The Nursery

His Downfall begins.

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    After a few more minutes of play time Inga picks up  Milly and they go to the bathroom, were little Milly’s clothes are taken off of her and the bath water is running Inga checks the water. Then puts little Milly in the bath. She adds a rubber duckie and a few other bath toys.  Then the bath bubbles. ‘Little Milly going to have a bubble bath’, Inga says.

    Once they are done with the bath Inga towels off little Milly. She takes a little naked Milly bake up to her room and dresses her in her jammies. Then she puts little Milly to bed and she puts teddy in there with her. Then shuts off the lights and closes the door.  Then later Karen’s moans of pleasure can be heard For a very long time.

    The next morning Inga comes up and gets little Milly up and out of the crib. She then dresses her. Then proceeds to take little Milly down stairs to the dining table and places little Milly in her high chair. The bib goes on little Milly. Then gets her food and drink ready and serves it.

    Inga also gets her breakfast served to her. Then they sit there and enjoy their food.

    Karen comes down and then I come down, in my very short robe. That I am hanging out of.  “I think I need to buy a bigger robe.” “No’ Karen exclaims. ‘I like that on you I like how you hang out of it.’ Then she giggles.


    Mistress Karen doesn’t reply to my wanting to bath myself. Probably because she is busy chatting with the ladies. Inga picks me up and takes me to the bathroom. As the bath is running she adds baby bubble bath and starts to strip me out of my clothes and nappy.

    Once the bath is ready she checks the water and lifts me in. The bubbles fill the bath and have a pretty flowery scent. Inga asks ” does wittle Milly want her duckie and bath toys? ”

    Looking up through the bubbles ” yes please Miss Inga. Mees would love my pink duckie and bath toys. Can meees haves my bath fishy Miss. ” Inga gets my toys and puts them in the bath. She lets me play with them for a little while but with her keeping a close eye on me.

    After a bit of play Inga says ” okay wittle one lets get washed and ready for bed. ” I whine ” but it still early Miss Inga. Cant I stay up for a little while longer please? ” Inga informs me sternly ” no you cant Milly. Little sissy’s need their sleep. Your bedtime is 6pm from now on and that’s final. Unless you want to go to sleep with a spanked bottom you will do as nanny says. ”

    Knowing it pointless arguing with her I admit defeat ” yes Miss Inga mee will go to bed. Mee not want a spanking. ” Inga smiles ” good girl now lets get washed. ” She proceeds to wash me all over. She giggles when she washes my penis and bits. ” Oh look Milly you have no big boy hair down there now do you? ” She takes my penis in between her thumb and forefinger and washes it giggling ” us ladies have nothing to fear from this little acorn have we wittle Milly? ”

    Blushing I reply ” no Miss Inga no you don’t. ” Once I am washed and out of the bath Miss Inga nappies me and puts my rubber panties on. She then puts me in pink pyjamas with fairies dancing over them. Then she puts me in my crib and tucks Mrs bear in beside me. She is just about to lift the side of my crib when she giggles ” oops silly nanny Inga I nearly forgot wittle Milly’s binkie. ” She goes and gets my necklace with my pacifier on it. She rubs it against my lips till I open them and she pops it in my mouth.

    So now she is satisfied I am ready she lifts the side and locks the lid. She then draws the curtains and bids me ” night nights wittle Milly. See you in the morning sissy. Sucking on my pacci ” nwite nwite Miss Inga. ” And with that she turns out the light and closes the door for the night.

    I hug Mrs bear and try to sleep. Just as I am drifting off I hear the sound of Karen and Shannon next door. They are going at it and I hear sex moans and orgasmic cries whilst I toss and turn in my crib.

    Next thing I know its morning and Inga is by my crib waking me ” come on Milly up and at them sissy its a beautiful morning. ” My night nappy is soaked so she washes me and changes me. With me dressed for the day its downstairs with Inga leading me by the hand.

    She puts me in my highchair and removes my pacifier from my mouth. It now dangles on its chain in front of my baby dress. Inga puts my bib on and gets my food and bottle she tells me ” eat all your breakiefast wike a good girl Milly. ”

    With me eating Inga sits to get her own breakfast. While we are eating Karen and Shannon appear. Mistress Shannon’s cock is hanging semi stiff below her robe. She says she is going to have to get a bigger robe. Mistress Karen giggles ” No, ‘I like that on you I like how you hang out of it.’

    They then join us for breakfast.


    We sit there and the cook brings out our breakfast, then the coffee comes out next. As we are finishing out breakfast Janet comes in . she sits down and is happy to see us. She pinches little Milly’s cheeks. before she sits.

    Once the pleasantries are exchanged. We begin to talk about the up coming party , but Janet brings up little Reggie isn’t calming down it has been a few days now and Reggie just isn’t coming to terms with his new role.  ‘Some thing has to be done, I spanked him so much my hand is still tingling. ‘ “We could enroll him into the sissy school. They seem to beable to break a sissy.  They also train a sissy so that a sissy can become a maid or a secretary and thee are a few other jobs they can train them for also, but most importantly they train a sissy to behave like a proper sissy. ‘

    ‘I would like to see little Reggie curtsy to me, and other ladies. Maybe even men to. ‘ She giggles and so does Karen does to .


    Everyone had just finished their food when Janet arrived. She pinches my cheeks as soon as she enters the room and pops my binky in my mouth whilst she starts to chat with the others. Janet explains things have not improved with Reggie.

    Janet tells Karen and Shannon ‘Some thing has to be done, I spanked him so much my hand is still tingling. ‘ “We could enroll him into the sissy school. They seem to beable to break a sissy. They also train a sissy so that a sissy can become a maid or a secretary and thee are a few other jobs they can train them for also, but most importantly they train a sissy to behave like a proper sissy. ‘

    Poor Reggie then an idea comes to me ” Mistressth Karen Isth coulds givesth Reggie mysth binkie and that’s might calm hims downth. Thensth he wouldn’t needsth to goes to thatsth school. Ifsth he hasth my binkie meesth wouldn’t missth it honest Mistressth. ”

    They are talking about Reggie curtsying to them and maybe even to other men. But if they were to go along with my idea then I wouldn’t need to suck on a baby pacifier. So I interrupt Janet and Karen again ” isth mysth ideas a goodsth one Mistressth? “


    Inga says, ‘Shh’ to little Milly. But Karen says Maybe we could let little Milly give little Reggie a binky. Just to see how mean little Reggie is.  If her treats Milly bad then it is off to the school. I think we could stop and pick one up.’

    The ladies finish up their chat and more ideas are thrown about.   I get up wearing the short robe my member flops as I walk back up stairs. Janet laughs and Karen smiles.  Then Karen goes up stairs we soon both come back down dressed.  Janet remarks, ‘I’d love to see you walk around the compound with your thing flopping about it would get some attention. ‘

    While we were getting dressed Inga put little Milly in the stroller, and little Milly making a fuss about teddy not being there Inga goes and gets teddy. Then all of us leave the suite.  We head to the shops first were Karen picks out the pink binky that says sissy on it. complete with necklace.

    Then we head to the part of the place were little Milly was first roomed.  Next to it is little Reggie’s room. He can be heard outside in the hall way.  “Wow he has not calmed down one bit,” I say.  Inga unbuckles little Milly and takes her by the hand. Karen giving little Milly the binky she bought. Inga and Milly then enter the room. We watch as this goes on.

    Little Milly walks up to little Reggie.  They talk and it is not very good as Reggie uses all sorts of profanity . Little Milly finally is able to put the binky around Reggie’s neck. Then Reggie threatens to hit little Milly. Inga jumps up and paddles little Reggie’s bottom. She then says , ‘don’t you dare hit little Milly, she was just trying to help, but you will be sent to the sissy school for that. Inga scoops up little Milly and they leave the room. We proceed to go the parking garage.

    There is a van waiting along with a car.  Inga pushes the stroller to the van and they begin to get in The stroller in the back and there is a car seat there that Milly is buckled into. Soon Little Reggie is brought out. He is brought out inn what appears to be a pet carrier.  Milly’s seat is right in front of the closed opening of the pet carrier.

    Janet gets in the van and sits with Inga.  I and Karen get into the car and we are off to the school.  The trip is still long and little Milly should beable to speak , Inga and Janet also chat on the way to. Karen and I we keep ourselves busy with chat and other things.

    Finally the trip comes to the end as we pull into the school.  Were mistress stern is waiting outside for us. Some other women come out and take Reggie inside pet carrier and all. Inga unbuckles little Milly and then straps little Milly into the stroller.  Mistress Stern looks at little Milly and smiles at her. ‘Back so soon Milly?’



    Inga tries to quieten me with my suggestion but Karen likes the idea saying ” Maybe we could let little Milly give little Reggie a binky. Just to see how mean little Reggie is. If her treats Milly bad then it is off to the school. I think we could stop and pick one up.’

    The ladies carry on chatting and Janet seems to be looking forward to seeing little Reggie in his new school uniform ” I hear they make the sissy’s at the school wear thick diapers with lockable plastic knickers. I cant wait to see Reggie in them and a sissy dress and lacey white ankle socks. Who knows if he is a good wittle girl maybe in a year or two he might be potty trained again ” this gets all the ladies laughing.

    Mistress Karen adds ” yes it will be a humbling experience for a prick like Reggie. No more fast cars or fast women for him. No more alcohol or steak dinners. All he can look forward to in the school is if he is a really good sissy he might get a candy bar as a treat. Or if he is really lucky when we visit we might give him a shiny penny to buy a treat like an ice cream if we take him out. ”

    This amuses all the women and I must admit it even makes me grin as Reggie can be an obnoxious idiot at times.

    After there chat they all go to get dressed as we her heading out for the day. Inga lifts me out of my highchair while the Mistresses are away and gets me in my stroller ready to leave. Once in my stroller I notice Mrs bear is missing. I start to whinge ” mees wantsth Mrs bear, mees wants my bear. ” I am now sobbing and I can see Janet is highly amused at my fussing she is laughing at me quite openly.

    Inga tells me to calm down and goes to find her. She returns with my bear in her hand ” here is Mrs bear, now calm down wittle Milly and be a good girl. Any more tantrums and it will be a smacked botty for you my girl. ” I sniffle but settle down happy to have my toy with me.

    Karen and Shannon arrive back and look beautiful in their dresses. They are both stunning looking and very pretty. I regret when I had the chance and was Karen’s husband I didn’t pay her enough attention or ever compliment her enough either.

    Janet jokes ‘I’d love to see you walk around the compound with your thing flopping about it would get some attention. ‘

    Karen jokes ” even the real men here, never mind the sissies would be envious of what my Shannon has between her legs don’t you think so Milly? I nod ” yes Mistress they would be. ”

    We head over to the sissy store and Karen picks out a pink pacifier for Reggie with the sissy on it which is glittery and shiny. It is also on a little sissy necklace and I know he is going to hate it. Mistress Karen giggles ” oh this is exactly what I was looking for. Sissy baby Reggie is going to look so cute with this in his mouth ” they all giggle including the shop assistant.

    We then head over to the building to pick him up for transportation to the Sissy School. Outside his room we hear him in his new sissy voice cursing and swearing. He does not sound happy at all. Mistress Shannon passes a comment that Reggie doesn’t seem to have calmed down one bit since she last saw him.

    Myself and Miss Inga enter the nursery and find Reggie on his knees in the crib looking very angry indeed. Inga lets him out of the crib asking ” has wittle Reggie made wee wee’s in hims diaper ” she laughs patting his bottom.

    Inga tells Reggie that Milly has a surprise for you. Now be a good wittle sissy and Milly will give you it. ” I clear my throat ” Mistress Karen, Shannon and Janet have got you a gift Reggie which they hope might help to calm you down. I pull from the pocket of my dress his pink binkie. I hold it out to him and he swats it away.

    His face red with temper he rages ” your fucking joking aren’t you? Do you honestly think that I would use that. You got to be joking you little sissy creep. Maybe you have given up your manhood and now do as these bits of skirt tell you to do, but not me not a chance.

    In fact I am going to give you the biggest hiding of your life creep, maybe then you will man up. ” He makes his way towards me and I wet myself through fear. Just before he lashes out at me Miss Inga grabs him by the neck. She throws him easily over her knee and gives him a severe spanking.

    Reggie is howling as Miss Inga re-diapers him and gets him ready to travel. His new pink binky is forced into his mouth which makes him blush.

    Inga pushes me out of the room and into a waiting van. Inga soon has me strapped into my car seat and we now wait. After a few minutes poor Reggie arrives he is in what appears to be a pet carrying cage. He is set down in the van in front of my seat. He still has his binky in and he is warned not to remove it.

    We set off and I tell Reggie ” you should have just taken the pacifier. You are going to a place now you will hate. ” He growls at me behind the binky ” shut up fairy just shut up. ” So I do in a while we arrive at the school.

    Reggie is taken away by two huge ladies. Mistress Stern smiles down at me in my stroller ‘Back so soon Milly?’ Feeling a little nervous I pop my binky in my mouth ” ywes Mistressth Sternsth but me justh visiting nots stwaying. ”


    Once we meet and greet mistress Stern and I see she said hello to little Milly. “Yes I brought you a tough one. But I’m sure you’ll have little Reggie whipped into shape soon?”  I say. She looks at me and smiles. ‘I do love a good challenge, if I like him he may even become my own personal chamber maid, as a good sissy should be.’  We soon go in to the building were we can see little Reggie stripped and then he is hosed down. Much like you see in prison movies. Then he is then toweled off and some sort of powder is put on him and then he is shipped on down the line to get school issue uniform and big black shoes.  Then he is placed into a room with a mirror so we may watch. Mistress Stern goes in to the room and has a chat with him . WE sit on the other side and can soon here little Reggie yelling and screaming ‘let me out of her you bitch’, ‘I will sue you’ Among a few other colorful phrases.  Soon mistress Stern grows tired of this and she takes and puts a ball gag in his little mouth. ‘Now since you are here under my control you will be taught to respect women and serve them, or I may have to resort to more extreme measures to make you learn.  Then two big ladies come in and take little Reggie away.  Mistress Stern comes back in and asks if we would like to see little Reggie’s new home for a while until he learns his place.

    I say, “Yes” as do Janet  Karen, even Inga says yes. So we go off down a hallway and take an elevator down a few levels. We are below the school now. In what looks like a dungeon.

    ‘This is were we keep the most extreme cases.  As we walk by some of the cells that have some unruly sissies in there. There is comments flying about. Even an arm try’s to grab little Milly ‘We want that fresh meat,’ can be heard.

    Then we get to the cell marked as Reggie’s.

    ‘Most of the time one week in here they usually are compliant. It is amazing what a little time with the others down here will do to one mood.’ Mistress says, with a smile.


    Mistress Stern smiles as she sees me sucking on my binky. My nappy is a little wet after Reggie tried to attack me but its sufferable. I don’t want to draw to much attention to myself in the presence of Mistress Stern.

    The ladies talk and I hug teddy. Mistress Shannon tells Mistress Stern that she has brought her a tough one. Mistress Stern seems to relish the challenge of not only taming Reggie but breaking him.

    She smiles telling Mistress Shannon and the others ‘I do love a good challenge, if I like him he may even become my own personal chamber maid, as a good sissy should be.’

    We move into the main building me being pushed in my stroller with Reggie in his cage. Once in the building Reggie is pulled out of the cage then stripped naked and washed down with a hose pipe. I wince as I watch what’s happening to him its brutal. Once washed he is towelled dried and powder applied but not the nice kind nanny Inga uses on me.

    Reggie is taken to be outfitted in his school uniform. Once he is outfitted he is placed in a room but we can see him through a mirror. I shouldn’t laugh but I cant stop myself as do all the ladies. Standing in front of us Reggie is dressed in a double diaper and locking plastic panties. He has little girl white ankle socks on. He also has black Mary Jane buckle shoes on and a frilly lemon baby dress. The dress is very short and shows his diaper. Hanging round his neck is his pacifier necklace, he looks like a cross between a sissy toddler and baby.

    Miss Jane giggles ” oh wittle Reggie looks adorable. ” The others agree with Miss Janet and have a laugh at Mr Machos expense. We then listen as Mistress Stern enters the room to talk with Reggie. As expected he wont listen and he flies into a rage swearing at Mistress Stern. I know this for him will not end well.

    Mistress Karen leans down and whispers ” this could have been you Milly if you hadn’t started behaving. Would you like this kind of treatment my little sissy? ”

    I gulp ” oh no Mistress mees no wikes this. Meees is a good sissy now Mistressth Kwaren. ”

    Meanwhile in the room Mistress Stern has had enough of Reggie’s behaviour ‘Now since you are here under my control you will be taught to respect women and serve them, or I may have to resort to more extreme measures to make you learn. ”

    Next two of the large ladies who work here come and lift Reggie and take him away somewhere else in the building. Mistress Stern re-joins us and asks if the ladies would like to see Reggie’s new home until his behaviour improves.

    Of course all of them but especially Janet want to visit his new home. We end up under the school in a dark dank smelly place with dungeons. It is the most scary place I have ever been. As we pass the cells we see lots of sissy’s they don’t look happy at all. As Miss Inga pushes me along an arm shoots out from no where and attempts to grab me. I jump in my stroller and a jet of pee goes into my already damp nappy.

    Finally we stop at a cell and it has Reggie’s name tag on it. Mistress Stern says after a week down here with the other sissies it can make a sissy more compliant. I don’t doubt her, two minutes down here has already done that to me.

    Looking up at Karen I say ” meees feels sworry fors Reggie Mistressth Kwaren. This isths a scwary place. Meeee no wikes its. ”


    We are standing in front of the cell. ‘Little Reggie will have some playtime with all the other sissies down here and things can get interesting to say the least,’ mistress Stern says with a smile. She the leads us to a big room.

    ‘This is the playroom were the little sissies can come and play they are under supervision , but things can get out of hand. That is why they are down here after all.  I’m sure after a week of this little Reggie will see that he is not so tough.’  Inga pushes little Milly around and there is a teddy torn in half with stuffing all about.  There are a few other broken toys laying about.

    ‘Yes those toys are what happens when nice things get down here.  Everything gets broken when it comes down here. Now follow my and we will go back up stairs.’ Then mistress Stern leads us back through the hall way and a hand comes out again and tries to grab little Milly, but it grabs teddy! Mistress Stern whacks the hand with her riding crop.  We keep going then after the elevator ride up we are back n the main floor of the school.

    ‘Shall we have lunch? You can join me in my personal dining chambers.’ She leads the way and we follow. We enter a room were a long table is set.  There is even a high chair at the table.  We take our seats at the table.  Little Milly is unbuckled and put in the high chair, a school issue bib is put on her. Soon sissies are serving us food.  I laugh as little Milly’s gets grey mush.  The rest of us are served steak and lobster.

    Then the drinks are served once again little Milly gets a bottle. Inga says no to little Milly and she must wait for mistress Stern to start her meal first. Mistress Stern sets at the head of the table. She begins her meal then the rest of us start our meal.


    The ladies stand in front of Reggie’s grim looking cell. He is not going to be happy here. Reggie is used to the good life, his apartment had all mod cons in it. His new lifestyle is going to be hard for him to get used to.

    Mistress Stern informs the others ‘Little Reggie will have some playtime with all the other sissies down here and things can get interesting to say the least,’

    Miss Janet comments ” oh that sounds interesting. Reggie was always a bit of a bully in the office. Of course he enjoyed bullying women and young girls maybe here he will find out what its like to be the bullied one. ”

    Mistress Stern then leads us into a large room ‘This is the playroom were the little sissies can come and play they are under supervision , but things can get out of hand. That is why they are down here after all. I’m sure after a week of this little Reggie will see that he is not so tough.’

    We look around the room there are lots of baby and toddler toys but a lot of them are broken and don’t look useable. There is a poor teddy bear and its been ripped in two. Mistress Stern notices me looking at it and she comments ‘Yes those toys are what happens when nice things get down here. Everything gets broken when it comes down here. Now follow my and we will go back up stairs.’

    As we leave this terrible place I wonder if and how Reggie will survive it. I bet if he knew what this place was like before he got here then he might have behaved better. Surely being Miss Janet’s sissy has got to be better than spending time in this god awful place.

    As we make our way along past the cells again a hand shoots out and grabs at me. They don’t get me but they grab Mrs Teddy. I start to cry ” Mistressth they twook Mrs Bear, gives mees backs my bear give her back ” I demand.

    Luckily Mistress Stern notices and whacks the hand with my teddy and they drop it. Miss Inga picks up teddy and dusts her off ” here wittle Milly here is your bear. Don’t get your panties in a knot sissy. ”

    Snatching my prized bear I hug and hug her ” there there Mrs bear your safe now. That nasty sissy didn’t gets you. ”

    Mistress Stern invites us to have lunch with her, which is accepted. Once in her private apartment I see the big long dining table all nicely set out. I also notice a highchair so I know that’s where I will be dining.

    Inga gets me out of my stroller and settled and strapped in my chair. One of the school issue bibs is tied round my neck. From nowhere a group of sissy maids start serving the food. The ladies are served the juiciest steaks and finest lobster. A sissy places in front of me a bowl of grey looking mush.

    It doesn’t look nearly as appetizing as the baby food I get served at home. I ask Mistress Karen ” will Reggie be eating mush to Mistress, or will he get more grown up food? ”

    I hope he has to eat mush like I do but I just had to ask. The sissy brings me over my bottle and sets on my highchair tray. Feeling dry I reach to have a drink but I am stopped by Miss Inga. She tells me ” no Milly you must wait till Mistress Stern eats first before you do. That’s what is called manners Milly. ”

    I nod ” sworry nanny, mees forgots. Itsth just meeee wasth dwy Miss. ”


    As they eat, Inga tells little Milly, ‘ look Milly see how those Sissies are curtseying , little Milly might have to learn how to do that.’  then they eat more and then Inga sees how the sissies are clearing the table and getting more drinks for everyone.  Inga once again comments, ‘how little Milly would look in one of those little serving outfits, serving dinner for us.’

    Once we finish our lunch and Inga cleans little Milly up. Milly is placed back in her stroller and we set off on looking at some of the training rooms. Mistress Stern shows us some more training rooms. We come to one room and there are a few sissies in there practicing curtseying.  Mistress Stern comes over to little Milly. ‘Would little Milly like to try this?’  Karen speaks up , ‘yes she should’. Then Inga unbuckles little Milly from the stroller and takes her by the hand.  ‘Ok put this foot there and that foot there and bend at your knees’ Mistress Stern uses her riding crop to help little Milly position her feet.  They do this a few times.  After the first time didn’t go so well for little Milly.  We watch little Milly curtsey for us a few times after mistress Stern is happy little Milly is put back into her stroller.  Then we continue the tour.  After we see were little Reggie is going to be learning. We head back to the van and the car.  Little Milly is loaded into the van with Inga and Janet.  Karen and I get into the car and we head back to my complex.

    The drive is long , but we finally make it.  We all get out of the vehicles and We all start to walk back to Karen’s suite.  Once in the suite we sit on the sofa and one of us in the chair.  As Inga is taking little Milly out of the stroller Karen says, ‘I want to see little Milly curtsey again, before she sits down.’  Then as the drinks are being served Karen says, ‘I wonder if we get little Milly a little serving outfit if she could serve us drinks?’


    I am enjoying eating my mush but my nostrils still love the scent coming from smell of cooked steak. My mind wanders back to many a good night tucking into a huge steak dinner. I just cant understand why now I just cannot stomach the taste of it. My thoughts are broken by Inga telling me to watch how the sissies curtsy as they serve the table.

    I watch them dip their curtsies and I can see their petticoats and just a glimpse of their knickers as they do it. Each sissy has on the frilliest girly knickers imaginable. Inga says I should learn how to do that. I blush thinking about it. The only people I have ever saw curtsy before now were little girls when I was a boy. I remember how us boys sniggered as we grab a peek up the girls skirts and how we used to taunt them.

    Inga then says , ‘how little Milly would look in one of those little serving outfits, serving dinner for us.’ I say nothing but carry on eating and then when I have cleaned my bowl reach over for my bottle and start to suck on the teat.

    Once the ladies finish their lunch Inga unstraps me from the highchair. She notices I haven’t finished my bottle ” wittle Milly you finish your baba whilst the grown ups talk that’s a good little girl. Finish it all up for nanny Inga ” she tells me in sugary babyish tones.

    Mistress Stern shows my Mistresses Karen and Shannon round some of the rooms the school sissies are trained in. We come to one were the ” girls ” are trained to curtsy. Mistress Stern asks if I would like to try a curtsy. I am still sucking on my bottle and just as I go to say no I wouldn’t Karen speaks up ” yes she should’

    Inga gets me unstrapped and takes my bottle ” nanny Inga will look after your baba for you wittle Milly. Now go practise with the other sissies. ” I blush ” yesth nanny Inga ” I hear the other sissies sniggering.

    Inga takes me by the hand and positions me saying ‘Ok put this foot there and that foot there and bend at your knees’ Mistress Stern uses a riding crop to get my feet inexactly the right position. When they are satisfied I make an attempt at a curtsy but its not very good. I try again a few more times and it seems to be better. My face is flushed red as I know everyone is getting a view of my frilly rubber panties and nappy. I hear the other sissies tittering in the background enjoying my embarrassment.

    I look over at Mistress Karen ” isth that’s bwetter Mistress Kwaren? Can mees stopths now? She nods and then I am replaced in my stroller and we move onto another room.

    Mistress Stern explains this is one of the rooms that Reggie will be spending time in whilst under going his sissy training. After the tour is over I have at last finished my bottle and I announce ” meees finished Miss Inga ” and I hold the empty bottle for her. She takes it praising me ” good girl little Milly. You made it all gone ” which brings amused laughter from the ladies.

    Inga and Janet and myself get back in the van with me once more in my car seat. We then head back to the complex. Once home Inga gets me out of my stroller and I go to sit down on the floor as I normally do. But before I get a chance to Karen says ‘I want to see little Milly curtsey again, before she sits down.’

    Blushing I grab the hem of my dress as I have been taught and dip a curtsy. The ladies clap and oohh and ahhhh my sissy efforts. I quickly sit on my bum with teddy on my lap. The grown ups are all served drinks whilst I just sit looking up at them. Its at these times watching them socialize and drink alcohol I realise how far down the ladder I have dropped in such a short time.

    As the ladies enjoy their drinks Karen wonders out loud ‘I wonder if we get little Milly a little serving outfit if she could serve us drinks?’ The others giggle and look down at me. I don’t make eye contact but instead talk to Mrs bear.


    “It will be interesting to see how long little Reggie lasts. I’m sure mistress Stern can throw him a curve ball if he carries on like he is. What with his cussing and unwillingness to follow commands she may want to keep him, she likes those type of sissies. Then Janet will be without a sissy, we may even have to share Milly with her.” I say then looking at little Milly on the floor playing with teddy.

    “Milly should send mistress Stern a thank you card for saving teddy. She normally wouldn’t do that.  Normally she would just keep walking. ” Then Inga reaches down and says, ‘I want to look at Mrs. bear, I give her back to you.’ Inga looks Mrs. bear over.  She says, ‘Mrs. Bear may need some repair work, look at this hole in her.’  She gives Mrs. Bear back to Milly.  We sit there a while longer chatting. Karen asks if the bed is big enough for 3?  Janet and I laugh and I say,” I think it is.”

    Inga takes little Milly by the hand and starts to go up stairs, but instead of going to the nursey they go to the room were Inga sits at times.  She sits little Milly on the floor she picks Mrs. Bear up and gets out some thread and a needle.  She quickly mends Mrs. Bear, then when she is done gives Ms. Bear back to little Milly.

    They then go to the nursey and Inga sits little Milly down at her little table. Then Inga gets some paper and puts it on the table. ‘Now wittle Milly you write mistress Stern a thank you note like Shannon said to. Don’t forget to thank her for showing you how to do a proper curtsey.’  She then puts the crayons in front of you to write with.

    Inga sits there and watches little Milly write the note out. She corrects her once on spelling so little Milly has to start all over.

    After that Inga gets Little Milly ready for bed, and places Mrs. Bear in the crib with her. The crib is unlocked and the gate is not even locked. Once again that night moans can be heard , but this time there seems to be another voice.   All female voices but still loud moans.


    Mistress Shannon comments about little Reggie and his training “It will be interesting to see how long little Reggie lasts. I’m sure mistress Stern can throw him a curve ball if he carries on like he is. What with his cussing and unwillingness to follow commands she may want to keep him, she likes those type of sissies. Then Janet will be without a sissy, we may even have to share Milly with her.”

    I look up and then over at Karen. I sure hope Shannon was joking because I am not to sure that Janet really likes me. She does seem to enjoy reminding me of what a big sissy baby I have become. I think about whining that I want to stay with Karen and Shannon but decide maybe whining will only get me in trouble. Instead I take my binky and pop it in my mouth. It is strangely comforting to suck and sooth on it. I notice Mistress Karen smiled when I popped it in.

    Shannon states that “Milly should send mistress Stern a thank you card for saving teddy. She normally wouldn’t do that. Normally she would just keep walking. ” I nod ” yeth Mistressth Shannon meees wantsth to thanks Mistressth Stern fors savingsth Mrs bears lifes Mistressth. Meee wills writes her a twank you notesth Mistressth Shannon. ”

    Inga asks to have a look at Mrs Bear and so I hand her up to Inga. After lookimg her over Inga states ‘Mrs. Bear may need some repair work, look at this hole in her.’

    She hands her back to me and I then see the hole. My lip begins to tremble ” willsth yuths bees ablesth to fix her nanny Inga ” I ask? She assures me she will which makes me smile. I take my binkie out of my mouth ” you hear that Mrs Bear nanny is going to fix you up good as new. ”

    As I play on the floor I hear Karen ask the others if they think the bed is big enough for three. To which they laugh and all agree that yes think it will be. This makes me wonder why Karen would be asking that. Then a little grin comes on my face. Maybe she is thinking of letting me go back to being the man of the house and she wants me to share her and Shannon’s bed.

    My mind starts to race thinking all sorts of scenario’s. This could maybe be my last couple of hours in diapers and dresses. Could it be that this time tomorrow I will again be back in trousers and back at work, I am jolted out of my day dream by Inga taking me by the hand and leading me upstairs.

    Inga doesn’t take me straight to the nursery but instead we go into the room I have seen Inga go to, to take her breaks. Inga sits me on the floor and taking teddy she starts to repair the hole that nasty sissy made in her.

    Once its repaired she hands teddy back to me. Looking up at her ” thanks you nanny Inga for fixing Mrs Bear for me. Its very kind of you and Mrs Bear thanks you to nanny.

    Nanny Inga then takes me into the nursery. Maybe Mistress Karen and Shannon haven’t told her that I am soon going to be sharing their bed. Nanny sits me at my little table. She then places a piece of writing paper that is pink and has little dolls and fairies on it. She sets it in front of me telling me ‘Now wittle Milly you write mistress Stern a thank you note like Shannon said to. Don’t forget to thank her for showing you how to do a proper curtsey.’

    I nod ” yes nanny Inga mees will write a nice note to Mistress Stern. ” She then places a set of big fat coloured crayons on my table. I start to write but with the big crayons its not easy. I make a couple of spelling mistakes and Inga has me start again on fresh paper. Eventually I finish my babyish looking note.

    It reads ” Twank yuths Mistress Stern for saving my best friend Mrs Bear from that naughty sissy. It was very kind of you cause if mees lost her mees would have been very sad.

    Mrs Bear is my favouritest toy in the whole wide world. So we both sends yuths big hugs Mistress. Also mees wants to twank you for learning little Milly to do curtsies Mistress Stern. Mistress Karen and Mistress Shannon hads mees doing thems at home to today.

    Big Hugs from Wittle Sissy Milly and Mrs Bear. X

    Nanny Inga reads it over ” that’s a lovely note wittle Milly. I shall let your Mistresses read it first before its given to Mistress Stern just in case they want you to add anything else to it. Now its almost 6pm and that’s wittle Milly’s new bedtime isn’t it babycakes ” she chuckles?

    This brings a huge blush to my cheeks as nanny knows that my new early bedtime is something I really hate. Back when I wore the pants in our house, round about 6pm I would be found in the bar at the club having a couple of malt whiskeys to help me unwind from the day. Then it would be home for a nice steak dinner and the evening would normally be rounded of with me having sex with Karen.

    Instead tonight I find myself agreeing with Inga ” yesth nanny mees hasth to be ready for bed at sixths now. Thatsth my new bedtime now nanny Inga. ” She giggles telling me that’s right wittle Milly. So lets get you in your PJ’s ready to go night nights. ”

    Inga strips me then lays me down and changes my nappy. Next she wipes me and powders me. Once the fresh nappy and rubber panties are on they are followed by my pink ” my little pony ” PJ’s. Nanny Inga brings a plastic bin over which I haven’t seen before. It has fancy writing on it saying ” Milly’s Diaper Bin. ” She takes the lid off and throws my wet nappy into it. It smells of stale pee and I curl my nose up at the stink coming from it. The lid is then placed back on and Inga walks me to my crib.

    She pops me in and tucks me in for the night. My pacifier is put in my mouth and my teddy put in alongside me. The curtains are closed and lights out. I am now alone for the night.

    I still hold out hope Karen will come get me out of my crib. She will tell me my punishment time is up and that I can once more share her bed. Only this time there will be the added bonus of Shannon being there with us to. As I day dream about what lays ahead for us, at least in my dream is that Shannon is going to have to put my cock back to its former glory. I wont be much use to two women with what I am packing at the moment.

    My day dream is rudely interrupted by the now familiar sounds of sexual moaning and groaning coming from next door. I sit up in my crib to listen and its then I notice that nanny hasn’t put the lid down and locked it. A quick glance at the nursery door lets me know the gate is not locked either.

    Listening to the noises something strikes me not only can I hear Shannon and Karen’s voices, but there is a third which I cannot make out. My heart sinks as I realize this is why Karen wanted to know if the bed could hold a third person. It wasn’t for me to join them but instead it was whoever the mystery voice belongs to.

    Curiosity gets the better of me and I just have to know who this third voice belongs to. The moans and groans coming from the Master bedroom become more intense. I let down my crib side slowly and quietly so as now to make a noise.

    I stealthy make my way to the nursery door and slowly and quietly open it. Getting down on my hands and knees I crawl on all fours to the Master bedroom door. Its ever so slightly open and I glimpse inside. The sight I see is like an old fashioned roman orgy. I can now see with my own eyes who the third person is. The voice belongs to Janet and right now she is taking Karen from behind whilst she is sucking on Shannon’s cock. Shannon cums in Karen’s mouth with some of it dripping down onto her chin.

    They then switch positions this time Shannon goes down on Karen. Meanwhile Janet and Karen kiss passionately sharing the cum in her mouth. The whole thing has me so turned on it takes me busy not to start touching myself right here at the door. But I know if I am caught out of my crib I will be in big trouble. So I quickly and quietly crawl back to the nursery with my baby dick rock hard inside my clothe nappy.

    Once back in my crib I pull the side up and lay listening to the sex show going on just through the wall from me. I try to put my hand down inside my nappy but its on to tightly and my hand cant fit inside it. So instead I rub the front of my rubber panties furiously with my right hand. I find myself rubbing to the beat of the moans and groans next door. In less than one minute I explode in my nappy making a little sticky mess. All this excitement seems to have tired me out. As I drift of to sleep I hope when I inevitably pee my nappy it covers up my little sticky mess.

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    The next morning Inga comes and gets little Milly up then the first thing she does. I change the nappy.  When she takes off the nappy Inga laughs, ‘Wittle Milly rubbed one out last night, such a naughty sissy.’ Then she cleans little Milly up and puts a fresh one on her to.  Once little Milly is dressed she leaves little Milly for a bit, but she takes Mrs. Bear with her. locking the gate behind her. She is gone for a bit then she comes back with Mrs. Bear.

    ‘There Mrs. Bear has clothes now to.’ Then she hands Mrs. Bear back to little Milly.  Then Inga takes little Milly by the hand and starts to walk downstairs. They go by the master bedroom were ??Janet can be seen masturbating furiously .  Inga pulls little Milly along to the downstairs.  Once down stairs Inga puts little Milly in her high chair. ‘You don’t need to stare at the girls in their bedroom Milly.’   Then puts the bib on Milly.  Mrs. Bear now in her own high chair right along little Milly gets her own bib. Then little Milly is served her mush.

    Then Karen , Janet and myself come down, Janet and myself wearing the short robes which don’t hide our members from flopping about as we walk. Once seated we are served our breakfast. Then Inga brings up the cummies she found in little Milly’s nappy.  Karen laughs it off as do everyone else.  ‘She does need some way to get some release an since she wouldn’t use the dolly .’  Then she laughs a bit.  ‘Yes there was a lot of bumping and grinding going on last night.’ Janet adds. ‘And Shannon took it really good’, Janet also comments. ‘But you did take it good from Shannon to Janet, ‘ Karen says.

    Once every one is finished with eating Janet gets up and she has an erection. ‘These things really do have a mind of their own, ‘ Janet says. ‘I better go and take care of it’, she says with a snicker. Then she turns and looks at little Milly. ‘You were never this big were you wittle Milly.’ Then she turns and goes back up stairs. Then Karen and I go back up stairs and there is some laughter and a moan or two once we get to the master bedroom.  Inga takes little Milly out of the high chair along with Mrs. Bear. She then puts them into the stroller. And she pushes little Milly out the door to the park and she puts little Milly in the stinky play pen without Mrs. Bear. As what happened to her the other day.


    In the morning I am woken by Inga from my deep slumber. My first thoughts are what I witnessed last night and how surprised I was that Janet was the third person to share Karen’s bed. I rub the sleep from my eyes as Inga helps me from my crib and strips me out of my PJ’s.

    Standing before Inga in just my nappy, rubbers and my binky necklace I realise I have wet myself again during the night. Inga changes my nappy with me laying on the floor with my legs raised of the floor. I always feel very vulnerable during my diaper changes.

    My hope that Inga wont notice my playing with myself last night after sneaking next door are dashed when she exclaims ‘Wittle Milly rubbed one out last night, such a naughty sissy.’ She had spotted the evidence of my naughtiness in my nappy.

    Blushing I whisper ” I am sorry nanny I was a naughty sissy. I just got excited and aroused with all that I was listening to coming from the Master bedroom. It just sort of happened. Meee is sorry. ” Inga giggles as she dumps the wet smelly nappy in my diaper bin.

    She dresses me today in a little skirt and top outfit and a pair of pink play sandals. Then Inga takes Mrs Bear and disappears. I am left on the floor in my nursery wondering where Inga and my teddy have gone.

    About ten minutes later she returns and Mrs bear is looking wonderful. Inga has dressed her in pretty dress with lace on it. She smiles saying ‘There Mrs. Bear has clothes now to. ”

    I look up from my position on the floor ” wow nanny Inga Mrs Bear looks so pretty, thank you Miss ” I smile up at her and teddy. She hands me down teddy then takes me by the hand saying ” its time for breakfast wittle Milly lets go. ”

    As we are passing by the Master bedroom I see Janet laying on top of the bed. She is stroking her cock furiously and I stop and stare not quite believing what I am seeing. Inga tugs my arm and we head on downstairs but I can still hear Janet grunting with pleasure in the bedroom.

    Once we are in the dining area I an strapped into my highchair. As Inga is putting my bib on she tells me . ‘You don’t need to stare at the girls in their bedroom Milly.’

    Trying to avoid getting in trouble for my staring I say to her ” meee is sorry nanny Inga but I didn’t mean to stare honest I tried hard not to. Its just Miss Janet is really big down there ” I blush thinking about it.

    Inga has gotten a highchair for Mrs Bear and sits hers next to mine. She even has a bib for her. I smile and tell teddy ” now that will keep your pretty dress clean Mrs. Look we even have matching bibs. ”

    My Disney bowl of mush and my plastic spoon are put in front of me and I dig in and start to eat. It tastes great and I am enjoying it when Inga encourages me by saying ” is your num nums good wittle Milly? ”

    With my mouth half full I reply ” yes nwanny itsth great. But will mee be getting grown up food again soon nanny ” I ask?

    As I speak some of the mush lands in a big dollop on my bib. Whilst we talk Mistress Shannon, Miss Janet and Mistress Karen arrive. They all have their short robes on which does nothing to hide what is dangling between the legs of Shannon and Janet. Their cocks swing freely under their robes.

    As they are eating Inga brings up what I had been doing last night and what she had found in my nappy this morning whilst she changed me. Karen doesn’t seem to mind to much, which I am relieved about. Miss Janet and Mistress Shannon also I am glad to say don’t seem put out by my actions in fact Karen states ‘She does need some way to get some release an since she wouldn’t use the dolly .’ She laughs saying in fact there was a lot of bumping and grinding going on last night. This makes my face go red because I know exactly what she means. And they don’t know but I saw it live.

    Miss Janet agrees that I probably do need release but makes a suggestion to both Karen and Shannon ” don’t you ladies agree it might be fun to make wittle Milly earn release to make cummies in her diaper? You could get nanny to put a pair of puffy fingerless mittens on Milly at bedtime making her hands almost useless. She could earn release by having say a little chart on her nursery wall. If she is really good she could earn a smiley face sticker. If she does something wrong or slightly naughty she could earn a frowny face. Once she has earned a certain number of smiley faces in a row her mittens could be taken off to allow her a quick release. Then start the process all over again. It might be a little fun don’t you think? ”

    I listen to what Janet is saying and I hate her idea. My only hope is the Mistresses hate it to. They all finish their breakfast as she stands up Janet is sporting an erection ‘These things really do have a mind of their own, ‘ she laughs adding I best go take care of it.

    She goes to head back upstairs but before leaving she asks ‘You were never this big were you wittle Milly.’ I look at her with envy and sniffle ” no Miss I never was. ”

    Karen laughs ” god no wittle Milly was always coming up short in that department Janet. Of course now she is even shorter. ”

    They all head upstairs and Inga gets me and teddy out of our chairs. As I am being strapped into my stroller I hear more laughing and giggling drifting down from upstairs. Karen sex drive seems to have gone crazy lately. Its just not fair that now that it has, I am only sporting a baby dick.

    Inga puts teddy in beside me. She then pops my binkie in saying ” of we go wittle Milly lets leave the adults to their fun in peace and quiet, whilst we head of to the play park. Wont that be fun? ”

    Having no choice but to agree with her I nod ” yeth nwanny itsth will be funs yesth. ” On the way to the park Inga talks to other nannies she meets. Once we arrive in the park I am taken out of the stroller and put straight into the stinky playpen. Mrs teddy is left out of my reach in my stroller.

    The smell of wee and dirty diapers hits my nostrils straight away. I want my teddy and I whinge ” pwease nwanny meees needs tweddy, cansth mee haves her pwease? ” Nanny tut tuts ” no wittle Milly you cant. You know the rules no teddy in the stinky pen. Mrs teddy doesn’t want to be in there. ” She adds ” its a good job you don’t have that chart Miss Janet suggested. ”

    Feeling hard done by I ask ” why isths itsth a good job nwanny? ” She smirks ” because that outburst would have earned you a frowny face. “

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    Pansy is in the playpen and crawls over to little Milly. Then hugs little Milly she says, ‘hi Milly you come here to play?’ Then pansy sits down and begins to play Pattie cake with little Milly.  Outside Inga and shelly start to talk.  Then later they come up and tell pansy and Milly that shelly is going to go talk to Shannon and pansy and Milly can play together.  Then later they can go to little Milly’s place and play.  Shelly then leaves taking the strollers but first leaves the contents and then comes back with a double seated stroller.  so that little Milly and Pansy can both ride in.

    Then Pansy starts to cry and Inga takes Pansy out of the playpen then changes pansy and then places pansy back in the play pen.  She then sits on a bench and begins to read a magazine . While pansy and Milly play.  Some time later Inga picks up pansy and places him in the stroller. then picks up little Milly and places her in the stroller and pansy gives little Milly Mrs. Bear.  Then she starts to push the duo around the place looking at the people and at some of the shops.

    They see the really huge breasted gal they delivered the invitation to the other day. She is carrying a bag. Pansy looks up and says, ‘those boobies are huge!’ Pansy says it loudly to. The gal giggles and says, ‘These aren’t for sissies to play with.’  Then continues to talk to Inga.  They talk for a while longer before Inga starts to push the stroller again.  This time we go back to Karen’s suite. Inga unbuckles the duo and takes them by the hand and leads them up stairs.  Going by an empty master bedroom to little Milly’s room.

    Once inside they are placed on the floor and given bottles. Then they are allowed to play. I finally come in with Shelly and I bend down and examine Pansy.  “Yes the changes you want done to Pansy are with in what I can do. ”  I then notice pansy’s diaper looking like a tent. “Yes I can even make that smaller.” I say with a smile.

    “We can start when ever you want” I say to shelly.  Shelly smiles,’ well how about now?’ They then take Milly and pansy and go downstairs and buckle them into the stroller and we begin to walk to the lab were little Milly has been before.

    Pansy is placed on the table and given the special cocktail to start the process. “Well in three days you will have a new Pansy.” I say with a smile. “Now tell me what changes you wanted?”


    I sit in the huff as Nanny Inga has not given me Mrs bear to play with in the smelly playpen. As I sit fuming I notice my friend Pansy come crawling over to me. It makes Pansy look even more babyish as she is on her hands and knees with her plastic frilly panties on full display to the world.

    Once she reaches me she asks ‘hi Milly you come here to play?’ In the huff but happy to see a friend I grudgingly say ” yes Pansy lets play. What would you like to do? ” She tells me she wants to play patty cake so we start the game.

    Whilst we are playing I notice Pansy’s wife/mommy talking with nanny Inga. After a while both Inga and Pansy’s mommy come over to the playpen. Miss Shelly explains to us both she is going to see Mistress Shannon and we are to stay with Inga and play. And that we will see her later when Inga takes us both back to Mistress Shannon’s and Karen’s studio,

    She disappears for a while taking both our strollers with her. When she returns she is pushing a double stroller which we can both fit in. Miss Shelly then heads of to her meeting leaving us in the care of nanny. No sooner is Pansy’s mommy gone than she starts crying. Nanny comes and checks to see what is wrong. She smiles saying ” I think a wittle sissy has a wet bum bums, don’t you Pansy? She snivels that yes she has. As nanny lifts her out of the playpen I boast ” meees stwill drysth nanny. Pansy is a pee pee panties ” I giggle.

    Nanny gives me a look ” you shouldn’t make fun of your friend Milly. You are a pissy panties to aren’t you? ” I blush ” wes nanny mees isth sometimes. ” Nanny changes Pansy and we play some more before nanny takes us back to the studio.

    On the way we look in shops and we spot the big breasted lady that nanny had dropped an invite to last week. When we see her Pansy turns to me in our double stroller saying ‘those boobies are huge!’ She says it so loud that the lady hears her and replies ” these are not for sissies to play with. ”

    I don’t say anything but I know I would love to play with them. But I also get a strange feeling inside that I would love to suck on them. Not in a sexual way like I normally would no its more a sense of suckle them for food. I shake myself to stop these strange thoughts going through my head.

    Once home we are taken to my nursery and given a bottle each to drink. Then Mistress Shannon and Miss Shelly enter the room. Mistress Shannon bends down to get a better look at Pansy “Yes the changes you want done to Pansy are with in what I can do. ”

    Myself and Pansy sit quietly whilst the ladies talk. It seems the right thing to do sort of like when the grown ups are talking we sissies should behave. What’s the old saying ” seen not heard. ”

    Shannon looks down on Pansy and notices her dickie is hard. Its hard not to notice Pansy has a quite big package going on in her diaper. I am a little jealous till I hear Mistress Shannon say “Yes I can even make that smaller.”

    Now I feel sorry for her it would appear the days of her big penis are coming to an end. Pansy cant sit quietly anymore it would seem, so she asks ” make what smaller mommy? ” Miss Shelly puts a finger to her lips ” Sssshhh Pansy you should know better than to interrupt adults whilst they are talking. Now if you don’t want a smacked bot bot you will sit still and be quiet sissy while mommy is talking. ”

    With that she reaches down and sticks Pansy’s binkie in her mouth to quieten her. Mistress Shannon goes on to say that she can start whenever they like. This pleases Miss Shelly and she wants to start right away.

    Nanny Inga takes both me and Pansy by the hand downstairs. I whisper to Pansy ” you will be okay. Just be brave and it will not be long before your back with your mommy. ” Pansy is trembling I can feel her tremble as I hold her hand.

    The two of us are strapped in the stroller once more and we walk over to Mistress Shannon’s lab. Miss Shelly says she cant wait to see Pansy’s new itty bitty pee pee. She laughs and so do the others when she says ” no more big boy squirties for Pansy. If he is lucky maybe he can dribble a little out of his pee pee. I think its going to be cute. ”

    Pansy starts to sob when we arrive at the lab and she is placed on the big table. Mistress Shannon asks Miss Shelly “Well in three days you will have a new Pansy, Now tell me what changes you wanted?”

    Miss Shelly studies Pansy for a moment strapped down on the table ” well I want him from now on to have mini baby dick and tiny pea sized balls. Nothing any lady need fear as its only really good for wee weeing in his nappy. Also maybe just the hint of a bust not to much though. And lastly a nice little girly lisp if that’s possible Shannon? ”

    As Mistress Shannon mentions in three days Miss Shelly will have her sissy back poor pansy begins to whimper and cry. I cant help my friend all I can do is sit in my stroller and watch. My nappy starts to fell a bit heavier as I begin to wee in it.


    I watch for a bit longer before I tell Inga that little Milly may need to go. She takes little Milly out of the room into another room.  Inga looks down at little Milly. Then the hand goes down and Inga checks her she quickly shakes her head. “Wittle Milly get scared at seeing someone else changed into a sissy?”  Then laughs.  She take little Milly out of the stroller and begins to change wittle Milly on the floor.  I walk in with Shelly. Shelly giggles at little Milly being changed on the floor.  Shelly then turns to me and says. “What about some bigger breasts, a nice rounder ass maybe a little taller? That is the type of woman that pansy lusted after, so now that he can’t please me why don’t we give him what he wanted? Just now he can’t touch me in that way anymore.”  She snickers, when Inga finishes up and places little Milly in the stroller.

    Shelly remarks,’ so many sissies running around here and so many beautiful women running around without any real way to satisfy them, such a waste.’

    I say ,”they are not unsatisfied , I can show you what I mean if you like?”  ‘Oh, yes’, Shelly says. I reveal my big member to her, her jaw drops, ‘you mean some of the women running around here have massive cocks?”  Putting my clothes back on. “Yes there are a lot of sources of pleasure running around here. Some that are not so obvious .”  I say with a rather big smile. “But you should come to my party I am having before I start with your changes, maybe you might see something you like?”

    We leave the lab and head back to Karen’s suite were we find Karen and Janet sitting on the sofa.  I come in and sit and Inga unbuckles Milly. Shelly sits on the chair little Milly sits on the floor. Inga sits on the sofa. Karen gets up and grabs Mrs. Bear and sits back on the sofa. She looks Mrs. Bear over. She sees were little Milly goes before giving little Milly the teddy.

    We begin talking about the various changes we can do with Shelly and JAnet more then happily shows Shelly the changes as do Karen, even Inga pulls out a picture and shows what she looked like before. Witch little Milly sees.


    Mistress Shannon tells nanny Inga I may need to go out. Inga takes me into another room. Once in the room she kneels beside the stroller and checks my nappy. She giggle saying “Wittle Milly get scared at seeing someone else changed into a sissy?”

    Blushing I look up ” yeth nanny me got scared seeing my wittle friend on the table. I wanted to be a big girl and goes in my potty but my wee wees just came out. Mee couldn’t stop myself nanny and I made a wettie in my nappy. ”

    Inga takes me out of the stroller and lays me down on the floor. After stripping me out of my nappy she powders me and starts to change me. Whilst this is going on the ladies enter the room. Miss Shelly see’s me being changed and starts to giggle. I am blushing furiously and put my hands over my face to hide my shame.

    Miss Shelly is discussing what changes might be made to Pansy “What about some bigger breasts, a nice rounder ass maybe a little taller? That is the type of woman that pansy lusted after, so now that he can’t please me why don’t we give him what he wanted? Just now he can’t touch me in that way anymore.”

    All the time they are talking I can feel her eyes on me. Once nanny has me re-nappied I hear Miss Shelly sniggering. I am once more strapped into my stroller when I hear Miss Shelly say so many sissies running around here and so many beautiful women running around without any real way to satisfy them, such a waste.’

    Mistress Shannon assures her that they are not unsatisfied and if Miss Shelly wants she can show her how the ladies round here are kept satisfied. Of course she says she would love to know how. Mistress Shannon strips to show her the huge cock which she is very proud of.

    Miss Shelly’s mouth almost hits the floor when she sees it ‘you mean some of the women running around here have massive cocks?”

    Mistress Shannon starts to put her clothes back on. She smiles at Miss Shelly’s comment “Yes there are a lot of sources of pleasure running around here. Some that are not so obvious .” Miss Shelley’s eyes light up and I can see that she is definitely keen to learn more.

    Mistress Shannon invites her to the forth coming party which she is hosting. We then all leave the lab with me being pushed in my stroller by Inga.

    Once back at the suite we find Miss Janet there sitting on the sofa with Mistress Karen. Once I am unbuckled from my stroller I am sat on the floor whilst all the ladies are seated. I notice Mistress Karen rise up. She comes over and grabs Mrs teddy and sits back down on the sofa.

    My lip comes out and trembles. Holding out both my arms in front of me I whine ” pwease Mistressth Karen cans meees have Mrs teddy back, PWEASE. ”

    After examining her she hands her back to me ” twank you Misressth. twankyou for Mrs teddy. She’s my friend Mistress. ”

    I play on the floor with teddy. I pretend to be a sales girl and Mrs Teddy is the dress customer. As I play the women talk about what they could change in Shelly’s appearance. She has already seen Mistress Shannon’s big addition. Next Miss Janet shows her the work she has had done. Even Mistress Karen bares her boobs for Shelly to have a look at.

    But the one I wasn’t expecting. The one with the biggest change of them all was nanny Inga. She pulls out a picture of when she was a man. She explains things have changed a lot for her over the last while. She also tells how she came here voluntarily. And how she now loves being a nanny to the sissy babies like myself.

    I can see the photograph from where I am sitting. I look then look again I shake my head it cant be I tell myself. If I am right and I think I am the man in that photo is Bill Caine. He disappeared over a year ago but he was a rising star in politics.

    He was tipped for the top jobs. And now here he is a nanny in a dress. I wonder what happened to him?


    Shelly sitting there has a puzzled look on her face, then finally asks ,’does it , you know squirt?’  Janet and Karen both smile and Karen says,’ it works very good and oh yes it squirts’.

    ‘I will have to see it squirt before I make any changes. Maybe take one for a test drive? Then maybe have one for myself so I can see what is so special about having one.’ Shelly says still looking at the member.

    “Oh, I can make it so you have one for 6 days. Before you make your final choice. I wouldn’t want you to make a choice not knowing what your full choices are.”  I say to her.

    ‘What about little Pansy she should be due to be out in a day or so. I wouldn’t want her to be without someone to care for her.’ Shelly says truly caring about pansy.

    ‘Oh she can stay here with little Milly. I’m sure she won’t be much bother, will it Inga?’ Karen replies. Inga says, no bother at all. Then little Milly will have a little playmate.’

    Shelly sits there for a while longer then says, ‘I will still look as I do, but with a penis and balls?’

    The rest of the ladies laugh and say , ‘Yes’.

    I get a phone call and excuse myself from the sofa and I start to walk away talking on the phone.


    Miss Shelly really seems intrigued by the idea of having a penis. She asks lots of questions about how it works and if she can squirt her cum. Karen assures her it works very well and yes she can squirt.

    I get bored listening to their chatter and penis’s and squirting probably as I am jealous. My baby dick even though I can get hard produces nothing more than a dribble. Its such a poor excuse for a manhood compared with what I used to have in my pants.

    My ears do prick up though when Miss Shelly voices concerns about if she goes ahead and gets it done who will look after Pansy when her treatments are finished.

    Karen says Pansy can stay here and Inga agrees saying that she could be a playmate for me for a few days.

    I stop playing shops with Mrs bear just as Shannon receives a phone call. Looking up at Karen I bounce up and down to get her attention ” can she Mistress Karen can Pansy come and stay with us? Please Mistress please can she ” I ask excitedly?


    ‘Yes Pansy can stay with us for a few days, but we will need to get another crib, for Pansy. Inga will have to stock up on more nappies to. You two wee wee a lot after all.’

    I come back after the phone call and I kneel down and study little Milly for a bit I examine an arm, then I look her over thoroughly. Karen is looking at me with a rather puzzled look on her face. I see this so I say to her. “Just looking her over, I may have to show her and pansy off at the party.”   Then I get back up and sit along Karen on the sofa.  We talk for a bit longer then Shelly looks at us.

    ‘Well I don’t have to take care of Pansy tonight, want to go out and get a few drinks?’  We decide to go out and have a ‘girls’ night.  So we all go out, leaving little Milly and Inga there. Soon Inga gathers little Milly up and leads her up stairs.

    They go to the nursery and Inga lets little Milly play a while longer before Inga takes little Milly and gets her ready for bed.

    It is a while longer before we comeback and go into the master bed room.  Then the moaning starts up again. It is just Karen and I , but Karen does moan loudly.

    The Next morning Inga comes in and gets little Milly out of bed and changes her nappy then gets her dressed.  When finished Inga takes little Milly down stairs for Breakfast.  Where they are soon joined by Karen and myself.  Wearing the robe that is way to small for me barely covering my breasts and my member swinging about with every step. We sit down and have our breakfast.

    “Today I will have the sissy maids come in and get the place ready for the party tonight.  Would you like to stay here and watch the sissy maids work Milly? But first you will have to go and get your new little outfit. ”

    ‘Yes mistress Shannon I will take little Milly out to get her brand new little dress.’ Inga says. Then Karen adds’ I will go to.’Soon after we finish eating I say,” you need to get another high chair here for Pansy to.” Then we all depart Karen an Inga take little Milly out to a shop and I stay behind to look after the party set up.

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