stephanies eyes, seemingly overwhelmed by the sudden barrage of questions, I am taken aback. Damn, they really must have done a number on her if she’s claiming to be a baby. There has to be a way I can help. I become very apologetic, “Oh, I’m sorry sweetie, I didn’t mean to overwhelm you. I’ll slow down, okay?”

    Before she tries to answer my questions, I notice she is looking at something over my left shoulder. Is it a camera? I thought she said this room was private. The relaxant in the air continues to work its way into my system. I start to feel warm and comfortable, my limbs start to feel a little heavy. I should have slept more last night. I lose focus for a second before shaking it off, and listen to Stephanie’s story.

    As she tells me why she came to the Corporation, I feel her foot rub against my leg. It distracts me a little, making my cock harden more. She finishes her story by asking me if there is anything more I want to know, and then licks her lips seductively. I take a deep breath and try to calm down. My heart beats faster despite my best efforts.

    I look around the room again at all the equipment, while also scanning for a camera. I cannot figure out what Stephanie was looking at, but I realize that there is enough equipment in here to take care of a baby of any size for a long time. My mind races with so many more questions, but I should only ask one at a time. After looking at everything again, I turn back to face the sissy in front of me: “What did they do to you to make you into a… a sissy baby?”

    Meanwhile Elsewhere:

    It had been another long day at the paper when Sally Fitzgerald finally walked in the door. She takes off her heels at the door and goes to the kitchen to pour herself a glass of wine. The corporation had given her a link to the camera feed in the Nursery. If I know Jim, he would have tried to sneak in by now. She accesses the feed from her phone, and then casts it to her TV. She sits on her couch, and flips through the different camera feeds. Finally, she spots two people in one of the private rooms. That must be Stephanie, Molly’s girl, and I’m sure that has to be Jim. Sally had met Molly during a recent gala, and it was Molly who told her all about the Nursery and her sissy.

    Sally continues to sip her wine and watch with great intent. Stephanie is going to have so much fun with this. I’m sure Molly has passed on all my instructions to her. Molly did tell me that her sissy has gotten really good at seducing men and transforming them into sissy babies. Sally smiles to herself. She is cannot wait to have her own sissy baby. She looks over at the adult sized pram sitting next to her TV, and then goes back to watch the action unfold.

     Stephanie Suckswell 

    “What did they do to me?”

    Psychological and sexual torture for weeks on end. An unending cycle of humiliation and arousal culminating in my permanent imprisonment in this place. 

    “I found that I was always a sissy baby inside of my head. It was only through the guidance of my Sponsor, and a few other people that my true self was brought out.” Stephanie says convincingly.

    “So, I have always been a sissy baby. I just needed a little encouragement to dress the part.”

    So difficult to seduce him with this table between us. Maybe we can put on a show for the audience and earn myself some brownie points with Molly.

    “Would you like to see how this works? You can pretend to be my…Daddy….I’ve been wanting to suck on a lollipop since you walked in, daddy.” She says quickly enough he may not be able to make it out.

    She stands up, and grabs the man’s hand. Leading him over to the chair in the middle of the room.

    “Sit down, daddy.” She says playfully as she waddles back over to the counter, grabbing a large red lollipop. A lollipop laced with arousal. Her skirts swishing, side to side, her diapered bottom clearly in view.

    Stephanie then sits down on his lap, one arm around his neck, the other holding the lollipop in her mouth.

    Her diapered bottom resting comfortably on his left thigh.

    “Start, daddy? What fun things does daddy wanna do with his baby today?” She asks as she playfully takes a long lick of her lollipop.


     Sissy Jessica 

    As I sit across from Stephanie and listen to her story I think to myself: So she wants to be here? That can’t be right. Something is going on here. Before I can get another question out, she asks me if I want to see how it works.

    The calming toxin in the air has fully saturated my mind in the few minutes I have been in the room. I feel warm, fuzzy, and very comfortable. It’s getting hard to focus, and even harder to come up with an escape plan. Stephanie rises from the table, and takes me by the hand. I finally give her an answer: “Oh, uh, sure. Let’s play.” I rise from the table, and let Stephanie lead me to a chair in the middle of the room. I sit on it, and watch her walk over to a counter to grab a red lollipop.

    My eyes are transfixed on her puffy skirt, audibly swishing as she walks. Her plastic panties and diaper are visible. Damn, what am I doing? I’m wasting precious time here. I need to get evidence and escape. But she is so cute, maybe I should just play along with her…

    I am lost in thought for those couple seconds when I realize Stephanie has returned with her treat. She sits on my lap, her diapered bottom resting on my left thigh and her arm wrapped around my neck. I can smell the sweet scent of the lolli as it is only a few inches from my face. The soft material from her dress caresses my exposed skin, a wonderful feeling. My manhood between my legs thinks this is wonderful too, and shows as much.

    Stephanie asks me what I want to do with my baby. I look into her eyes, only inches from my own, and stumble through my response: “I, uh, I’m not really sure. I’ve never done anything like this before. What kinds of things does my baby enjoy? Does baby like games?” One of my hands gently rubs her back, the silky soft material running between my fingers. My other rests on her thigh, near her diaper. Her stockings are so soft, and I long to feel those plastic panties. She is so soft, and warm… and safe? Maybe I could stay here for a little longer, for her…

     Stephanie Suckswell 

    Stephanie smiles warmly as the man holds her in his lap.

    Even easier than I thought.

    She wiggles a bit, forcing him to hold tighter.

    Letting her knees dangle to the side, her legs press up against his crotch.

    The man stumbles out a reply, “I, uh, I’m not really sure. I’ve never done anything like this before. What kinds of things does my baby enjoy? Does baby like games?”

    Taking the lollipop out of her mouth, “Oh, I LOVE games. How about truth or dare? I just love that game.” She sticks the lollipop back in her mouth.

    “I’ll go first. I pick, truth!” She smiles up at him and giggles.

     Sissy Jessica 

    Stephanie starts squirming in my lap, causing me to needing to hold her tighter. The swishing sound of her dress and the crinkle of her diaper as she wriggles on my lap is very pleasing to my ears. I feel her leg press into my crotch, it rubs against my hard cock as it shifts the camera I stored away. For a split second I freeze in terror. Shit, does she know what I have stored away? Babies couldn’t know, could they?

    The feeling of her leg rubbing against my engorged member makes me shiver a little, and causes my breathing to increase in tempo. Stephanie then says she wants to play truth or dare. This could be very dangerous. But, she has been regressed it sounds like, so it couldn’t be too dangerous. She starts us off by picking truth. I sit for a second and think of a question. “Okay baby, let’s start off with something easy. What is your favorite color?” I lightly tickle her side with one had and then the inside of her thigh with the other, laughing as I do.

    I wait for her response, and once she gives it, it is my turn. “So it’s my turn, right? I guess it wouldn’t be too fun if I picked truth right after you did, so let’s go with dare.”

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